If you are the proud Shih Tzu owner, you know that taking proper care of its coat and regular grooming is essential for its overall health, wellbeing and fabulous looks. While many pet owners rely on professional dog groomers to take care of their Maltese babies, you may want to consider undertaking some home grooming, so that you save the money for professional grooming, and so that you are sure that your beloved dog is best taken care of.

If this is the case, don’t be tempted to trim and clip your Shih Tzu’s hair with scissors for humans or for other purposes. To get an even, safe and proper cut, you need to use a professional or home use dog clipper or scissors instead. These are especially designed to handle dog hair and are made to enhance the grooming experience, make it easy, stress free and to deliver the best results in the end.

Today we are ready with our verdict for the best ones you can buy to take proper care of your pets’ coat.

Top picks for the best dog clippers for Shih Tzu / Maltese

Best overall pick – Wahl Bravura

Wahl Bravura are definitely the best dog clippers for thick dog hair hands down

This is singlehandedly our favorite clipper available for Shih Tzu and Maltese dogs. It is very easy to use, cordless, quiet and light, and yet powerful enough to clip and trim the coat of your pet in a professional and safe manner. Here are the characteristics which caught our attention when testing these amazing clippers:

in different colors

  • They are cordless and thus you can use them indoors or out, with no cord getting in the way during the grooming process. The runtime is up to 100 minutes which is absolutely sufficient for grooming a Maltese. The lithium batteries can be quickly recharged over and over again without the performance being affected.
  • They are extremely quiet, which is essential for minimizing the stress for the dog during the process of grooming.
  • Their ultralight body weighs only 0.55 lbs., which means that your hands, wrists and arms will not feel strained and tired after the clipping and trimming procedure. It is 7 inches long and offers a very comfortable fit.
  • The stunning rotary motor power of 5,500 strokes per minute allowing for quick and steady cutting and trimming. It offers constant speed control.
  • An adjustable 5 in 1 blade system, including blades sized: 9, 10, 15, 30 and 40 inches which are suitable for all of the parts of the dog, finish work and for face grooming.
  • High quality blade made in Germany with a 1 year professional warrantee.
  • It is suitable for other animal coats such as: cats, goats, horses, pigs and large animals as well.
  • The clippers come in a soft storage box with 6 additional plastic guide combs for different hair lengths ranging from 1/8 inches to a 1 inch cut. They also have a charger and a charging stand with which you can fully re-charge the batteries for only 60 minutes.
  • The blades remain cool even after long constant use, which is important in order to avoid burning the skin of your pet.
  • Little or no maintenance is required.

Overall, this is our top pick for the most powerful, easy to use, light and versatile dog clipper which is most suitable for breeds, such as: Shih Tzu or Maltese. Cordless, with a powerful and yet quiet rotary motor, and high quality German made adjustable blades, this clipper is the grooming tool you must have if you want the best for your beloved pet! Definitely worth the investment – it is a professional class grooming tool which will last and serve you for long.

Oster A5 – affordable pro clippers for those on budget

The oster 5 allows you to groom your dog easily

As for the budget conscious readers, the Oster A5 is our top budget friendly pick! It is affordable and at the same time is very efficient, durable and easy to use. It is a more heavy duty clipper which will endure a lot of falls and will survive a lot of dog coat clipping and trimming. Check out the main features of this grooming tool:

blades and accessories

  • Its study, shock resistant body will withstand a lot of use and abuse.
  • The motor works at two speeds which you can choose from: 3,000 or 4,000 strokes per minute (SPM).
  • A detachable Oster 10 sharp blade treated with a cryogenic technology for extra strength and hardening.
  • The kit also includes: clipper grease, blade oil, replacement carbon brushes and cleaning brush.
  • High quality, made in the USA.
  • Suitable both for grooming pets and livestock.
  • Great for tackling matted and tangled coats.
  • Easy to use, safe and comfortable.
  • Very easy to clean and maintain.
  • It comes at an absolutely lucrative price as compared to other dog clippers on the market.

Although it is a tad noisier than some of the higher end clippers we have tested, this pair of dog grooming clippers is still an amazing choice for people who have a more limited budget and yet still want to provide their Shih Tzu or other dog with the proper grooming and care. It does get a bit too hot after about 20 minutes of use, but if you take the time to let it cool down – it will not disappoint. Powerful, sturdy and perfect for cutting tangled and matted hair, this clipper is an excellent top budget choice for you!

