If you are an aspiring black barber, or you are an African American who wants to be able to cut and trim your own hair or beard at home – getting the best clippers for black men’s hair for the job is essential for the end results!

You probably know that different barber clippers work better on some types of hair and not so well on other. African American hair tends to be coarser and curlier than that of Caucasians. This fact means that special attention, skills and maintenance is needed in order to cut such hair properly and without causing those unsightly razor bumps on one’s skin which can appear when inappropriate clippers and shavers are used.

Here is my personal take on the most appropriate grooming tools for black men’s hair. Plus I will give you answers to the most frequently asked questions by black males looking for the most suitable clippers for their hair.

Best clippers for black hair overall -Andis Master

Master is our #1 pick for best Andis clippers for black men

If you want a reliable and true classic clipper – the Andis Master is my top recommendation for cutting and grooming ethnic hair.

You don’t need to worry that you might drop it and break it while you are cutting your hair, because its strong aluminum body is practically unbreakable!

You will love the look of this classic clipper – it is beautiful and elegant, and is a true pleasure to use.

The blades are incredibly strong and sharp. Made of carbon coated steel – they can easily cut through black hair. You can achieve the effect you want with one stroke only – no need to go over the same spot several times to cut the hair with the Master by Andis! The blades cut precisely, so razor bumps are highly unlikely to appear when using this amazing grooming device.

If you want a powerful hair cutter which works smoothly and is reliable – this model from Andis is the one to pick. The powerful electromagnetic motor runs at 14000 SPM.

This classic Andis clipper is also perfect for hair fades. You can use the comfortable side lever to easily switch in between the #000 and #1 adjustable blades in order to achieve perfectly looking and precise fades.

One possible problem with this device for black men is that the blade can get a bit hot during prolonged use. Also, the clipper is on the heavier side as compared to man others available on the market.

Still, the Andis Master is definitely the front runner in my list for best clippers for black men’s hair.

Best cordless hair clippers for black men – Wahl 5 star Magic clip

Wahl magic clip - our #2 choice and the best cordless clippers for black hair

Wahl is one of the top preferred brands by barbers when it comes to professional barber clippers for many people. I’d rather not pick the best brand of hair clippers for black men, I’d focus on models. The 5 Star Magic clip is a professional range clipper which can be used easily and safely use at home as well.

If you are concerned about getting those irritating razor bumps – then don’t. With this hair clipper you will receive gentle treatment and your scalp and skin will remain smooth and bump free after you are done.

If you want more free motion while giving yourself a proper haircut, then you may want to pick this specific model, because it is cordless. No cord means less problems and restrictions during the grooming process.

The fact that the 5 star Magic clipper is cordless does not make it a less powerful hair cutting machine for black men. The rotary motor is powerful enough and provides a perfect balance between power and speed needed for proper hair clipping of curly and coarse hair.

Looking for a barber-grade clipper made specifically for ethnic hair care and for professional looking fades? The Wahl magic features a unique tooth crunch blade which will help do just that easily and smoothly.

Yu can use the comfortable side lever of this grooming device to switch among the hair length cutting options. This Wahl clipper has a large number of clipper hair guards ranging from #1/2, #1, #1 ½ and up to #8.

This particular model by Wahl is definitely one of the most suitable choices if you want a reliable, easy to use and cordless hair clipper suitable for dealing with black hair!

Best barber black hair clippers – Oster Classic 76

Recommended by barbers themselves, Oster classic 76 are the best clippers for black hair in the professional range

The Classic 76 is just like its name suggests – a classic! If you want to buy the most powerful hair clippers for black men, this is the right choice for you! It features a reliable, heavy duty motor with one single and yet consistent speed option.

This clipper is superb for trimming and shaving black hair, as it comes with two detachable blades sized 000 and 1. The blades are extremely tough, durable and sharp. Made of top quality steel they will glide through even the thickest and coarsest hair without a problem.

If you are into the vintage thing – this clipper is an excellent pick. Its look is classic, and it is incredibly comfortable to hold and handle, so cutting your hair will no longer be an uncomfortable and tiresome experience with these superb hair clippers for African American hair.

The professional grade grooming tool is sturdy and reliable and will serve you for long. Once you get the hang of using its powerful motor and the sharp blades you will never want to twitch to another clipper again!

You will receive a case for it, along with oil for the blades and lubricant for the motor to keep it running seamlessly over the years.

The possible cons are that these barber clippers on the heavy side, so you will need to get ready to handle a serious barber-grade hair cutter once you get your hands on this classic clipper. You should also be careful when using this powerful hair cutter, as it is corded and the universal motor is so powerful that the blades may get overheated if you spend more time on your grooming.

Best hair trimmer for black men’s hair – Andis t-outliner with t-blade

Great for finer details, Andis T-Outlines is the next in our list as the best hair trimmer for black men

Unlike my other picks for hair cutters for black men, the T-outliner from Andis is not a clipper but a trimmer. Nevertheless, it is an excellent trimmer which is a superb choice for African American men who want to be able to trim their hair properly and smoothly!

If you want a multi-functional trimmer for both your beard and hair, you should definitely consider buying this excellent grooming tool.

For those of you who are in search for a hair cutting device which will allow you to do precise and even fades and added designs for your hair – the T-blade of this trimmer will ensure that you get just that! The blade can easily be adjusted while you are working on your hair without a risk of misaligning and ruining that perfect haircut of yours!

