Truly the best hair clippers for barbersThe choice of the barber grade clipper is essential for any aspiring or experienced barber. I have tried and tested many of the tools sold on the market and have come to realize that by choosing professional barber clippers to properly perform my job I have managed to attract so many new customers and get them to come back to my barber shop.

These are the main tools which I use continuously for hours, so I must make sure that they don’t fail me while I handle all kind of hair types and hairstyles, and yet not have to break the bank when buying them. I would recommend for colleagues in the business to invest in an adjustable blade clipper, one with detachable blades as well as a T-blade professional trimmer for the finishing details and touch ups.

After years of experience and testing, here is the list of best barber clippers I would recommend for anyone in the profession:

Best barber clippers – our top picks

Top of the line Oster barber clippers – Oster Classic 76

The clear winner is Oster Classic 76 barber clippersThe Oster Classic 76 is most definitely the best detachable blade barber clipper in this list. As soon as you have a pair in your hands you will know what I mean. The Classic 76 has an immensely powerful universal motor which will allow you to promptly and evenly cut through just about any type of hair without needing to go back several times.

This detachable blade Oster clipper comes with two standard blades sized #000 and #1. The top quality stainless steel blades are ultra-sharp and durable, which means you will be able to provide your customers with a superb and seamless hair cutting experience.

This excellent machine is one of the most heavy duty and durable ones on the market. The beautifully designed housing is not only very comfortable to hold and use but is also break resistant, so you needn’t worry about damaging your hair clipping tool in case you accidentally drop it.

Most barbers prefer this clipper because of its classic look and feel and because it is one of the most reliable professional range hair clipping tools around.

If you choose to buy the 76 Classic you will also receive a nice barber kit with it including: clipper grease, lubricating oil, a blade guard as well as a cleaning brush for proper and easy maintenance.

The Classic 76 barber grade clipper features a tough, 9 foot long power cord so you can easily maneuver without breaking or damaging it.

Overall, these are the best barber clippers even though it is slightly bulkier and noisier than most of the other options available. Another possible problem which you may encounter after prolonged use of the 76 Classic is that it does get a bit hot, but with proper maintenance, regular cleaning and oiling of the blades and by letting it rest after the hair cutting procedure you can easily override this potential setback.

Best Wahl clippers for barbers – Wahl Senior

The second pick for the fans of the Wahl barber clippers is the Senior.The Wahl Senior are heavy duty and extra tough barber clippers which I strongly recommend for most jobs. This is a classic model which has an extremely powerful V9000 electromagnetic motor allowing for seamless hair cutting with more strokes per minute combined with relatively quiet functioning.

You will be able to provide your customers with very precise and close cuts thanks to the high quality stainless steel #1005 blade of this hair clipper designed and made for professionals.

This is an adjustable blade clipper and you can easily switch and choose the proper size with the help of the side lever on the tool. If your customer requests an even closer cut you can easily zero gap the blades so that you can ensure a precise close haircut. This option is recommended for experienced barbers because it can be a bit too sharp for beginners.

Once again, being a professional clipper, this model from Wahl is very tough and durable. The body is 6.5 inches long and the hard cover combined with the chrome parts used for the housing will keep your clipper whole and working for years ahead.

The design is more industrial but the heavy duty make of the Senior clipper from Wahl will ensure it is as break-proof as the Oster 76 Classic.

As for the accessories which you will receive with the magnificent Wahl Senior, they include: a blade guard, a set of three attachable combs sized 1/16 inches to 3/16 inches and a cleaning brush plus Wahl clipper oil.

In conclusion, if you want an extremely durable barber clipper despite the fact that it doesn’t have such a beautiful design as the 76 Classic or other clippers, you should opt for this professional Wahl hair clipper. It will serve you for long and will leave your customers happy with the precise and hassle free hair cutting experience it provides.

#3 Andis barber clippers – Andis Pro Alloy XTR

Our top #3 pick for Andis hair clippers for barbers is the Andis Pro XTR AlloyThe Pro Alloy XTR is a relatively new barber clipper model, but I am gladly adding it to my list of best barber clippers because I am very happy with the performance of the Pro Alloy XTR and have chosen to present it to you instead of the classic Andis Master.

