Are you stressed about dealing with the matted hair of your dog? You are not alone! Owners of long haired dogs, such as Australian shepherds, Pomeranians as well as all other dogs with thick, matted fur are dealing with the same issue on a regular basis.

I found that my older dog needs proper grooming more often, and as he ages – the trimming and cutting of his coat is getting trickier, as his skin it becoming saggy and bumpy, and his hair is losing its shine. This is why I have tested a number of different dog clippers in order to find the ones which do the best job – safely, quickly and with superb results!

If you want to save a considerable amount of money and time from relying on professional groomers, I strongly recommend that you purchase one of our best dog clippers for thick coats listed below and learn how to tame your pet’s fur yourself.

Don’t be tempted to use your clippers for humans, because they are not designed and made to cut through the thick and often matted hair of your pets. Clippers made for dogs are much quieter and have special features for a great final result with minimum stress on the animal.

Reviews of the Best Dog Clippers for Thick Coats

Best overall pick for clippers for thick dog hair – Andis excel pro 5-speed

Excel Pro is our top pick for the best Andis clippers for matted hair

This is no doubt one of Andis best clippers for pups with mats or extra thick coats. Even if you are new to home grooming, you will feel comfortable and in full control of the clipping due to the powerful 5-speed motor and the quick inter-switching between slow and fast speed of 2500 to 4500 SPM. The easy speed adjustment is a major plus for pups which get nervous and will also help you deal with seriously matted coats.

The slower speed is especially useful when clipping seriously tangles of the delicate areas of your pup.

You will appreciate the light weight and the ergonomic design of the PRO, which will help reduce the soreness and fatigue in the hands, wrists and arms after a long and enduring session. The housing of the Excel Pro provides a soft and very comfortable fit, so you can keep the tool steady while you are dealing with the tangled hair of your dog safely and very efficiently.

The #10 size ceramic blade of the Excel Pro is one of the most reliable and sturdy blades around, which means that you can use it for longer and that it will cut precisely and safely at all times.

This 5-speed tool is corded, but by plugging it in you can ensure that you get the power and the clipping time you need to take care of all thick matted areas, without needing to stop for recharging or losing power due to a low battery.

Don’t forget to use cooling gel from time to time, because if you use the Andis at its highest speed option for a longer time, the blades can get warm and burn your dog’s delicate skin.

One possible problem with this otherwise amazing dog clipper is that if you want a case to store it and carry it with you- you will need to order one separately, as it is not included in the package!

Best Professional clippers for matted dogs – Wahl KM10 2-speed

Our professional pick for best clippers for matted dogs hair - Wahl KM10

The KM10 is a very powerful clipper which is an excellent alternative to the Pro Excel from Andis. Even though it has only 2 speed options, it still features an amazingly powerful and brushless motor which can handle seriously knotted or thick fur with ease. It plows through thick coats like hot knife cuts through butter. The Wahl KM10 is heavy duty and will work well for years ahead, so investing in such a brilliant tool is definitely worth it!

You can use it for clipping the coat of all of your pets, horses and even livestock.

The KM10 is quieter than the Pro Excel from Andis, which makes it a number one choice if your dog is shy or nervous.

The two speeds offered are 3000 SPM and 3700 SPM. Although this is not as powerful as the 3-speed Pro Excel, it is sufficient for successfully and safely removing even the most stubborn mats off of your precious fur baby.

This dog clipper from Wahl is designed and made to provide you with ultimate comfort and stability for safe and pleasant experience. It is even lighter than its Andis counterpart, and its ergonomic design will allow you to hold on comfortably and safely during the entire session.

The blade is long-lasting and of highest quality stainless steel. It is standard #10 size and with proper maintenance will last for years to come.

The cord of the KM10 is not as durable as it should be, so make sure you don’t pull and tug it excessively while you use it!

The motor of these professional clippers will last for ages – the producers from Wahl guarantee over 10,000 hours of motor life for this amazing dog grooming tool.

Therefore, if you have problems with the severely neglected long pets’ hair, this dog clipper is one well worth spending your money on.

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Affordable pro shaver for thick pet fur – Oster GoldenA5 2-speed

Our affordable pro pick for great clippers for thick pet fur - Oster Golden

When talking about heavy duty clippers for thick fur and for professional use, the Oster Golden A5 is another tool which is definitely worth mentioning.

If you are not ready to break the bank  and yet need an instrument to safely and properly handle your matted dogs – the Golden A5 is an excellent solution.

You can use this Oster when dealing with all kinds of knotted animal hair because it is powerful and reliable.