Balanced: Wahl KM2 best grooming clippers for Shih Tzu

Wahl KM2 is an amazing clipper for Shih Tzu dogs and our top value for price pick

The KM2 is somewhere in the middle between the previous two dog clippers in matter of budget and performance. It combines a great price for a great cool operation and lightweight body. With two speeds and detachable blades, this pair of clippers is a must have for Shih Tzu or Maltese owners who want to find the perfect balance between functions and price. Here is what we liked most about them:

accessories and CD

  • The durable and chemical resistant housing and a 16 foot heavy duty, strong power cord which will ensure its longevity.
  • The 0.81 lbs. ultralight body and length of 7.5 inches which makes it very easy to grip and use, and doesn’t cause straining of the hands, wrists and arms during and after a grooming session.
  • The powerful rotary motor offering two speeds of: 3,000 or 3,400 SPM for more precise trimming or for cutting of coarser and harder hair.
  • The blade is a number 10 detachable wide Ultimate series strong and sharp one. It will stay cool throughout the cutting and trimming session, so you will not need to take breaks to keep your pet from getting burnt or otherwise hurt during the process.
  • It is quiet enough so as not to stress out the dog during the grooming which will help make the process easier for both the owner and the pet.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • The kit includes a very useful DVD with grooming tips which we thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated.
  • It comes with a 30 day customer satisfaction guarantee.

Heavy duty, high quality and sturdy, this corded clipper will withstand the trials of time and will serve you well for years to come. The detachable, high quality blade can be powered in a higher and lower speed by the quality rotary motor, so that you can perform both some fine grooming and basic grooming on your Shih Tzu or other dog. Very precise and quiet, this pair of clippers will change your grooming experience forever!

Professional Andis clippers for Shih Tzu: Andis AGC Super 2-Speed

AGC Super 2-Speed are the greatest Andis clippers for shih tzu

Made by the reputable Andis manufacturer, this clipper has two speeds – a slower 3,400 SPM for precision trimming and a faster 4,400 SPM for quick grooming. This is a powerful tool which will last long, due to its sturdy design and shatter proof housing. Here is what grabbed our attention when we tested the AGC Super:

AGC Super 2 is a sturdy machine

  • The powerful 2 speed rotary motor (3,400 and 4,400 SPM) suitable for every dog part and hair grooming.
  • A very sturdy, shatter proof body and handle which will ensure that the clipper remains safe even if you drop it during the grooming process, which is a common occurrence especially if your Shih Tzu is a tad nervous.
  • A very strong number 10 detachable blade which can be interchanged with a wide variety of other brands and types of blades in case of need.
  • This model is practically maintenance free, so no messy oiling or greasing is needed.
  • It has no fans or vents and runs very cool, so there is no hazard of dog hair getting stuck in the air cooling system, plus there is no risk of burning your dog’s skin.
  • It is a versatile tool which can cut through even the thickest hair, so it is suitable for various breeds and different kinds of animals.
  • A heavy duty power cord, long 14 feet which is sufficient for easily moving around your pet during the trimming and cutting process.

This professional trimmer is perfect for complete Shih Tzu and Maltese grooming, as well as for cutting the hair of any other pet or farm animal. It is extremely durable, and will last for years. The powerful motor works in two speeds, so you can easily adjust it to the one you need. Also, the sharp blade can easily be cleaned, and can be replaced with a wide variety of different types and brands of blades. It is heavy duty which makes it a bit heavier than other clippers, but if you prefer to have a clipper which is more stable and offers a wider grip – choose this one. No maintenance is required, so if you want a clipper which will serve you for a long time without needing to periodically oil and grease it – this is the perfect option for you!

Also great: Andis AGRV PowerGroom + Clipper

The Powergroom by Andis are our next pick for best Shih Tzu clippers

This powerful dog clipper is a superb choice, especially if you want a universal grooming tool for more than one dog breed or more than one kind of animal. It has a total of 5 different speed options, ranging from 2,500 SPM up to 5,000 SPM. This means that you can use it for any kind of animal hair. What you should know about the AGRV is that it is:

bottom view

  • Really quiet, given the powerful rotary motor it is fitted with, which is superb especially if your Shih Tzu or other pet is nervous and stressed by loud noises.
  • It is compatible with a wide variety of blades from different brands and types, which means that it can be completely customized for cutting any kind of hair on any body part.
  • Its blade is a detachable number 10 UltraEdge – very strong, sharp and precise.
  • The swiveling cord allows for the owner to rotate the tool to a complete 360 degrees during the grooming process without getting it tangled. You can also purchase an extra battery pack and turn the clipper into a completely cordless on for hassle free use.
  • The motor has 5 speeds to choose from, starting from 2,500 SPM and reaching to 5,000 SPM.
  • It is very lightweight given the sturdiness and power it provides.
  • It can run a little hot when used for long at higher speeds, but this can easily be managed.
  • It is professional range and is suitable even for the toughest cutting and trimming jobs such as matted hair and for grooming double coated dogs.

