Andis T Edjer trimmer deals with light touch ups and is easy on the skinMost hair trimmers seek to up their game by being stylish.

Andis T Edjer forgoes that completely and rely exclusively on their power and reputation.

Bulky and oval, it epitomizes the function over form approach. It’s like Andis engineering department had all the control they needed, without the meddling of designers to infuse the product with superfluous touches in order to make the trimmers look “chic”.

And that is a good thing, as the final result clearly demonstrates. Just check out our Andis T Edger vs T Outliner comparison  to find all about their functions – after all, not caring for elegance is a design form in itself.

Overview of Andis T Edjer trimmer

Why is Andis one of the best hair trimmer brands on the market?

T Edjers vs T Outliners - The blades and accessories of the Andis trimmers are importantT Edjer and T Outliner trimmer are the current top hair trimmers on offer by Andis, a company that specialized in grooming technology for both humans and animals, and has been growing for over 80 years.

Both the T Edjer and the T-Outliner have superlative hair-trimming power, thanks to the T-shaped blades and 7,200 SPM magnetic motors.

The long 8-foot durable cord is ideal for barbers as it allows them to navigate around their customers with ease. The clippers also come with hanger loops so they can be easily set aside as needed.

Both models are suitable for close shaves and the creation of sleek hairstyles.

As you can gather from the naming, the Andis T edgers are suited for precise edging of hairstyles, around ears, trimming of necks, beards, and mustaches. On the other hand, the T Outliners are ideally suited for all-around outlining and fading.

Some weaknesses of the T Edgers

Unfortunately, power comes at a cost.

The powerful magnetic motor housed within T Edjer has a tendency to overheat. You can manage this by turning it off for a while, but this is not a flaw that professional barbers should tolerate as they cannot afford to allow break times for the sake of their tool of the trade.

If anything, it should be the other way around.

With that being said, if you are not a barber you may not even notice this issue due to sheer efficiency of the T Edjer trimmer. Because by the time the overheating may occur, you will be all done!

In addition to the overheating issue, it gets a bit too loud at times, definitely more than what you might deem necessary.

Andis T Edger vs T Outliner

T EdjerT-Outliner
Length: 5.25 inchesLength: 5.2 inches
Weight: 8 ozWeight: 11.5 oz
Cord length: 8 feetCord length: 8 feet
Guides: NoGuides: No
Blade: ceramic T-bladeBlade: carbon-steel T-blade


Surprisingly, both the T Edjer and T Outliners come with mere maintenance oil, and an instruction manual which you can download from the internet anyway.

To get some much needed flexibility for your hair and beard you will have to purchase Andis 4 Snap on Combs Attachment Set.

Andis T Edjer vs T Outliner - do you see the difference?The Andis T Edjer excels at making perfect corner cuts and close shaves, while the T Outliner trimmer is a jack of all trades.

The T blade is the preferred design choice for professionals because it offers enough width to cut a wide chunk of hair at once, while still remaining flexible enough to handle precise trimming for stylization and beard sculpting. In addition, T blade is very easy to maintain with the included oil, and is even easier to clean with any small brush.

You will not likely see this model of blades go away, supplanted by rotary blades you can see on the more generic brands. If anything, we will probably see abandonment of those novelty “solutions”.

Nonetheless, although both of these trimmers can give you a close shave, that doesn’t mean they can give you a “baby face” shave.

The biggest noticeable difference between the two is the increased heating issue with the T Edjer and more noise. Hence the lower price and not as good cumulative reviews.


The very fact that you are reading this means that you are on your way to veer off the path of considering generic hair trimmers and instead opting for the ones that professionals use.

Both of the hair clippers reviewed here will definitely not disappoint, although it is clear that the T Outliners are more comfortable to use, have better material, and have no issues worthy of note.

In practical terms, this means that either choice will give you:

  • No razer bumps
  • Close shaving
  • Speedy trimming
  • Reliability
  • Longevity
  • Working straight out of the box