Achieving clean edge ups and super crisp line ups on your customers’ hair should not be that difficult! But how can you do it?

The key to shaping that perfect line or edging is to use the best hair edgers or liners clippers available, and handle this tricky task with extra care using the proper technique.

I have been testing various tools throughout the years, so I would like to guide you through my reviews of the best hair liners and professional edger models according to my own experience.

Any one of the next models in my list are definitely worth the money spent, so no matter which one you choose is more of a personal preference.

Best overall hair liners for barbers Wahl Razor Edger

Our #1 pick is Wahl Razor Edger - one of the best hair liners on the marketThe 5-Star Razor Edger is a superb choice and I can strongly recommend for both professionals and for home use.

Looking for a flexible edging tool? The Wahl #8051 professional’s trimmer is just that. At 6.25” its body is slightly longer than the other trimmers, but is also very slim, light (only 0.6 lbs.) and comfortable to hold and use, which will allow you to make that precise straight edge without hassle.

Like the T-Outliner, this grooming device features a powerful electromagnetic motor, although this one is not as powerful as the former. Then again, this is the quietest of all edger trimmers which I have encountered, so picking this one you will ensure that your grooming experience is quiet and peaceful.

This Wahl cutter comes with 3 added T combs from 1/16” to 3/16”, and with a tool for blade setting, a guard for the blade and a brush and oil for cleaning and oiling the blades.

One possible problem with the Wahl Razor Edger is the fact that it is a bit limited when it comes to the detailing work, as compared to the Detailer. Otherwise, we definitely recommend it as a superb choice for to achieving those perfect edge ups at the end of each haircutting session.

Wahl has designed and made this product for professional barbers, and definitely is reliable, precise and can be used either at home or in your barbershop.

The Wahl #8051 doesn’t heat up as much as the T-Outliner, but then again it does require regular maintenance so it can work properly and safely at all times.

So, if you are shopping around for a great, professional grade trimmer to give precise and neat edges and lines – this tool from Wahl is a very suitable choice and is the best T-blade trimmer I can recommend!

#2 Best hair edgers for barbers Andis T-Outliner

Our second pick is Andis T-Outliner - it is a terrific edger trimmer for barbers

The light and compact Andis 04710 T-Outliner is very easy and comfortable to use. No wonder it is a top pick of many professionals who pride themselves in providing perfect hair lining services to their clients.

This magnificent tool weighs only 0.7 lbs. and is barely 5.5” long.

You can use it for edging, lining, cleaning your neckline as well as for trimming your moustache or beard. The powerful electromagnetic motor works at 7200 strokes per minute which is sufficient for trimming even the thickest and coarsest hair.

The blades are exceptionally sharp and yet the T-Outliner is amazingly gentle to even the most sensitive skin, so you needn’t worry about cutting yourself during the grooming session. For people with dry skin, this grooming tool could be the most appropriate one, as it works very easy on the skin and rarely causes nasty skin irritation. No wonder it made it into our best edgers list.

You have the option to adjust the blades in order to give yourself an extremely close cut safely and with ease.

If you feel nervous about using a large blade like this one, opt for the T-Outliner 2 which features a smaller blade. But keep in mind that its blade is square rather than T-shaped and is more suitable for the lines around the ears.

The powerful Andis 04710 has one problem: that it can get quite hot when used for a prolonged period of time. This though can be resolved by taking short breaks during the grooming to allow the device to cool down to continue with your trimming safely and comfortably. You also need to take the time to oil the blade prior to use if you want to guarantee that the trimmer works properly and to prolong its life span.

Overall this 04710 is a perfect professional range outliner and edger. But why the best? It is great for dry shaving, necklines and facial work.


Best balanced multi purpose styler Wahl Detailer

the balanced choice from all professional liners and multi-purpose detailers is the Wahl DetailerIf you love beautiful things, then this jewel from Wahl will definitely capture your attention. The design includes a sexy shape and a royal combination of gold and burgundy which makes this trimmer definitely THE eye catcher among the liners and edgers for hair I have worked with.

