Whether you have a toy, miniature or standard poodle, you are probably aware that its ever growing, thick coat needs some special care and attention if you want your pet to look presentable, stay healthy and clean, and if you want to avoid getting allergic reactions to the dander in its hair.

With the proper care, your favorite pup will attract all of the attention and will be a happy and healthy one. This care includes: regular and proper bathing, brushing and grooming.

The main problem which many poodle owners are facing is the ongoing considerable cost for professional grooming. This is why, we have handpicked our top choices for the best clippers for poodles on the market, which you can get in order to take care of the trimming by yourself. This will save you money, and will save your dog from the stress of strangers handling it.

Our top list of the best clippers for poodles

Here are our top choices, according to: best, top, and best budget as well as our top rated scissors suitable for the coat of your favorite poodle

Best overall clippers for poodle hair

Wahl’s Arco

wahl arco - our #1 choice for best poodle clippers

After lots of tests, surveys and research, the Arco from Wahl comes out first in our best clippers for poodles list. This easy to use, ergonomic, cordless clipper includes a 5 in 1 blade system and is at professional level. It also made it into our top clippers for Shih Tzu. What we loved most about these Hungarian made tool includes the following features:

wahl arco parts

  • The useful 5-in-1 clipper kit, including blades sized: 9, 10, 15, 30 and 40 which are suitable for the face, feet and all the finish work necessary to make your poodle look fabulous and professionally groomed. Plus, these different sized blades will save you the cost of needing to invest in more than one clipper for your different pets and needs.
  • The fact that it is very light and ergonomic, and is cordless, for a hassle-free and easy grooming experience.
  • It stood out as one of the quietest poodle clippers which we stumbled upon during our research which is one of the first things we were looking for, given the stress which many dogs experience from the loud buzzing noises of conventional clippers.
  • Its motor provides 5,500 strokes per minute which will save you the time, and your dog – the stress from the trimming process.
  • The clipper blade is continuously cool running, so that your pet doesn’t get hurt and its hair pulled along the way.
  • It comes with 2 durable NiMH batteries with about 8 hours of run time per each. They require only 75 minutes to be fully charged.
  • It is sturdy and yet easy to hold and handle, with a length of 6.75 inches and a weight of 7.9 ounces.
  • It comes with a 1 year warrantee.
  • Suitable for nearly any dog coat type, so you can use it to groom pets of different breeds and with different hair types.
  • It is very easy to clean and maintain.

Overall, this is our top pick for the best clippers for toy poodles as well! It is a powerful, professional and yet quiet and easy to use, light device, which includes 5 blade sizes and can be used for various parts of the body as well as for different coat types. It will remain stable in your hand while you are grooming your pet, and will allow you to trim the coat quickly, evenly and very quietly which is what every dog owner dreams of in order to make the grooming process a stress-free experience both for them and for their pet. The only possible con of this model is that its price is a bit on the high end, but as a long-term investment, given its quality and the 1 year guarantee – it is definitely worth it!

Best heavy duty poodle clippers

Andis 2-Speed

Andis ProClip AGC2 clippers for poodle hair

These clippers are another top choice for poodle grooming, made by Andis. They are more heavy duty, sturdy and a bit heavy, but their performance and reliability are excellent! What we liked the most about them are the following characteristics:

Andis AGC2 in use

  • There are two trimming speeds (2,700 – 3,400 strokes per minute) which make them suitable both for general grooming at a lower speed, and trimming of heavy coats with the higher speed strokes.
  • Very sturdy and heavy duty, they weigh hefty 1.1 lbs. and are 7 inches long, but their housing is shatter proof, so even if you accidentally drop them while you are grooming your poodle, you needn’t worry that they will be damaged.
  • They operate very quietly which will help make the process much less stressful for your pet and thus for you.
  • They are fitted with a special cool running design to keep your pet safe and comfortable even during lengthy grooming procedures, and will ensure that there are no vents or fans which will become clogged by your dog’s hairs.
  • They are quality certified.
  • The blades are detachable and easy for cleaning, and also allows for the clippers to work with most other leading blades available.
  • They are excellent for pet owners who prefer clippers allowing for a wider grip due to their square box shaped design and size.