In conclusion, we must say that this extremely powerful, heavy duty, professional range clipper is a superb and reliable grooming tool, which you can use not only for your Shih Tzu but for other breeds and other types of animals as well. Durable, with 5 speeds, a quiet rotary motor which doesn’t heat up too much during work, and with a non-tangling power cord, it is an excellent pick if you want a clipper which will last for longer and perform the job it is made for without a problem.

The cordless option: Wahl ARCO SE 

Wahl ARCO our pick for cordless, professional dog clipper

Whether you are a professional or a DIY dog groomer, this popular kit for professionals by ARCO is a perfect choice to make when looking for  a professional dog clipper. It even made it on our list as a best overall clippers for poodle hair. It has multiple exceptional qualities, including:

Wahl arco is a great clipper for Shih Tzu dogs and comes with a ton of accessories

  • The unique 5 in 1 blade numbers: 9, 10, 15, 30 and 40 by Wahl, which allow you to adjust the clipper for any kind of grooming job, any part of the body and for any breed. The blade can easily be reset before or during the grooming with a very easy to use lever.
  • It is fitted with two NiMH battery packs which are rechargeable and give you up to 160 minutes of cordless grooming without losing power. The fact that it is cordless allows for its use both indoors and outdoors, and will spare you the hassle of needing to untangle or get restricted by a power cord. Experience the wirefree grooming!
  • The speed can run up to 5,500 SPM, and yet the clipper is amazingly quiet. It can be used for effortless cutting of coarse and matted hair and can be used on all kinds of pets, horses and even livestock.
  • Easy to hold and use, it is 6.75 inches long and weighs 7.9 ounces.
  • It comes with a 1 year warranty.
  • Very quiet and cool running for a safe and stress free grooming experience.

If you are planning on getting professional dog clippers to groom your pets, this particular 5 in 1, durable, high quality clipper is definitely worth considering. It allows for easy and quick clipping and trimming of even the hardest and matted hair of any kind of animal. Quiet, powerful and easily adjustable, it will serve you well and can be used anywhere without the hassle of having to deal with a power cord. This is firmly a top pick when it comes to powerful and professional tool.

Wahl Home Pet Pro-Series Complete Pet Clipper Kit #9590-210

Wahl Pro - a full shih tzu grooming kit having everything you could ask for

Possibly at the top of our best budget choice for a clipper for small dogs, such as: Maltese, Shih Tzu and other breeds, this clipper is an excellent and very affordable option. It comes in a full grooming kit, which will allow you to properly and safely cut and trim the coat and hair of your pet at home. It also has the following features:

comes with a ton of blades and accessories

  • A full home shih tzu grooming kit, including: 4 different length guide combs, scissors, a mirror, a DVD and paper instruction manual, and of course the clippers themselves.
  • The blade is made of solid, strong, self-sharpening carbon steel.
  • Very easy to use on both dogs and cats.
  • An included battery for convenient cordless use which allows you to groom your pet outdoors.
  • Excellent choice for newbies in home grooming.
  • Although not as sturdy and heavy duty as the others on the list, the clipper and grooming set is sufficient for DIY pet grooming.
  • An excellent, competitive price – great value for the high quality provided.
  • 5 year warranty.

Some basic grooming clipper tips

  1. Always brush, and if necessary bathe and dry the dog before the cutting and trimming.
  2. Brush long or curly haired dogs daily and those with double coats several times a week.
  3. For dogs new to grooming, make sure you allow them to get familiar with the clipper before proceeding. Start with the clipper turned off and then switch it on so that the dog doesn’t get stressed out.
  4. Choose quiet and powerful clippers to reduce the stress and shorten the grooming procedure for both dog and owner. We’ve listed the top choices in this guide to the best clippers for shih tzu dogs
  5. Do not attempt to shave or trim the coats of double coated dogs such as: huskies or malamutes, because their coat acts as a temperature regulator both in the heat and in the cold.
  6. Use a slower motor speed on the clipper or use grooming shears for more sensitive areas such as the paws, ears and face of your dog, in order to minimize the risk of nicks and other accidents.
  7. Use the high SPM settings of the clippers for dogs with thick coats and slower speed for small dogs with short hair. If you have different breeds at home, getting a clipper with multiple speed options is the best choice.

Sure a grooming a shih tzu at home is not an easy task, but here is a quick and easy to understand video to show you how to cut a shih tzu hair with clippers:

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