Andis GTX hair trimmer get the job done. Plain and simpleYou may be wondering why the Andis GTX hasn’t received its proper full review yet?

Well, the time has come for me to elaborate in one of my favorite Andis trimmers ever. I will try to be objective about the pros and the cons and what to expect from the GTX trimmer in this full Andis GTX trimmer review.

I admit that I am positive that the GTX is the best Andis trimmer, and you will see why if you read on. I will even provide you with a detailed head to head comparisons of the Andis GTX vs T Outliner, as well as dwell on some of the main differences.

Overview of the Andis GTX trimmer

First the pros:

  • It has an Andis deep tooth blade
  • The trimmer is very versatile and is a great hair cutting tool for fades
  • It has a 3 prong, solid, heavy-duty cord which will withstand a lot of pulling, wear and tear
  • It is powered by Andis’s famous 7200 SPM electromagnetic motor

And the cons:

  • Zero gapping the blade can be quite difficult
  • The GTX is heavier than some other trimmers in this range
  • It does heat up easily

Performer, not a stunner – GTX T Outliner

Zero gapping of the Andis deep tooth blade achieves a very close trimThe GTX trimmer is definitely more elegant than the standard T Outliner, thanks to its black polymer housing. After all, the T-Outliner’s grey hard plastic housing is certainly not eye-catching.

The T Outliner is 5.5 inches long and weighs 0.7 lbs.

Yes, 0.7 lbs. is quite a substantial weight when it is compared to the lighter trimmers out there. But then again, many barbers will agree that heavier grooming tools provide a better grip and feel more stable and in control when in use.

When it comes to a standard T Outliner vs GTX head-to-head comparison, the obvious difference is the cord. While as the standard T Outliner has a 2 pronged medium thick cord, the GTX has an extra thick power cord with 3 prongs.

This makes it much more solid and allows for easier maneuvering. Plus, it is safer thanks to the grounding feature.

The thicker cord though adds to the overall weight of the trimmer a bit.

As for the accessories, you will get 4 guards with the GTX trimmer. They start from #0 up to #3. This means that you will receive trimmer guards for a cutting length of 1/16, 1/8, ¼ and 3/8 inches. You will also receive blade oil in the package.

Important details – Andis deep tooth blade

It is actually the blade with deeper teeth which makes this the best T blade trimmer. Neither the standard Outliner or the T Edger can compete with it when it comes to the blade.

This black Andis T Outliner has exceptional blades with extra deep teeth. The depth is actually almost twice as much as that of the standard T-Blades.

This means that it can cut thicker, coarser and longer hair much easier and smoother than the other T Blades.

The result is that the GTX T Outliner will do better in almost all tasks, including casual trimming, fading or detailing than the standard T-Outliner.

Plus, the GTX blade is made of stainless steel which has been carbon coated. This will ensure that it stays strong and sharp for longer. It also means that it is better for people who have sensitive skin and are prone to getting bumps or rashes from other hair cutting tools.

What I love the most about the Andis GTX T Outliner

Box and contentsThe reason why I believe that the Andis GTX T outliner is the best Andis trimmer overall, is its versatility.

Its 7200SPM motor is pretty powerful when it comes to trimmers. Combined with the amazing carbon coated steel deep tooth blade, you will get a superb hair cutting machine capable of handling all kinds of hair grooming jobs.

You can use it for outlines, neckline cleanups, sideburn or beard trims, and others. You can also use it to complete precise general and bald fades as well.

If you are wondering how this makes this Andis trimmer different from the T Edger or when it comes to the standoff between the Andis GTX vs T Outliner – the difference is that the trims it provides are much more precise and the results are much better.

It’s not all roses: GTX trimmer has a few shortcomings

Even though this Andis trimmer is my favorite, I promised to be as objective a possible in this review.

So, one potential problem with this trimmer can occur if you try to zero gap it. Just like with the other grooming tools from Andis, doing a zero gap can be quite challenging. In comparison, models such as the Wahl Detailer are much easier to be zero gapped.

You need to be very careful when you are customizing the Andis GTX. Keep in mind that the blades are extremely sharp and can nick and cut your skin quite severely if you overdo it.

Another potential downside of the GTX is that it does heat up after about 15 minutes of use. Still, it doesn’t overheat as much as the standard T Outliner.

Then again, the motor of this trimmer is so powerful that it is unrealistic to expect that it will remain cool and quiet during use, right?


As I have been repeating, I truly believe that the Andis GTX is the best trimmer from Andis. Even though some of you may feel that it is a bit too powerful, it will turn out to be a truly amazing hair cutting tool for others.

The sharp deep tooth blade is better for cutting thick and long hair than the standard trimmers.

Also, its 3 prong cord which is thicker than that of the T-Outliners helps keep the movement of the GTX balanced during use.

This black T-Outliner is a powerful, versatile and sturdy hair cutting tool, which is a definite must both for barbers and for home grooming enthusiasts!