This wonderful hair cutting tool features an innovative Andis XTR technology which allows it to run in much cooler mode than the Master. Plus, the XTR runs with less vibration which makes the hair cutting experience much easier and more pleasant both for the barber and for the customer. The fact that with this model, Andis has resolved the most common issue of its other clippers and what seems to be the most obvious problem with most professional range hair cutters – the heating and vibration due to the powerful motors.

Still, the fact that this clipper is much quieter and runs smoother than most others in this range doesn’t mean that it is less powerful than other barber clippers. It is fitted with a powerful electromagnetic motor which works as well as those of the Andis Master and the Wahl Senior clippers.

The blades of these Andis best professional hair clippers are made of strong carbon coated stainless steel, which can easily cut through thick, curly and coarse hair. The special coating will ensure that they remain sharp and will endure a lot of cutting and use. Also for barbers who are in search of a reliable fading clippers, the XTR is a great option and will allow you to do some really precise and tight fades.

The body is made of metal combined with the hard plastic on top which allows for a very ergonomic and comfortable grip, so that you can shine with your barber skills every time you use it.

One of the finest features of the XTR – the Andis best barber clippers is that it is sold with nine different Andis guards.

Best overall cordless clippers for barbers – Andis Supra ZR

Best Andis’ detachable barber clipper is the Supra ZRThe Supra ZR is no doubt suitable for both new and for experienced professionals. It is an Andis’ detachable blade clipper for professionals that combines all necessary features which barbers need to look for when picking proper hair cutting tools.

The Supra ZR from Andis is fitted with sharp, durable ceramic blades which do not heat up even after prolonged work.

The fact that the clipper is cordless does not impact its power and performance. Its powerful battery provides 2 whole hours of running time at full speed, and the Lithium ion batteries need only 2 hours for charging.

Also, you have a choice of 5 different speeds ranging from 1800 to 3800 SPM, ,which you can easily switch between during a haircut, depending on the type of clipping, fading or detailed work you are performing at the moment. These are the only one from all the hair clippers for barbers and stylists in my list which allows you to switch in between motor speeds.

Despite the fact that it is a cordless clipper device, the Andis Supra ZR has a powerful enough motor to work seamlessly and cut any type of hair without painful pulling.

The housing is made of durable and hard silver and blue polymer and is slightly on the bigger size with a length of 8.13 inches but at the same time is lighter than many other barber clippers with its weight of 1.1 lbs. It is comfortable to use and versatile which will allow you to perform any kind of hair cutting job on any type of hair.

I must say that in my opinion this is probably the best detachable blade clipper for barbers around. It is powerful, durable, and with its 5 speeds provides barbers with limitless options when working on various types of haircuts.

As you’ll find out in our detailed Andis Supera ZR review, it will run smoothly and will remain sharp and precise for a long time, so if you are interested in a long term investment for your haircutting business – this is an exceptional choice!

Best quality+value cordless clipper for pros – Panasonic ER-1611-K

Our #5 is the ER-1611-K - the best Japanese-style cordless hair clipper for pros we could find.This Panasonic ER-1611-K is the perfect example of the famous Japanese attention to detail and quality. The ER-1611-K are one of the toughest hair cutters powered by a linear motor which provides a cutting option of 10,000 SPM which is double the power of the traditional rotary motors used for some of Panasonic’s other hair clippers. The heavy duty motor works smoothly and is powerful enough for an amazingly precise haircutting experience.

The blades are sharp and accurate and will cut through even thick and curly hair without any hassle or hair pulling.

This best adjustable blade cordless clipper from this list and will run for up to 50 minutes per charge. Fully charging the battery takes just one hour, so your business in the barber shop won’t need to suffer while waiting for your clipper to be recharged and ready to go again. In fact this is one of the cordless clipper for barbers with the fastest charging time. Thanks to the useful battery indicator you will know exactly when you need to recharge the cutting device again.

You can easily adjust the cutting length by using the dial on the clipper and picking a length from 0.8 to 2.5mm, and with the help of the additional 3 attachments you can customize the hair cutting length even further from 3 to 15mm.

Another plus is that these Panasonic’s best cordless clippers for pros are amazingly lightweight and ergonomic which will make your haircutting job a far easier and comfortable one.

