Why do you need nose and ears hair trimmer?

With aging come those new and not very pleasant nose and ear hairs, which could be a cause of a lot of embarrassment. This “migration” of the hair from the head to the ears, nose, chest and back can start as early as the 20’s, and tends to get worse with the years. Thankfully, there are some great gadgets available on the markets which can help you easily trim and keep these unwanted hairs on your face, chest and body under control.

The question is – how to find the best nose hair trimmer or the best ear hair trimmer? To make the task easier, we have handpicked a few of our favorite choices of available trimmers.

Ear and nose hair trimmer reviews

Panasonic ER430K review

The Panasonic ER430K trimmer is suitable for nose, ear and facial hair, and is a great little gadget which will allow you to quickly and discretely clean up those unwanted hairs. The trimming process will leave no mess, because it has a special vacuum cleaning system, which will gather all those annoying clippings and hairs while you are trimming and cutting. It can be used both on dry skin as well as in a wet environment, such as a bath or shower. Even under the shower, its body offers a firm and comfortable grip, and the special dual edge hypo allergenic blades will easily trim all those unnecessary hairs, without painful pulling or the danger of injury.
It has stainless steel blades and is easy to wash. This powerful little tool uses 1 AA battery which can ensure a running time of 90 minutes. If you are unsure whether it is the right one for you, read the other nose hair trimmer reviews and make your decision after that.
So, for a compact and yet comfortable and powerful trimmer for that unwanted hair on the face in the ears or nose, this is one of the best in the range.

Philips Norelco NT9130 D-Finer

The Philips Norelco NT9130/40 D-finer is one very nice and effective trimmer for those unwanted nose, eyebrow and ear hairs.  It is comfortable and easy to use, and comes with a detailer and a rounded tip comb which turns it into a styler and allows for easy and precise trimming of sideburns, mustaches, beards and other hair as well. It is sold with an extra two eyebrow combs too. The sharp chromium steel blade of this trimmer is surrounded with a skin-guard technology to prefect it from injuring the skin while trimming. The non-slip design and make of the body of this trimmer makes it very easy, secure and comfortable to use. When you finish using your trimmer, you can easily wash it but simply rinsing it with water.

It runs on one AA battery, and has a 2 year warranty.


The Panasonic ER-GN30-K model is great for both wet and dry trimming of unwanted nose, ear or other hair. It is equipped with a Vortex cleaning system, and is washable since it can be entirely immersed in water.

This trimmer has an ergonomic shape and provides a comfortable and easy hold and use.

The sharp blades are dual edge and hypo allergenic, and allow for precise and thorough trimming and clipping without the painful and unpleasant pulling of the hairs in the nose or ears.

It is a nice and compact little device, which you can easily carry around when travelling. All you need is one AA battery. But the size shouldn’t worry you – it is a powerful trimmer which will make the maintenance of your facial hair easier than ever. It is completely safe and if you wash and clean it regularly, you should be able to use it for years to come.

Remington MPT3700 WETech Waterproof Dual Blade

The Remington MPT3700 is one prime example of quick and easy to use trimmer for removing unwanted facial hair and which is definitely worth buying.
It is fitted with a very effective cutting system with self-sharpening blades, and yet it is safe and comfortable to use.
It works both with dry hair as well as with water. It runs on one AA battery and is great for home use as well as when on the road.
It will keep your face clean and safe from those embarrassing hairs which keep growing out of seemingly nowhere…
This trimmer is sold with a two year limited warranty, and is definitely one of the top facial hair trimmers available on the market.

Professional Water Resistant Heavy Duty Steel Nose Trimmer with LED light

Another excellent choice in our range of top trimmers is this professional water resistant model. Apart from having an LED to help you see in tricky hairs, it is extremely reliable. You can use it in the bathroom without any worries – it is fully water resistant.

Buying this excellent model would guarantee you years and years of nose hair removal.

Without any additional attachments, this model is extremely compact and lightweight. You can carry it with you everywhere without having to worry about its volume or weights. A nice touch is the transparent cap.

If you like this trimmer, we want to applaud you, we ourselves love it too. This is the right tool for a fast, clean and efficient removal of those stubborn hairs.

How to choose the best trimmer for your ears and nose?

There are several features and characteristics to look for when choosing the best nose hair trimmer or the best ear hair trimmer. These include: cordless/corded, blade type, durability, size and comfort as well as the price. This choice of course depends entirely on you, your planned intensity of use, your need for a cordless/traveling trimmer, the investment you are willing to make and your personal preferences for the best to handle and easiest to use grooming device. As every person have different hair thickness, areas that need to be kept under strict grooming control and preferences, choosing is mainly matter of personal preference.