The Detailer is fitted with a wide blade and yet is a compact and very comfortable tool. The Detailer is only 5” long and weighs just 0.43 lbs., so you won’t get tired or feel discomfort while you are cutting.

This Wahl trimmer is sold with quite a few useful accessories, including 3 guides of 1/16”, 1/8” and ¼”, plus a blade guard, a cleaning brush and blade oil.

So, which is better between the two Wahl hair liners on this list – Razor Edger vs Wahl Detailer, the main difference to take into consideration is that the Detailer has a rotary motor unlike the other options on this list.  This means that this grooming device is less powerful than both the Razor Edger and the T-outliner but yet it tends to remain much cooler than both the during prolonged use.

The Detailer can be a bit noisy – more like the Andis T-Outliner, but in regard to precise and clean lines, lots of detailing and edging this liner is definitely a top trimmer for barbers and for home users.

Yet, along with the beautiful design and the sharp blades of this cutter there is a catch – some skin irritation can happen when using it without all necessary precautions taken, so make sure you learn how to handle these sharp blades before proceeding to cut your hair or use it on someone else! You need to take it easy on the pressure you use when you are working with it, but if you handle it properly – the results will be outstanding!

Budget-friendly liners for hair Andis Professional Styliner II

Powerful heart in the vintage look - the Andis Styler II is the runner up in the best hair linersThe Styliner 2 is not as attractive and eye-catching as the Detailer, but behind this dull appearance, there is a powerful Andis electromagnetic motor which works at 7200 SPM.

The length of this trimmer is 5.75” and it is heftier with a weight of 0.6 lbs., but the Styliner II comfortable to hold and will provide you with a smooth and consistent trimming experience.

Like many other edger clippers this This tool can be used for creating perfect lines and has its place among the best edgers on the market. You can still get excellent results when shaping lines and working around the ears with this trimmer from Andis, but the results will probably not be as crisp and precise as those when using the Razor Edger.

If you want a trimmer which will remain cool even after prolonged use – this one is the one to pick. The blades as well as the body of the Styliner 2 will remain cool and safe regardless of its powerful motor.

One problem you may face when using this trimming device is getting the blade set properly in accordance to your needs. Unlike the other models I have listed here, this one is trickier which is why I can recommend it to professionals or those who have some experience with this type of trimming device.

But nevertheless, if you are looking for a liner which will provide you with a reliable and smooth trimming experience, the Styliner 2 is an excellent and affordable choice. The Styliner is great for dry shaving and shaping and its high quality sharp blades will last and remain sharp for years if you take proper care of this professional trimmer. You will need to oil the blade prior to, during as well as after you use it, and just like any other models you will need to clean it properly after each haircut too.

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How to edge up / line up / shape up

Learning the art of creating nice crispy edge ups can take months and even years of practice, but achieving that perfect line up is possible with these tips:

  1. Proceed with detailing after you have finished with the haircut and cleaning up.

Just go ahead and work on the detailing after you have finished cutting and cleaning the leftover hair from the skin around the ears and neck. If necessary clean these areas from any grease or lotions which have been applied. This is crucial for a perfectly straight line or edge without anything getting in the way while you are performing this delicate task.

Here is a video to see it in action:

  1. Find the proper pressure balance to use

The blades of the trimmers are quite sharp, so  to avoid irritating the skin, leaving red marks or cutting it, you should take it easy on the pressure you use. Ensure that you are using enough to get the lines straight but not too much so as to hurt the skin.

  1. Choose your starting point

While some professional barbers choose to start the detailing from the middle of the hairline, others prefer beginning from one side and moving towards the other. Position the edger or liner horizontally in line to the hairline. Use vertical motions with gentle pressure as you get to the sides. Use a brush periodically to clean off the areas you work on, to get a clear view and precise access to the hair which you are proceeding to trim.

Obviously, all you need is the best hairline trimmer, some instructions and with a little practice you can start shaping your own haircut or that of your kids or hubby in the comfort of your own home.

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