BestSalon is one best barber chair brands and their hydraulic reclining salon chairBeing a successful barber is all about making your customers return to your establishment over and over again. And as you gain the loyalty of your customers, you also expand your business, as the word of mouth spreads further and further.

In order to capture that much coveted customer loyalty, it all comes down to establishing one thing – comfort.

Is the space arranged in such a way as to be conducive enough to bring about relaxed mood?

Are the barber clippers you bought too noisy?

Are your communication skills and demeanor pleasant?

Those are all key factors in establishing customer comfort, and therefore their loyalty. However, there is one additional ingredient that should be right at the top of your consideration for establishing a successful barber business – barber chairs.

A good barber chair will more than compensate for its cost, while a poor one will definitely have a negative effect on the customer return rate. In this guide/review, we break down all you need to know about buying the best barber chair brands.

Which is the best barber chair for YOU?

1.   BestSalon All Purpose Hydraylic – Best Overall Barber Chair

BestSalon - details are important reclyning barber chair for salonsAt an exceedingly affordable price, this hydraulic barber chair offers a great start for your hair salon business.

As mentioned previously, it is very important to have a hydraulic mechanism so that you don’t annoy the customer.

Keller International doesn’t just offer an eye-pleasing, professional-looking chair, but one that didn’t skip on the functionality of the hydraulic pump. It is very robust and powerful – capacity up to 300 lbs – in addition to offering a full 360-degree rotation range.

The reclining mechanism cannot be extended completely flat, but it does come very close to a 180-degree angle, which should be more than sufficient for any hair stylist.

The seat dimensions are 19” depth and 21.5” width, while the height adjustment can go from 19.5” to 25.5”. The headrest can be removed entirely, as well as the rubberized footrest, which is not adjustable.

The material of the chair is fitting for the hair styling business – PVC vinyl – which is very easy to clean due to its stain-resisting properties. The chrome-based framework is sturdy enough to not produce any excessive wobbling.

And what does the manufacturer think about their product? Well, they offer a 2-year warranty for the hydraulic pump, and 1 year for the reclining mechanism. Given the expected burn rate of all purpose barber chairs, and the price, it should be confidently viewed as the best salon hydraulic barber chair.

2.   Skin Act THEO – Best Vintage Barber Chair Pick

Theo SkinAct is great vintage barber chair you would definitely enjoy usingVery elegant chair, somewhat reminiscent of a high-class dentist chair.

If you are looking for a vintage chair for barbershops that would last for decades, this would be one of your top picks.

Its sturdiness cannot be overstated – an impressive 900 lbs weight capacity – thanks to a stainless steel frame padded with a hand-stitched upholstery.

If your primary guide in shopping for a stylist chair is longevity, then this durable barber salon cutting chair is your best bet. The most noticeable feature of all is that, despite being branded as vintage, it is simultaneously modern thanks to the clever, strategic revealing of the steel-based frame.

Overall, an excellent design combination – both practical and exuding an ample measure of high class.

Now, to the technicalities.

The seat’s height adjustment can go from 23” to 31”, while itself measuring at 20” depth and 21.5” width. The high density foam filling the seat translates to a very comfortable high end barber chair.

3.   LCL Beauty Extra Large – Best Balanced Classic Style Barber Chair

Our #3 is our classic style salon hydraulic barber chair by LCL beautyOn the airy side of the design philosophy, LCL Beauty will nonetheless offer greater capacity for the customers, hence the moniker – extra large.

Although not in the range of 900 lbs like the previous model, for such a low price you get up to 400 lbs weight capacity, which is quite respectable. And not to be overly incisive, but a person having such an excessive weight is not very likely to leave their home in order to get their hair stylized. Still, you know your area best, so it would be prudent to prepare accordingly.

The seat measures at 20” depth and 22” width.

The flexible range of the chair is ensured by a durable hydraulic and reclining mechanism. This is further increased by the height adjustment going from 22” to 27”.

The reclining angle won’t go all the way to 180 degrees, but at maximum 130 degrees you will find plenty of leeway to work with.

As usual, the headrest is removable, which you might not need to do considering it has 4 adjustable positions.