The clipper can be recharged at 100 to 240V, so you can use it no matter where you are around the globe.

This pro barber kit also includes: the 3 comb attachments, a charging stand, a transformer for 110V to 240V, an EU plug, an EU-to-US plug converter, blade oil and a cleaning brush.

It is made in Japan and truly powerful cordless hair cutter for barbers you can find worldwide.

Budget choice for professional clippers for men – Wahl Magic Clip

The affordable option - cordless Magic Clip by WahlIf you want to work without a cord dangling from the wall and prefer Wahl professional hair clippers, my top recommendation would definitely be the 5 star Magic Clip from Wahl.

Just like the corded version of this model, this cordless clipper is powerful and will make any barber – old or new very happy with its performance and the results. The best part is the reasonable price which you can purchase this barber clipper for.

The motor is a powerful rotary one, and it works perfectly with the stagger-tooth Wahl crunch blade of this clipper especially when it comes to fading. The motor is not as powerful as the V9000 featured in the corded version, but still again it is powerful enough to allow you to perform quick and precise haircutting services. The blades run smoothly and effortlessly even through the thickest and curliest hair.

You can choose the cutting length with the help of the lever on the side of the device.

The battery life is sufficient for professional hair cutting needs and with a 3-4 hour full charge you will get about 80-90 minutes of constant cutting power.

The body is bulky and yet the clipper is light, so it is very easy to hold and use without your hands getting tired after a long day of work. The cordless version is quite a bit lighter and less bulky than the corded 5 Star model.

As for the accessories included in the kit, they are the same as the ones which come with the Wahl 5 Star corded clipper, namely: 8 Wahl guards ranging from #1 to #8, including specific ones for blending, fading and tapering. You will get a cleaning brush, blade oil and clipper oil as well.

I would highly recommend the cordless Magic clipper if your budget is limited and yet need a higher grade hair cutters for black men or ethnic hair or making perfect fades.

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Top 3 Best barber trimmers

Best Wahl hair trimmer for barbers – Wahl Detailer

Wahl Detailer is our #1 choice when it comes to hair trimmer that is a perfect for barbers.When it comes to professional hair trimmers, the Wahl Detailer is probably the first one which will come in mind if you ask a professional barber. It features Wahl’s premium T-wide #2215 stainless steel blade which will help you achieve perfect outlines, edge ups and sideburn and beard trims. The sharp lines you can achieve with this Wahl hair trimmer are unmatchable.

Experienced barbers may use the zero gap option for achieving very close cuts with the T-blade. This can be risky though because the blades are incredibly sharp, so some experience and added care is needed when using this option. The trimmer works seamlessly and can cut through thick and coarse hair without pulling or “biting”, so you and your customers will feel comfortable throughout the entire trimming experience.

The Detailer is sold with three attachment cutting guides sized 1/16, 1/8 and ¼ inches, as well as a blade guard, blade oil and a cleaning brush.

The body is constructed of hard plastic and the device is powered via a chemical resistant, 8 foot cord for increased durability. Yet it is light and very comfortable and easy to hold and use for high precision trimming jobs.

So, when you are looking for adding a reliable professional hair trimmer, you should definitely consider purchasing this particular model from Wahl. With this trimming tool you will be able to easily complete precise hair lining and artwork for even the most pretentious customers.

The Detailer is compact enough to fit comfortably in the palm of your hand but has the power and precision required when it comes to professional hair cutting and trimming. You will have an indispensable tool for your barber shop if you decide to purchase the Wahl Detailer, so do not hesitate to buy one if you are shopping for one of the best hair trimmers for barbers.

Best Andis barbering neck hair trimmer – Andis GTX T-Outliner

For those who prefer Andis barber hair trimmer we definitely recommend Andis GTX T-outlinerThe Andis GTX Outliner is my top pick for the best barber hair trimmer especially for necklines and cleanups.

The T-blades of this trimmer have deep teeth and are thicker than the standard Andis T-Outliner. This allows for even cleaner cuts and an overall better performance especially when you are dealing with customers with thick and curly hair and beards.

This T-blade hair trimmer is bigger and heftier than the Wahl Detailer. Its length is 5.5 inches and its weight is 11.2oz, but it is more powerful than the Detailer due to the electromagnetic motor which runs at 7200 strokes per minute. The magnetic motor runs quite quietly and doesn’t tend to heat up too much during use.

