With the retro wave overwhelming the spheres of fashion, culture and even shaving, it is not surprising that the bay rum fragrance has made a comeback too.

The specific bay rum scent is a combination of Jamaican rum, West Indies bay leaf and various spices, which provide this specific, barber shop woody, spicy and sweet masculine smell. It first was made and used by sailors back in the 16th century, and has persisted as one of the best recognized classic masculine barber shop smells.

Through the centuries, more producers started experimenting and producing their bay rum shaving products and fragrances for men, so today there is a quite wide variety of options of this type of masculine products available on the market.

So, what are the best bay rum shaving and fragrance products available today?

Top 4 Bay Rum Aftershaves reviews:

Captain’s Choice Original Bay Rum

This aftershave pour comes in 4 oz. bottles and has that unmistakable strong masculine scent. It contains no chemicals or cloves, and the scent is from the rum, witch hazel and bay leaf, which not only provide this very specific and manly smell, but are also great for soothing the skin after shaving.

The fresh, soft and smooth feeling of the skin after splashing some of this Captain choice original bay rum after shave especially after a nice wet shave with a straight razor or a good old fashioned safety razor is exceptional. It is silky and has no sting on the freshly shaved skin. With all-natural ingredients, a lasting but not overpowering smell and a fresh gentle feeling on the skin, this is definitely one of the top picks in the bay rum category.

Pinaud-Clubman Virgin Island Bay Rum

The Pinaud-Clubman Virgin Island aftershave is a typical classic fragrance and choice for a fresh and cooling feeling after a nice close shave. It is an all-purpose fragrance which can actually be splashed anywhere on the body. Made of unique all-natural exotic ingredients from spices and bay tree essence, this fragrance offers immediate refreshment, coolness and toning of the skin. The smell is a masculine and strong combination between spices and wood, and is warm and complex at the same time. The scent has traces of oak, vanilla, cinnamon, clove, pepper, leather and every other aroma which we can expect from a very masculine aftershave and fragrance. It helps get that refreshing and soothing feeling of any miniature cuts or irritation following a nice traditional close shave.

This is definitely one of the most masculine of the wide range of bay rum shaving and after shaving products available.

GABELS Bay Rum Aftershave Lotion

This aftershave lotion is one of the subtler scented ones from the series, but it still has that specific masculine and old school barbershop scent and feel to it. Gabel’s bay run aftershave doesn’t cause that unbearable stinging and burning when used right after shaving. Rather, it provides a cool, refreshing feeling and is soothing to the skin, even the most sensitive one. It is a perfect finish to a good old straight razor or safety razor shave.

Made of bay leaves and oils it is soothing and soft, and yet isn’t oily or clog the skin pores. The smell is recognizable and masculine and yet isn’t overpowering or too much for using it on a daily basis, going to work wearing it, and wearing it anywhere. It is of the subtler, yet great bay rum products. Definitely a perfect item to pick as a gift for any man who likes feeling masculine and strong!

Ogallala Bay Rum Cologne

This bay rum cologne is offered in a big 8 oz. cobalt blue retro bottle, and is just as great to look at as it is to wear. The double strength aftershave cologne has a refreshing, masculine scent. The product is “not for sissies” as the original label on the “special reserve” edition reads.

The product is advertised as originating from a well-known cowboy destination during the wild wild west years – Ogallala, where cowboys would get a nice splash of the bay rum cologne after getting cleaned up in the barbershop and before heading off to the saloon for some fun.

This is definitely one of the most recognizable, manly and great bay rum fragrances around. The blue old-fashioned bottle is absolutely beautiful and can be used as a decorative item in your bathroom. Great classic scent, beautiful retro bottle and labeling – this Ogallala cologne is a perfect buy for yourself or as a very nice present, which will surely be appreciated.

In a nutshell

Bay rum fragrance shaving and after shaving products have been and still are very popular among young and older men mainly because of the specific very masculine scent and the nostalgic retro barbershop feeling its scent has. There has been a rejuvination of the traditional wet shave, accompanies with the use of a straight or safety razor, good old fashioned shaving soap or cream, as well as the classic masculine scented after shaves and lotions.

While there is not one single aftershave that we love, these listed above are amongst the best. Pick yours from the list!