On a final note, the instruction assembly manual may be somewhat fuzzy in certain stages of assembly, so you might want to enter this chair model’s name into Youtube search in order to avoid missteps while putting it all together.

Overall, one of the most affordable all-purpose barber chairs on the market, ideal for hefty customers.

4.   Rose Gold By Dsalon – Best Design Stylist Chair Pick

Rose Gold by DSalon is an eye-candy, all purpose barber chairWhen you want to impart to your customers that they are entering a high-class hair-styling establishment, you want to dazzle them with deluxe barber chair models, without paying the associated high price!

An elegant style is hard to come by without paying for it, but this Rose Gold model certainly creates the exception.

Combining chrome finish along the armrests, the hydraulic mechanism and the base, with the regal color and intricate pattern of the fabric, you can indeed set a tone of exclusivity for your hair salon.

Unfortunately, there are some compromises.

First, you only get 200 lbs capacity for the hydraulic pump to work properly. Therefore, carefully consider the population makeup of your area.

Second, the seat is on the smaller size at only 19” depth and 19.5” width. The seat is comfortable, but be careful to no get it soiled as the material lacks the stain-resisting property you can find on higher-end models.

The reclining mechanism does its job well, and the height adjustment spans from 19” to 25”.

Minimalistic by default, you can go even further minimalistic by removing both the headrest and footrest.

Overall, you wouldn’t want to put this chair into the category of heavy duty chair for stylists, but the combination of low price, excellent design, and baseline functionality may be attractive enough combo. It all depends on the location of your salon, and which customers you intend to serve. Children, elderly, Asians, and other groups that have small stature would fit well.

5.   Icarus Mae Hydraulic – Best Budget Barber Chair

ICARUS Mae is best barber chair for those on budgetIf you are already pushing your financial envelop to the breaking point, we have some good news for you!

The best cheap barber chair is still attainable without too much sacrifice on the features.

With Icarus Mae, you still get that much needed hydraulic pump, and some measure of style thanks to the chrome-polished base. The low price doesn’t compromise the comfort level in the slightest due to generous 4 inches of foam.

Unfortunately, no headrest and no reclining mechanism.

The footrest is basic but sturdy. It can be removed, but it may throw the chair off balance.

For this price range, the weight capacity is surprisingly impressive – up to 400 lbs.

They didn’t skimp on the seat dimensions either – depth and width both at 20”.

The height adjustment is decent enough with a 19” – 25” range.

Furthermore, unlike with the Rose Gold model, you get more leeway as far as the cleaning goes thanks to the robust polyurethane material.

The warranty is the standard 1 year.

The lack of a reclining mechanism may become an issue, but the 360-degree rotation and the super budget-friendly entry level will surely compensate.

Important considerations: Barber Chair Buying Guide

From a merely relaxing salon chair to ultra high end vintage chairs, getting just the right one that fits your space and budget can be quite overwhelming. Parse them through these filters and you will come to your final purchasing decision with much greater certainty.

Let’s make a quick list of all the things to keep in mind while viewing online reviews and visiting a standard salon furniture store.

  • Best salon barber chair must have flexibility, which is determined by the presence of – hydraulic pump and reclining mechanism (check the max angle). Compare the warranties of both!
  • Materials – are they easy to clean and maintain?
  • Comfort – how much of seat padding does the chair have, and how is the chair itself?
  • Weight capacity – obesity epidemic is global. Act accordingly.
  • Customization – height adjustment, headrest and footrest adjustment and removal.

Space vs Salon Chair

It may seem counter-intuitive, but first select the salon chair, and then get the space to complement the style, design, and color of the chair.

After all, you will find that, by far, salon chairs will extract more investment than the complementary, decorative touches you can do to setup the whole salon/barbershop environment.

In short, consider salon chairs as the foundation of your space, one upon you which build everything else in order to create a welcoming and relaxing environment. Of course, this can be highly stylistic, modern, vintage…it all depends on which chairs you choose to set the whole tone!

Customized Chairs

If you are really picky and want your business to have a unique look in order to stand out from the crowd, getting custom barber chairs is the preferred route to take, with some caveats.

