Apart from abstaining from drinking, using drugs, smoking, eating sushi and other activities during the pregnancy, it is highly recommended that expectant women stay away from the following products as well:

  • High-end, expensive bath products – these can cause allergic reactions and rashes, so stick to gentler baby bath products during your pregnancy. Choose solutions which are chemical – free.
  • Skin whitening products – never use skin whitening products during pregnancy, because they increase the risk of harmful sun exposure and thus the risk of skin cancer. Cancer can hinder the development of the fetus, and of course could endanger the life of the expectant mother!
  • Hair removal with chemicals – stay away from depilation creams and other chemical-based hair removal products during pregnancy, because most of them contain Thioglycolic acid which can have a harmful effect on the developing fetus. So, it is recommended pregnant ladies shave, pluck or wax their unwanted hairs instead.
  • Prescription acne medication – even if you get an acne outbreak, which is perfectly normal and expected during pregnancy, stay away from such products, because they can contain tetracycline which can cause birth defects, miscarriage or arrested development.
  • Tattoos – it is not clear whether there is an effect of the tattoo ink on the developing fetus, but to be on the safer side, wait until the baby is born to get that new ink done. If you want a tattoo during your pregnancy get a harmless but non-back henna tattoo – it is temporary but safe.
  • Strong perfumes and heavy pregnancies – they not only will probably make you sick especially during the first trimester. Plus, there is a big chance that strong perfumes contain toxic phthalates which are known to hinder the development of the fetus. Use natural, chemical free fragrances instead.
  • Smelly and sticky beauty products and solutions – they are likely to contain toxins and possibly irritants. Choose natural and non-scented body and hair care products instead. They are safer for you and for your growing baby.
  • Hair dyes and hair care products – be careful and limit the use of hair dye and care products, because of the chemicals they contain and the possible harmful side effects they may have on the fetus. If you really need to get your hair dyed, make sure it is in a well-ventilated room, and is done as quickly as possible.
  • Avoid using bug spray – it can contain the dangerous DEET chemical which can lead to complications in the pregnancy and to skin irritation. There are non-chemical alternatives which repel mosquitos and other nasty bugs which you can safely use during your pregnancy.
  • Avoid any products which contain lead – it can be very poisonous, cause arrested development and premature birth.
  • Electric blankets – make sure you use electric blankets during pregnancy, and especially be careful not to overheat yourself and the fetus. Either turn the blanket off when you go to bed, or avoid using the electric blanket altogether while expecting.
  • Pesticides – avoid all kinds of pesticides at all costs when pregnant, because they can cause irreversible damage to the neural tube of the developing fetus. Use white vinegar with hot water and some hydrogen peroxide as a safe alternative to keep bugs away from your garden.
  • Botox – stay clear from Botox treatment, since it is done with the dangerous Botox bacteria, and it is not clear whether it can harm or endanger your fetus or your baby while you are breastfeeding. So, you should rely on that absolutely natural pregnancy glow instead!
  • Fertilizers – use only natural fertilizers to feed your garden and plants while you are pregnant because they can lead to arrested development in the fetus or to miscarriage.
  • Paints and paint thinners – these should be avoided during pregnancy, because of the glycol ethers most of them contain and because of the possibly toxic fumes emitted by the thinners. If you want to paint the nursery, make sure you choose paint which doesn’t contain the possibly harmful glycol ethers and water based thinners.
  • Industrial cleaning products – choose natural cleaning products, or make your own safe cleaning product by using white vinegar, water, baking soda and other perfectly safe household items.
  • Very tight clothes – if you are expecting, avoid wearing your skinny jeans or other overly tight clothing which can hinder the proper blood flow in your body, and can lead to even more swelling of your legs, feet, hands and can reduce the nutrients being distributed to your baby.
  • Tampons – even if you are experiencing spotting during the pregnancy use panty liners, because tampons have been known to cause infections which can lead to miscarriage.
  • Herbs and herbal supplements – make sure you avoid all kinds of herbal based supplements unless specifically instructed by your doctor. Choose to take your FDA approved prenatal vitamins instead – they have all the vitamins and minerals needed for your developing baby.