So, if your dog has a heavier coat, and if you want to invest in an extremely durable, heavy duty pair of clippers, this model is the perfect one for you. Let me just mention that its wireless alternative it our #1 pick for cordless horse clippers. The higher motor speed will decrease the time for trimming heavy hair by about 25% which is perfect for owners who want to save time, energy and reduce the stress of the grooming process on their pets, and at the same time achieve a nice and even cut. The possible negative side of these clippers is the fact that they are heavier and bigger than others, but again this is what some pet owners are looking for – a better and wider grip and a more stable set of clippers for poodle hair! Also, they are not cordless, but they come with a long enough cord to allow for sufficient, free movement. Overall, these Andi’s are an excellent investment. Their blades will stay sharp for a long time, and their build will keep them safe and working for years ahead! It is less powerful than our first pick, which makes it a superb choice for people who want to go slow, as well as for beginners in poodle home grooming!

Also great: budget dog clippers for poodles

Wahl Dog Lithium-Ion Pro

Whal Lithium Ion Pro - a great pick for poodle grooming clippers

Here is our top pick for the best budget clippers for poodle hair. Needless to say – their price is great for the quality provided. Fitted with an electromagnetic motor and with a good grip and relatively light weight, the Lithium-Ion clippers from Wahl make the perfect set  if you don’t want to or cannot afford to invest too much in such grooming tools.

What we particularly were impressed by when we tested this model was:

Wahl Lithium Ion dogs

  • The fact that they have adjustable blades, and 4 color-guided combs for different hair lengths are included in the kit. The lengths available to choose from are: 3/8”, ¼”, 1/8” and ½” – so you can pick the hair length of your choice pretty easily.
  • They provide a comfortable and safe grip and are semi-lightweight so that your wrists and hands will not get tired and yet you will be able to keep the control over your movements while trimming your dog’s hair.
  • Very easy to use, so they are suitable for beginners  as well.
  • Quiet functioning which is essential for the comfort of the pet.
  • They come with a 5 year warrantee (limited).
  • The lithium-ion batteries provide 120 minutes of running time, take very little time for re-charging and allow for grooming just about anywhere.
  • The blades are durable, self-sharping, snag free and with high precision for a fabulous result. They are suitable for full body coat clipping for all kinds of dog breeds.

Yes, it isn’t as powerful as the other two on this list of the best poodle clippers we have recommended, but this budget friendly set that will allow to easily and safely groom your poodle or other dog even if you are new to this task. It is powerful enough, and provides a safe grip for easy and fast grooming of the dog’s coat without overstressing your pet with a loud noise or uncomfortable tugging and pulling. It is wireless, can be re-charged quickly, and can be used for 2 hours, so you can use it outdoors or anywhere you please where your pet and you feel more comfortable and where the cut hair will make less of a mess. If you want to save tons of money from using the services of professional groomers and make sure that your poodle is properly and safely groomed at home, this is the top low-budget pick we would strongly recommend you get!

Best poodle grooming shears

Alfheim scissors

Alfheim grooming scissors - our pick for best grooming shears

If you feel safer and more confident to use scissors instead of motorized clippers for grooming your poodle, or if you are looking for the great poodle grooming shears to manually cut off any overgrown or unwanted hair off of your pets’ coat, then we highly recommend these excellent quality Alfheim dog shears. This is an excellent kit which you can successfully use to keep your poodle looking in top shape, healthy and properly groomed at all times. What we loved about this particular pair of scissors is:

Alfheim Professional inside

  • The body consisting of 2×6 inch scissors and 2×7 inch shears, plus a kit of: 6” cutting scissors, 6 inch thinning shears as well as 7 inch downwards and upwards curved shears. Plus, you receive a comb as a gift.
  • The blades are perfectly precise which allows for precise cuts and safe and easy use on even the coarsest and hard pet hair.
  • They are made entirely of good quality stainless steel which makes them exceptionally strong, durable and functional.
  • Their design and make is very comfortable to use and ergonomic, which means that you won’t end up with wrist, hand, arm, elbow, neck or back pain after in the end.
  • Plus, they have very comfortable finger rings which will not cause pain or blistering of your fingers and will allow you to proceed with the grooming process swiftly and smoothly. There are additional rubber rings in case your fingers are bigger and you feel uncomfortable working with the set.
  • The curved scissors allow for proper and safe fine trimming of even the most delicate parts of your pet’s body, such as its: face, eyelashes, ears and others.
  • They come in a nice, stylish case which you can easily carry around with you and which has proper padding and protection to keep them safe and protect the sharpness of the scissors at all times.

So, if you prefer to use scissors for all or some of the grooming of your poodle, this set of excellent quality dog shears is a superb choice. They are available at an excellent price for the high quality offered. The kit includes shears which you can use for trimming and cutting just about any type of hair on any part of your pets’ body. They are durable, strong, sharp and very easy to use. With an ergonomic design and adjustable finger rings, you will never feel that pain or strain from having to cut something for a long time again. An excellent choice for pet owners who prefer for one reason or another to perform their own home grooming, this set of shears will serve you faithfully for years ahead!

Some useful tips for grooming poodles using clippers

No matter which type of clippers or shears you have picked to use for at home, always keep in mind the following important tips and steps before you proceed with the actual trimming and clipping of your dogs’ hair:

  1. Thoroughly brush the hair of your dog before proceeding. If there are any tangled or matted areas, ensure that they are removed before you go ahead with the actual grooming. Professional groomers will also shampoo and wash the hair prior to the procedure, so you can consider doing that too for an even better effect but always make sure that you dry the hair completely before using the clippers.
  2. Take the time to allow your poodle to get acquainted with the noise and feel of the clipper if it is its first time. Show it to your dog turned off first and then turned on. You may want to treat your dog with some yummy treats in the process.
  3. Choose a spot where both you and your dog feel comfortable. The more stable and calm the dog sits – the easier, faster and safer the trimming and cutting will be, so make sure you are both feeling as relaxed and comfy as possible.
  4. Keep in mind that in many cases, after an hour or hours of use, the blades of your clipper can get really hot. This can actually burn the skin of your pet, so make sure you choose a model which runs cooler, or if not – let it cool down periodically or use specialized cooling spray to keep it cool and safe.
  5. Remember that the hair clipper blades you should use for a poodle can differ so make sure you check the sizes available in order to pick the proper ones for your needs.

What characteristics to look for in good poodle clippers

We have defined the following features which we feel are the most important ones to look for:

  1. A high motor speed (rotary speed per minute – RPM). This will ensure that the clippers can handle large amounts of coarse fur better and easier, and also will minimize the risk of the hair getting tangled and causing discomfort and pain for your pet in the process.
  2. Sharp and durable blades. Sharp blades are safer to use, because they will cut through even the hardest and most tangled hair without slipping and cutting and hurting your dog. Also, even though they cost more, they are a much better investment because they will last and serve you for longer.
  3. The lighter they are the less strain the grooming process will have on your hands, arms and back.
  4. Multiple speeds. This is essential especially if you want to use the clippers for grooming dogs from different breeds. Different types of dog hair require different cutting speeds.
  5. Quiet motor. The quieter the clippers are, they calmer and less stressed your dog will be during the grooming. This will ensure easier and safer experience for both the users and the pets.
  6. More accessories included in the kit. Look for clippers which come with a set of combs, cleaning brushes, oils and other additional useful tools which otherwise you will need to purchase separately.

In conclusion

Hopefully, our article will help you find the perfect tools to properly groom your poodle at home safely and efficiently, in order to keep it looking great and healthy at all times! In any case, purchasing one of the listed tools will save you a handful of money from needing to go to a grooming professional, so investing in a pair of good grooming clippers or scissors is definitely worth it!