First, make certain that the company is providing both the design and manufacturing aspect of the chairs. This ensures that you don’t come into difficulties regarding future barber chair parts.

You should get a complete service, one that offers minute customizability. The more of it you have, the more unique end-result you will get. Here are just some of the options to cycle through as you hone in on the final design:

  • Custom vinyl
  • Padding
  • Flippable rests
  • Removable towel racks
  • Sturdy chair base
  • Remote control
  • Top design
  • Headrest


When it comes to barber/salon chairs, you might as well consider functionality to be synonymous with flexibility.

After all, in order for your business to be successful you must provide a wide range of services, covering many needs and specific hair styles. And the more flexible a chair is, the more easily you will be able to perform your craft.

This functionality/flexibility manifests itself in the following repertoire of features:

  • Dual reclining levers
  • Removable headrests
  • Adjustable headrests, both for angle and height
  • Hydraulic barber chair that can easily lift heavy weight (remember the obesity epidemic!)

Design & Materials

Even a comfortable, high class barber salon chair will mean nothing in the long run if it doesn’t offer long durability. To ensure that, the skeleton of the chair should be built from a combination of high quality hardwood and strong stainless steel, preferably reinforced.

The padding can always be patched up or replaced, which is not something you can do with the frame. Therefore, always check the manufacturer’s warranty time period and conditions for it. This will tell you all you need to know about the company’s confidence in their product.

Another decent indicator for the chair’s durability is its weight. The heavier it is, the more likely it is to have been built from quality materials. Consider 150 pounds to be the minimum.

For example, a company that is considered as the go-to brand for high end barber chairs is Highland, with the additional bonus of being an American company.

Chair Types

Categories are always handy to understand what is even available in the first place. And then, if you think that a certain category offers just what you need, you explore all the options within that category. Based on the intended purpose and design, we can fit barber and salon chairs into four classes:

1.     Traditional

Covered in synthetic leather or vinyl, and having a hydraulic lift, they are more conservative in their design while still offering a high level of comfort.

2.     All-purpose

Thinner-looking chairs, these are mainly seen in dedicated barber shops, catering to male customers for basic haircuts and shaves. But you will also find them in tattoo salons as well.

3.     European

You will find that these are more stylish and modern, from top to bottom, offering comfy and ample arms, headrests, and footrests. Some of which can be detached, or not.

4.     Antique

Visualize an expensive, heavy, exquisite-looking armchair, one that an ultra-rich top executive would have in his corporate office, and you would get an idea behind the antique or vintage barber chair. Although they are usually on the high end when it comes to cost, there are some that use synthetic materials, while still retaining that rich look.

Additional categorization of barber and salon chairs derives from the type of mechanisms implemented to ensure the needed flexibility: reclining, swivel, hydraulic, and electric.

The latter two will be more expensive but will offer a much higher degree of control. After all, you don’t want to find yourself in a situation where you have to ask the customer to get up from the seat in order to properly adjust the chair height. If you fall into a category of tall barbers, this is definitely a factor to account for.

Which are the best barber chair brands to consider?

As you can tell from the top 5 barber chairs reviewed here, you should take into consideration these brands above all others:

Keller, SkinAct, LCL Beauty, BestSalon, Exacme, Pibbs, Belvedere, Belmont.

These companies cover the entire price range – from standard chair for salons to ultra high end vintage chairs.

Barber chair maintenance and care guide

There is little you can do prevent permanent damage to the material, except to replace it, but the moving parts is another matter. Accordingly, issues with the hydraulic pump and the reclining mechanism are the most common problems to occur. Fortunately, in the internet age, you can always find remedies that work without too much hassle.

For instance, in this Youtube video will instruct you how to fix the hydraulic pump malfunction. Needless to say, always check for online help to see if you can fix something yourself, before splurging money on professional assistance.

Final Words

In the end, selecting and acquiring a barber chair is not something that should be done exclusively online. By all means, read the online reviews first, but make sure to thoroughly test the chair in person.

If you can, visit a hair salon furniture and equipment store, and then commit to an online purchase where you can find the best deal.