Why do you need a beard trimmer?

With the lumberjack style becoming the new big thing, more men are struggling with keeping their whiskers and beards groomed, clean, trimmed and properly styled. Thankfully for those who want to keep their facial hair in good shape and form, there is a big choice of beard trimmers available on the market.
These trimmers are specifically designed and produced to make the trimming process easy, effective and without any painful pulling of the facial hair whilst in the process of forming and styling it. The trimmers vary from very simple ones to some advanced gadgets for those who want to add that extra something to their facial hair styling regime.
Since, the choice of trimmers is really big, we have done some meticulous and thorough reviewing and are ready to offer you some of our top choices for the best beard trimmer you can get.

Top beard trimmer reviews and ratings

To make your shopping experience easier, we have handpicked the top beard trimmer, and are offering short reviews of each model. Read our beard trimmer reviews and go with the one you like most.

TRYM-II Rechargeable Ultra sleek

The sleek and rechargeable TRYM II clipper kit is made entirely from high quality professional grade blades and parts, and is perfect for easy and effective cutting, trimming and styling of facial as well as for body hair.  This hair trimmer has an option for cordless use and is fitted with a charging base dock, but for those who prefer to use it immediately without waiting for recharging, it is equipped with an optional 100V AC adapter as well.

The kit is sold with four trimming attachments, plus a cleaning brush and oil for maintenance.  The professional grade blade of TRYM-II  allows for high quality cutting and trimming without the annoying and painful pulling of the hair which some less advanced trimmers can cause.

The four different attachments of which allow for choosing from cutting from 1.5mm, up to 3mm, 6mm and 9mm of hair, so it is suitable for men with full-grown beards as well as for those who prefer only some stubble trimming and wear a goatee or mustache.

This is a sleek looking device with a very clean design which will bring some additional aesthetics to your bathroom and to your travel kit.  To make sure you can keep it just for you, make sure to get your girl one of our top-rated epilators. Pure Enrichment yet again offers one high quality and beautiful device, with a 1-year warranty and a quality sufficient to answer to even the most pretentious customers.

With an excellent price, and the strong and effective shaving functions, this beautiful looking beard trimming unit is one of the top choices in the market of hair clipping and trimming devices.

Philips Norelco S8950/90 with SmartClean, Wet & Dry Edition

The Philips Norelco S8950/90 electric razor is also referred to as the Shaver 8900 or Series 8000.

This high quality hair trimmer and shaving unit is equipped with the latest technologies in the field of facial and body hair care.

It incorporates a high-tech Gyroflex 3D system, which allows for precise face contour following while shaving or trimming.  Its UltraTrack heads cover a bigger shaving area and will not leave out one single hair uncut or unshaved.

This specific beard trimmer is fitted with the special Aquatec technology which allows for wet shaving with water or shaving gel or foam, in order to keep the treated area protected, but at the same time it offers the option of exceptional dry shaving as well, for those who prefer a more convenient hair cutting and shaving experience.

This is definitely considered the best beard trimmer and cutter available by many users and is the perfect choice for men with full beards, as well as for those who like to keep a short and well-formed stubble or a close shave.  It works even with flattened hair, because of its advanced “Lift and Cut” dual blade system.

This great beard trimmer is cordless and has a lasting Lithium-Ion battery providing 60 minutes of running time for each charge.  A full charge requires only 1 hour, and the producer has added a “one-shave” charging option which takes only 3 minutes of charging. Just in case, the kit has an optional power cord as well.  The design of this trimmer is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it is ergonomic and provides an excellent grip and optimum control while clipping and shaving.

Overall, it is a top quality, highly efficient, very quiet device, which provides a great comfort of use and an extra care for avoiding skin irritation from shaving or trimming.

Wahl Peanut Review

The Wahl Professional 8655-200 Peanut Clipper/trimmer is a compact and easy to use trimmer which is only 4 inches long and weighs a mere 4 ounces. Even though it is small in size, this trimmer is a powerful little device with an option of four cutting guides from 0.2 inch to 0.5 inches. It is perfect for shorter haircuts and beards, and is fitted with an ergonomic finger ring, a blade guard, as well as a cleaning brush and oil for better maintenance.  With a powerful motor and nice sharp blades, this is one highly efficient personal hair trimmer.

The blades are replaceable, so in case they become dull with time, they can easily be interchanged with brand new ones.  The small size and peanut shape of this unit allows for a comfortable grasp and for easy fitting in a travel kit.

It is a highly recommended beard trimmer, which makes keeping your hair and facial hair perfectly trimmed and shaped when in home or when on the road.  Great for shaving as well as for quick touch ups, this small and yet powerful tool is a top pick and a perfect choice for all. For more information – read the full Wahl Peanut review here

Philips Norelco G370 Grooming System

The Philips Norelco G370 is an All-in-1 grooming system of the highest quality. It allows for extremely precise and even hair cutting and trimming mainly because of the modern SteelWave technology it is fitted with. This grooming kit has a whole 9 length settings for its hair clipper comb as well as for its mustache comb. This makes it a top choice for men with beards and facial hair of all lengths and styles.