Your hands, wrists and arms will not feel that nasty fatigue and soreness after using a heavy set of hair clippers while shaping your hair, beard, moustache or neckline with the T-Outliner. It is light, with an ergonomic design providing a steady and very comfortable grip.

Once again, this powerful tool is a great choice for barber trimmers, but you need to be careful about the overheating which tends to happen with powerful hair cutters, especially corded ones – like this trimmer from Andis.

The device is gentle to the skin, so you can say goodbye to those horrible razor bumps and cuts with this lovely little machine. A great edger and superb for thick and curly hair – I can recommend this perfect trimmer for just about any man in search for a trimming device suitable for black hair.

Top 2 Balding clippers for black men

Top of the line balding clippers for black man – Philips Norelco 5580/40

Philips Norelco is a bit expensive, but ultra safe and comfortable to use

If you prefer a cordless balding clipper for your hair, then the Norelco 5580/40 could be the one of the best clippers for black men’s hair you can get today. It can cut smoothly and efficiently for about 60 minutes after you charge the batteries.

There is no cord, so you don’t need to worry about getting tangled in a cord or missing a spot on your head because it is out of reach to the limitations of the device being plugged into the wall.

The blades are self-sharpening and durable and will allow you to shave your head closely. Yet, they are not as risky as those of the Wahl 5-Star, so you can feel much safer when cutting and shaving off your hair with this clipper.

You can easily clean the Norelco 5580/40 balding clipper because its parts are washable, so you can make sure that you wash out all hairs out of it as soon as you are done with your grooming.

For those of you who want a light, compact and easy to hold and handle device – this is one of the top choices for best clippers for black hair. Philips has put in some extra effort to create a compact and comfortable body for this clipper.

The grooming device also has a 14 length hair cutting adjustment option, so you can use it for longer hair and various other haircuts other than balding as well.

This Norelco clipper is gentle to the skin, so you needn’t worry about razor bumps and cuts even if you have sensitive skin.

It is a bit pricier than the 5-Star balder and is not as powerful as Wahl’s clipper but if you are in search for a safer, lighter and cordless balding clipper for your African American hair, this model from Philips is one I can strongly recommend for you!

Runner up – Wahl 5-star balding clipper 8110

Wahl Balding is the best balding clipper for black men and much more affordable than the previous one

If you are specifically interested in balding clippers for black men, then I would strongly recommend that you take a closer look at the 5-Star 8110 balding clipper from Wahl.

I can confirm that is most possibly the top choice for balding clippers for African American hair around. You will not find another hair clipper which will provide you with such a close cut as this one. It can cut your thick and curly hair down to exactly 0,1mm without any problems.

There will be no uneven spots and patches after you are done with this grooming device. The Wahl Balding clipper provides a precise, and surgically even and smooth cut on all parts of your head.

Another reason to pick this particular balding clipper from Wahl is its amazing price. It comes at a superb price for the value offered, so you needn’t worry about needing to compromise on the quality if you pick this top budget choice. The design and make of this hair cutter is of superb quality. The powerful V5000 motor will never fail you if you take the time to maintain and clean it properly prior to and after use.

One thing to be cautious about with the 5-Star balding clipper is the fact that the blades are extremely sharp and strong, so you need to be careful when giving yourself a close cut, in order to avoid cuts and nicks on your head. A good rule of the thumb is to cut slowly and use smooth motions when cutting your hair with these powerful balding clippers for shaving!

Other FAQ:

What are the most important features of the clippers for black men?

Remember that corded clippers are much more powerful, consistent and reliable than the cordless models. This is due to the consistent power supply to the device which keeps the motor working steadily and without any hiccups or hair pulling due to lowered power from drained batteries.

Look for hair clippers which are sold with separate hair comb guides. The all-in-one grooming devices may seem neat, but in actuality their adjustable hair guides are usually flimsy and do not work as expected.

How can a black man avoid getting razor bumps when shaving?

  • Avoid very close shaves to the skin. Thanks to the darker skin color, stubble on black skin is much less noticeable than on Caucasian skin, so shaving with a single blade razor which leaves about 1mm of hair is a perfect way to get a good shave and yet avoid those nasty razor bumps.
  • Do not shave against the hair growth. Move along with the growth when shaving in order to minimize the risk of getting razor bumps from the tugging of the skin.
  • Soften the skin and hair prior to shaving – this will make shaving easier and will open the pores of the skin which will result in a much better experience.
  • Use pre-shaving priming oil to soften and protect the skin and hair.
  • Use moisturizer for the skin after you are done with the shaving.
  • Stay away from shaving in case you have already gotten razor bumps. Wait until they heal completely before shaving again. Otherwise you risk painful cutting, scarring and further irritation.

Even the good clippers for black hair need proper care

Make sure you carefully read the instructions given by the producer of your clippers for the proper maintenance of the trimming and shaving device. Some may require oiling the blades prior to each shave, others – just periodically. Clean the hair clippers and keep them well-maintained if you want them to work properly and do the job they are made for – for a longer period of time.

Fortunately, most clippers for black males are sold with complementary cleaning brushes and blade oil.

You can also apply cooling gel or other blade cooling solutions to ensure that the blade of your clipper doesn’t overheat during prolonged use at a high speed.

Do you need more finer details and a tool to perfect your crispy line ups – check out our list with the best edgers for barbers we’ve compiled and get great results every time!


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