Andis Pro Alloy XTR have a solid body and its long 8' cord allows freedom of movementAre you excited about the new Pro Alloy XTR clipper from Andis? Well, you are not alone. Since many of you are asking for a more detailed Andis Pro Alloy XTR review, I will try to summarize everything you need to know about these professional hair clippers.

The Andis Pro Alloy clipper is being advertised as one which will change clipper technology. In fact, it is suggested that the Pro Alloy clipper may even outshine the classic models such as the Andis Master clippers.

But is this really possible? Can the new Pro Alloy clipper become the new face of the famous Andis barber tools?

Overview of Andis Pro Alloy XTR clipper

Here are some of the advantages of the Andis Pro Alloy hair cutter:

  • Its housing is made of very durable metal and hard plastic
  • It is marketed as being 35% cooler and with 20% lower vibration levels than the other clippers
  • It is fitted with very sharp and resilient carbon coated steel blades
  • It is actually great for fades
  • It is heavy duty ready
  • Its design is ergonomic and pretty classy

And here are some of the cons of the Pro Alloy clipper worth noting:

  • It is not compatible with most of the Andis older generation blade guards
  • It required some practice and learning for proper use
  • It can get quite noisy, which can bother some users

But let’s dig into the details about this new Andis barber clipper.

Will the Andis Pro Alloy outshine the classics on the market?

Is it the perfect Andis hair cutter? The Pro Alloy XTR clipper cuts very smooth and doesn't get uncomfortably hotThe show-stopping feature of the Andis Pro Alloy XTR no doubt is the new XTR technology. It stands for “Extreme Thermal Reduction.”

It is this innovative technology which is responsible for the serious reduction of the heating problem which most Andis professional hair clippers suffer from. It is also the reason for the reduction of the uncomfortable vibrations which can cause disruptions and mistakes during the hair cutting sessions.

In fact, the Andis Pro Alloy clippers are marketed as remaining 35% cooler and with 20% lower vibrations than the classic barber clippers offered by the company.

This means a lot for professional barbers and for enthusiasts who choose to cut their hair at home. You may have noticed just how hot and uncomfortable a heavy duty professional clipper can get, especially during prolonged use.

The heating and the vibrations are both due to the powerful motors of these Andis hair clippers.

Now, with the XTR model, you will be able to cut your or somebody else’s hair without stopping for cooling down the blades. Plus, lower vibration levels means that you will have a steadier grip on the instrument. This is further reinforced by the comfortable ergonomic body of the new clippers.

Design and body of the Andis Pro Alloy

Pro Alloy’s highly ergonomic body allows for a very comfortable and stable grip. This means that you will be more precise with your movements when you are using the clipper.

Its housing is made of sturdy aluminum which is coated with hard plastic. This makes these Andis professional clippers almost unbreakable and very durable.

Size wise, the Pro Alloy hair clipper is relatively bigger than other clippers. It weighs a rather hefty 1.38 lbs. and is 7.25 inches long.

But it is the size and the heavy feeling in the hand which some barbers like when they use a durable barber grade clipper. It ensures better stability during work.

As for home users, some people may find the Pro Alloy XTR a bit too heavy, especially for more complicated or long haircuts.

Close up of the Andis Pro Alloy motor and blades

A close up of the blades reveals why Andis Pro Alloy XTR rivels the Andis master as a fade clipperAndis is sticking to its traditional approach when it comes to the motor of the Andis Pro Alloy hair clippers. It is driven by a high power, high-speed electromagnetic motor.

Coupled with this powerful motor, are the carbon coated strong and sharp steel blades of the clipper.

The Andis Pro Alloy XTR blades are adjustable. You can choose between size #000 to #1, or in other words a cutting length of 1/50 inches to 2/32 inches.

Being carbon coated, the Andis Pro Alloy blade is much more durable and superior than the regular stainless steel ones.

The blade is sharp enough to handle high volume cuts and can cut through even the thickest and coarsest types of hair smoothly.

Well, they are not as perfect as the Andis Master blades, but then again, these barber clippers are much cheaper too.

If you are wondering which of the two hair cutting tools from Andis are the better hair clippers for fades, there is no clear-cut answer.

The Pro Alloy comes with a set of 9 attachment combs ranging from 1/16 to 1 inch. You will also receive a blade guard and clipping oil with these clippers.

Traditionally, Andis professional range clippers are known to be very good for fading jobs. This new model also follows this tradition.

It has a side lever for easy adjustment of the blade, which will allow you to complete some top quality fades just with a flick of the thumb.

The Pro Alloy has beveled edge blades which provide a much smoother and freer motion.

The Andis Master, on the other hand, is a proven great clipper for fades.

So, which one is our favorite Andis hair clipper for fades has yet to be established when more barbers and enthusiasts share their experiences and their opinions on the matter.

Few weaknesses of the Andis Pro Alloy clipper

While the Andis Pro Alloy XTR are not zero-gapped they still cut very close and perform well as a fading clipperIt has already been established that the Pro Alloy XTR has been improved from the classic Andis Master when it comes to heating.

Yes, it does get a tad warm during use, but you really need to be using it for a long time in order for the heat to become uncomfortable or unsafe. This, of course, is when we compare it to the heating problem of the powerful professional hair cutting machines.

But a problem which I can’t deny is that the Andis pro clippers are quite noisy due to the powerful roaring 7200 SPM motor. Still, they are much quieter as compared to the professional clippers like the Oster classic 76 for example.

Another potential problem of the Pro Alloy hair cutters is the fact that they are not as compatible with some of Andis’s older blade guards.

If you want an ultimate performance of your clippers, you should opt for the best Andis guards which are the single magnet Nano guards. They will cost you a bit more but are way better than the ones you will receive with the Pro Alloy, and will hugely improve its performance and endurance.

Another downside for some newbies to hair cutting is that the Andis Pro alloy XTR needs a bit of practice and learning before you will be able to achieve the results you expect.

This is normal, given the fact that they are professional cutters.

They are easier to use than the Andis Master, but still, chances are that you won’t be able to achieve the perfect haircut immediately after you start using them. Some exercise and trials and errors may be needed before that.

Still, the effort you will put into getting the hang of using the Pro Alloy clippers is absolutely worth it given the high quality, power, and precision of these Andis cutters.


So, as you can see from this detailed Andis Pro alloy review, these new clippers will definitely not disappoint.

It is still early to say whether they will surpass the popularity and the performance of the Master clipper. The only feature which they have already proven to better at is the lowered heating thanks to the XTR technology.

The Pro Alloy XTR is the right hair clipper for you if you want an ergonomic tool which won’t heat up or vibrate too much during use.

Also, if you are looking for a clipper for fades, this one certainly seems like a strong contender!