Even though it is fitted with the latest revolutionary technology and features, this device is very easy to use, and its ergonomic design allows for a very comfortable grip while trimming and cutting the hair.

Furthermore, this device is more than just a beard trimmer. It is a combination of a nice full sized trimmer as well as a hair, beard and moustache comb clipper, an eyebrow, ear and nose trimmer along with a special precise and detailing trimmer for any part of the body or face.

Its revolutionary AccuControl system allows for the comb to follow the contours of the body, head and face shape, so that the clipping and trimming is easy, even and precise.

The device provides up to 35 minutes of running time after each charge. A full charge will take about 10 hours. The blades of this grooming system as self-sharpening which will ensure that you have an efficient trimmer and cutter for years ahead. It is sold with a 2 year warrantee too. Best of all, it carries the high quality guarantee of one of the leading manufacturers in the range.

OSTER 76 Classic Universal Clipper 76-076010

The Oster classic 76 universal clipper is one effective and durable device which you will be using for years. It has an ultra-durable design. Packed in a break resistant housing, which at the same time allows for a comfortable and controlled grip, this trimmer will easily cut and trim both wet and dry hair.

It is an affordable and powerful beard and hair trimmer, specifically designed for heavy duty use. The motor has one smooth speed, and the unit comes with detachable 000 and 1 blades.

This wonderful trimmer will manage to shave and cut even the toughest and thickest hair. It can literally be used for hours at a time, although the heavy duty build can be a bit cumbersome for somebody with smaller hands or weaker wrist strength. It could take some practice to get the hang of it, but anyway it is though one sturdy and powerful trimmer, which will survive years of use if maintained properly. It is sold with a cleaning brush and oil for lubricating the mechanism, as well as clipper grease for even better maintenance.

This trimmer is definitely among the top picks for those who want to buy a shaving and trimming device which will last longer and serve them well for years to come!

Philips Norelco QT4070 -41

The Philips Norelco QT4070/41 beard trimmer 7300 is the perfect beard and stubble trimmer, which is actually the only one which allows for a perfectly clean and mess-free stubble trimming. This is due to its integrated special vacuum system for catching all cut hairs. It is also one of the most versatile and also one of the best beard trimmers available with an amazing 18 adjustable hair cutting options. It can easily be set to cut hair from 1 mm to up to 18mm (1/32 inches to 23/32 inches) via its special multifunctional digital screen.

This device has a turbo boost button to add to the amazing cutting speed during use.

It surely is a perfect choice for men who want a tool for easy and precise shaving and cutting of stubble to full grown beards.

Equipped with a long-lasting Lithium-Ion battery, this trimmer has a sufficient running time after a quick charge. Of course, the device is sold with an optional power cord if you don’t have time to recharge it before use.

The blades of this unit do not require maintenance, because of their stay-sharp feature, and the device doesn’t require periodic oiling unlike a number of other trimmers we have reviewed, so in fact it is almost maintenance free.

The numerous cutting options, the overall excellent performance of this hair cutting device, along with the fact that your family will stop nagging you about those hairs in the sink after shaving are just a few of the reasons why we strongly recommend this product from the world famous producer.

How do you choose the right one?

Choosing the right trimmer should be based on several important features of these great devices. They include: the power, the length setting options, the size, as well as the cordless or corded options, and of course the quality and value of the beard trimmer.

The number and type of the comb settings in a beard trimmer is among the most important features you should keep in mind when selecting the best one. Simple trimmers will have the basic three comb settings, while the more advanced models can have digital adjustment and as many as 18 various comb settings.

Depending on your personal needs, you should pick the device which offers the required hair cutting settings which will suit your specific style and needs. Some trimmers have additional attachments which allow for an even better control of the cutting and trimming process, no matter if you have a full grown beard or just a goatee or mustache.

The size of the trimmer is also a key factor, which is especially important if you do a lot of travelling. In this case, getting a travel-size beard trimmer with a travel pouch is highly recommended.
Another choice you need to make when shopping for the perfect beard trimmer is whether you prefer a corded one, or a much more mobile cordless model. The cordless ones do not require that you have a power outlet right next to your mirror, but they do need to be recharged or their batteries to be replaced regularly.

The cordless trimmers come with rechargeable or with replaceable batteries. Make sure you check how long the recharging takes, what the running time of the unit is, and whether the recharging unit is not too bulky if you are a frequent traveler.

When looking for a reliable and good quality trimmer, it is always advisable to pick a trusted brand, even if the price is slightly higher. The price can start from as low as $15 and can reach more than $100 for the best beard trimmers, so it depends on what sum you are ready to spare for this device when choosing one for yourself or as a gift.

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