The body of this Andis hair trimmer is ergonomically shaped allowing for a comfortable and stable grip so that you can perform precise trimming, outlining and fading jobs.

The heavy duty body and power cord along with the hardened blades will ensure that you will be using this trimmer for years to come if you take the time to properly clean and maintain it in accordance to the recommendations of the manufacturer.

The powerful motor combined with the wide carbon coated stainless steel blades of the GTX allow for maximum precision when working on shaping any type of hair without any nasty pulling of the beard or hair of your customer.

This Andis barber trimmer also is great for fading jobs, but keep in mind that due to the width of the blades working on narrower areas such as around moustaches can be a bit trickier with the Andis GTX.

If you are planning on buying one of these elegant and highly functional trimmers make sure you choose a vendor who offers a full set of accessories with it. You can get 4 blade guards and blade oil in the set if your vendor is offering this option.

Best Oster barber trimmer – Oster T Finisher

The Oster T Finisher is the barber trimmer for the brands fans – plus it makes a great combo with an Oster clipperThe Oster T Finisher is a high grade hair trimmer for professionals. It is a heavy duty tool, which means it is bigger and heavier than other trimmers, but at the same time the narrow and ergonomically shaped body is comfortable to grasp and use and is amazingly quiet given the powerful pivoting motor of the device. Another definite plus is that the blades do not heat up even after prolonged use, so you can safely keep using the trimmer at all times.

The T Finisher has a 1.5 inch wide blade which is an excellent option for sideburn and neckline cleanup jobs, ear area trims as well as for perfect shaping of beards. The blades are very sharp and durable due to the trademark Oster Cryogen X technology used for hardening and sharpening them. This trimmer is superb for close and smooth trimming and cutting jobs and is a perfect choice for adding the finishing touches to your haircuts to opt for if you have chosen to use the powerful Oster 76 clippers for your bulk hair cutting jobs.

These heavy duty Oster barber cutters have amazingly durable and break resistant housing so you can use it day after day without fear of breaking it from the heavy use. The 8 foot long power cord allows for easy movement and maneuvering while working so as not to disrupt your job in your barber shop.

You should use the cleaning brush and lubricating oil included in the kit to ensure that it is properly cleaned and maintained at all times.

So, if you want to provide your customers with superbly precise and clean cuts and trimming work without pulling their hair or irritating their skin, you should definitely choose the Oster T Finisher. It is durable and has the indisputable high quality guaranteed by Oster which many barbers in the US and worldwide rely on.

Barber Clippers and Trimmers Maintenance 101

Whether you use hair clipping or trimming devices for your own personal needs or as essential tools for your profession as a barber, it is essential that you take the time to provide proper care and maintenance of the your whole kit with barber tools in order to ensure that they work properly and safely at all times and that they will serve longer.

Here are the basic tips on maintaining your heavy duty clippers and trimmers:

  1. Always clean the blades prior to use. Use the cleaning brush from the kit, or another tools such as a toothbrush in order to make sure that you remove all hair clippings from the blade area. This is not only for hygienic purposes, but also to keep your blades from dulling and your tool from getting damaged.
  2. Clean out the adjusters. If your barbering hair cutting tool has snap-on adjustable combs, make sure that you wash them thoroughly by soaking them in soapy water, scrubbing and then rinsing them and drying them off.
  3. Check the blade alignment. Make sure the blades are perfectly straight and without protruding teeth. This will allow the device to cut properly and without risk of accidental cuts and nicks.
  4. Oil the blades. It is advisable that you apply a few drops of blade oil to the middle of the blade teeth and let the clipper run for a couple of seconds prior to each use.
  5. Replace the blade if it is damaged. This is a must if you want the cutting tool to work properly and safely.
  6. Use clipper spray. This keeps the blades cool and also disinfects and protects them from corrosion and dulling.

So, hopefully I have been useful for all of you looking for professional hair clippers and/or a barber trimmer today. I would love to hear your thoughts and your personal experiences with these or other haircutting tools of your choice!


Tips and tricks for barber tools care – by Moser

Clippers – Care and maintenance – by Andis

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