Welcome to the world of grooming supplies!

We are thrilled that you are here! That means that you need trimmers, epilators or shavers. We have a wonderful selection of the top-rated models that are currently sold on the market. Choose from one of the categories below and let’s get started!

Do you wonder why feminine gadgets like epilators are standing next to the masculine trimmers? One of the reasons is that we wanted to have all things grooming in one place. And we have razors and shavers too, that are used by both genders.

Who we are? We are a husband and a wife team with a keen interest in everything related to grooming. We’ve decided to start this project after particularly bad shopping experience. We were simply overwhelmed by the sheer volume of products both online and on the shelves. I wanted to find the best epilator which would replace my old, budget one. Epilating was not fun anymore with this outdated so-so epilator. On the other hand, my husband wanted to replace his old shaver with a better one too. We’ve spent quite a lot of time researching just to find that there wasn’t a single good resource we could trust. This was the moment when we decided to create it ourselves and simply share our opinion and ratings of the most popular products in the US.


While there is a number of product specific criteria (outlined in each product group rating list), there are few common important things to look for. These are built and material quality, ease of use and product value.

we are firm believers in quality. This means that we look for products made with high quality materials; that are assembled with precision, and ones that will serve you long and well. The low quality products, on the other side, are offered at a bargain price are often times made for quick profit only. This is their sole purpose. These are not products that are made to serve their owners. These are certainly not products that would get loyal customers.
This is precisely the reason we aim for quality. We want those products that would meet and exceed their owners’ expectations. That would please them so much, that they would recommend them to friends and family.
Remember: high price tag not always translates into high quality product. Some products have too many features, or features that are used rarely, if at all. Why pay for something you never use? After all, if you need this feature so badly, you could simply go to a professional saloon and get the procedure done. If you really needed such a feature, you would not use it once or twice in a lifetime, but far more frequently! Value priced items are those that have the right balance between built and material quality, useful features and justified price.
in this high paced world we all have little time to fiddle with each item in the house hold. Moreover, if something is overly complicated or too difficult to use / assemble, we tend to use it far less. The simple fact that you are here means that grooming is important for you. It also means that you expect to find products that would make grooming easier and funnier. Not dull and difficult.

Top Brands to Consider

There are many brands and it is next to impossible to mention each and every one of them without missing at least a few. So, instead we decided to feature the most recognizable brands in our categories:


So, let’s get started! What are you looking for? Browse through the categories for the top-rated products in each grooming category. Get the best grooming products without spending too much time on research. We’ve done the hard part for you! We have compiled the most important information and sourced the best deals for each item we review. Let us show you now!