You get to choose between two speeds of 2100 SPM and 2700 SPM, and can switch quickly from one to the other depending on the level of matting and thickness of your dog’s coat on the different parts of the body.

The #10 cryogen treated blade is sharp and durable, and with proper maintenance will serve you well for years to come.

One problem is that the Oster A5 is on the heavier side. This means that your hand, wrist and arm will most probably get tired and sore after a particularly long session for removing your dog’s thick matted hair. It is almost twice as heavy as either the Pro Excel or the KM10, but then again – the price difference is serious among these clippers as well!

Another issue you will run into when using the Oster Golden is the excessive heating of the blades during use. You will need to take breaks from time to time in order to prevent burns and other accidents.

The Oster Golder A5 is probably the best budget buy in this list. It is still a professional clipper, comes with a 1 year quality warrantee and is versatile, durable and powerful enough to deal with thick coats of all kinds!

Balanced choice: Andis Super AGC

Super AGC by Andis is the Balanced pick for the best value/priced optionThe Super AGC finds the right price/value balance when it comes to choosing the best dog clippers for thick coats because you can get it at a really affordable price right now! The performance is better than the top budget pick from Oster and yet not quite as great as the first two higher end choices in this list.

You can easily and seamlessly switch between the lower 3400 SPM speed and the higher 4400 SPM speed option depending on the particular part of the body and the condition of the thick pet fur you are currently working on. The problem with this powerful 2 speed motor is that even the lower speed is still too powerful for some of the shyer and nervous dogs, so keep this in mind.

The grip you will get on this Andis AGC is comfortable and ergonomic, although it doesn’t provide that amazing rubber grip as the Pro Excel. The housing of the Super AGS is durable, break resistant and will keep the inner parts safe even if you drop it accidentally.

The #10 blade is made of carbon steel, unlike the ceramic blade of the flagship model from Andis – the Excel Pro. This means that you can expect the blade to heat up faster than expected. Still, this heating is manageable and is definitely not as intense as that of the blade of the Oster. The blade is detachable which makes it very easy to clean or replace. You can upgrade it by buying one of Andis’s stronger and more durable blades, such as the CeramicEdge, the UltraEdge or ShowEdge blades.

Once again, this Andis AGC is not sold with a case, so you will need to buy one separately if you want to store it safely and properly when not in use.

Overall, it is an excellent pet clipper suitable for poodles, spaniels, terriers and dogs with long thick fur.

The Super AGC is definitely the one which provides the best price for the value offered.


How do I properly deal with my dog’s matted hair?

Dogs have delicate skin, so make sure you ask an experienced groomer or watch some instructional videos and DVDs before proceeding to groom your dog at home.

You may want to cut through the middle of the mats with sharp scissors, so that you loosen it up before proceeding to clip beneath the problematic area. Clip or shave under the problematic area of the fur carefully to remove the knots.

Don’t forget that the blades may become dangerously hot during use, so take precautions by using a slower speed, oiling them and taking frequent breaks.

In most cases, you should use the #10 blade and clip against the grain. For older pups – you may want to go along with the grain to avoid hurting their looser skin. Check out this video to see this in action:

How do I get ready for dog grooming?

It is advisable that you give your dog a bath and dry it properly before you proceed to deal with the thick matted hair. Check its skin for any cuts or lumps in order to avoid the problematic areas during the clipping.

Charge your clipper (if cordless) and oil the blades to prevent them from heating up and to ensure they cut properly.

What to do to avoid excessive blade heating?

You can use cooling gel, a cool rug or simply leave the clippers and your dog to rest periodically while you groom it.

General tips to follow when shaving a matted dog at home:

  • Bathe, dry and brush your dog’s fur before you start.
  • Plan ahead and be patient especially with shy or young pups.
  • Take your time and work your way through the coat slowly and with caution.
  • Use a de-matting brush or comb to gently untangle the matted fur.
  • Cut through larger mats with sharp dog grooming scissors.

Tips on using clippers on a dog with matted or really thick fur

  • Choose the proper type of animal clipper for the type of hair of your dog.
  • Use a de-matting comb first in cases of extreme matting.
  • Make sure you take precautions against overheating of the blades by letting them cool down, using cooling gel or oiling them beforehand. Use higher clipping speed only for problematic areas.
  • Take private lessons or watch instructional videos by pro groomers in order to get to know the technique for clipping nasty mats.
  • If you want an even better result, you should buy a #7 blade. It will allow you to leave more hair and is more efficient for removing thick hair.
  • Even though cordless clippers allow for much more freedom of movement, the truly powerful heavy duty dog clippers for matted hair better be corded to ensure that the motor is working at the proper speed at all times.

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