Why do you need a safety razor?

In the modern world where time is money and technology is advancing daily, it can be difficult to imagine that someone will prefer the good old tools for everyday chores such as a safety razor instead of an electric one. The fact is, that some people like the traditional way of doing things and also believe that good old wet shaving with a safety razor is much more effective than the quick shave with an electric beard trimmer.

So, to help those of you who prefer to spend some time on a good old clean shave we offer our recommendations for the best safety razor and best double edge razor you can get for your money.

Top 5 Safety Razor Reviews

Merkur HD 34C Double Edge

The Merkur HD 34C Double Edge is a top quality safety shaving tool made in Germany from high quality stainless steel. This heavy duty double edge razor has a beautiful design and a chrome finish which makes it a wonderful item to have. It comes with a Merkur blade, and offers a perfect wet shave. Even though the blade is incredibly sharp as it should be, it is safe and comfortable to use. The handle offers a nice grip, and offers stability while shaving. The razor shaves easily and cleanly even through the thickest hairs without causing that irritating and painful pulling.

It is an excellent choice for all, especially for first-time users, mainly because of its design. It has a relatively short handle which not only offers a comfortable grip, but also allows for the person shaving to better navigate the razor along the contours of the face. The shorter handle gives better control and thus will ensure that you shave evenly and as close to the skin as possible. Of course, when your Merkur blade gets dull you can use any other type of blade you want with it. A multi-pack of excellent quality double edge blades is quite cheap actually. Placing a new blade is incredibly easy as well as cleaning it.

This safety razor is an excellent choice for men who like the traditional clean shave, as well as fans of the vintage and classic feeling of using a beautiful razor and a nice wet shave. Naturally, with a razor like this you must get a good quality soap or shaving cream for the best results.

Edwin Jagger DE89LBL

If you are a fan of the classic close shave which used to be best done in a barber shop with a straight razor, then you should definitely consider buying an Edwin Jagger DE89LBL safety razor shaver. It is safer than a straight one, and yet the quality of shaving is almost the same.

This beautiful double edged and lined detail chrome plated razor fits all the standard DE blades, and not only does it look amazing and perform perfectly, but it will also serve you for years to come.

Made in England, this safety shaving tool is one smart tool to own, with its chrome plated brass handle, and a very traditional lined pattern sporting the name of the manufacturer along its collar. It is almost vintage like, and yet is durable and incredibly designed– perfect for fans of wet shaving.

The amazingly close shave you will achieve when using it will not only give you that perfect smooth and clean face look and feel, but will also reduce the risk of developing those irritating and painful ingrown hairs causing red bumps which can result from shaving.

It is sold with a pack of 5 Derby safety blades, which need to be changed on a regular basis in order to keep the razor as efficient as possible. It is offered with a smooth or a vertically lined shiny and long chrome handle, so it is up to you to choose the design. Overall, the lined handle is possible a better choice for people with little or no practice in this type of wet shaving because of the better grip it offers, especially when your hands are wet.

Merkur Long Handled

If you are a fan of the good old clean and close wet shaving, then the Merkur Long Handled  could be an excellent item to choose. This German made blade has a classic design and high shaving quality. It has a chrome finish and a longer handle, which is a great choice for people with larger hands, who want a more comfortable grip.

This sturdy razor is definitely a must have for men who are nostalgic about the good old times when close and clean shaving was performed with a straight razor. The shaving quality which this one offers is very similar. Given that you use a high quality blade, a good shaving soap or cream and get the hang of the best technique to use it so as to follow the contours of your face, this one will not disappoint!

Using it will be much cheaper than using replacement razors with modern handles. You will simply need to regularly change the blades which are very cheap, and wash it to keep it clean and functional. Otherwise, it is a sturdy and durable model which will serve you well for years to come.

It will give you the clean shave you want and will bring style and class to your bathroom or travel bag, so do not hesitate to get one of these classic and beautiful razors for yourself or as a gift.

Parker 99R

The Parker 99R is a durable, heavyweight, double edge safety razor with a traditional, classic Parker design. It weighs a hefty 3.4 oz and has a 4 inch long ‘barber pole” handle which gives a sense of stability and a good grip while shaving.
It is an affordable and yet very efficient choice, which has a butterfly twist to open blade replacement design and a chrome plated brass frame. The design and the excellent grip will give the hand more stability while it is not as heavy as to cause difficulty or too much pressure on the hand and wrist while shaving.
It is a nice and sturdy classic safety razor, which when used with good quality cream or soap and blades will give you the satisfaction of an incredible close and clean shave. Wet shaving may require a little bit more time than shaving with a replaceable or electric razor, but if you are looking for that fresh and clean shave, this is the way to go when shopping for a razor.

Muhle Open Comb Double Edge

Another excellent tool made in Germany which is definitely worth noting is the Muhle Open comb double edge razor. This ergonomic and yet very beautiful safety razor may definitely be the closest thing to a straight razor around. It has an open comb which exposes a little more of the blade than other safety razors, which allows for the closest shave possible. This though does pose a certain risk of suffering a cut for those who are not experienced or have not tried shaving with this one.

But rest assure, once you get a hang of using this open comb safety razor, you will not want to change it with any other, especially if you are a nut about having a clean and close shaved face. The sharpness and precision of this razor allows for easy and thorough shaving with single swipes of each area of the skin.

The high quality make of this shaving tool will allow wet shavers to enjoy using it for years and years, so if you have experience as a wet shaver and want the best close shave one can get at home, with minimum irritation to the skin, you should definitely think about getting one of these beautiful and precise open comb shavers.

Parts and use

Safety razors have evolved from the straight razors which used to be used in barber shops, but as the name suggests are much safer to use. The modern cartridge razors on the other hand evolved from safety razors. But even though evolved usually means improved, many men and women agree that the safety razor gives a much higher quality and much cleaner and closer shave than the newer cartridge razors sold in every store.
First developed by King C. Gillette, safety razors were designed and made to reduce the risk of cutting and seriously injuring yourself or someone else with a straight razor, and also to reduce the need to constantly sharpen the straight “cut-throat” razors. The safety razors utilize single or double-edged blades, which are mostly hidden in the razor’s head for safety reasons. It has a handle which can vary in length and make, depending on the specific model.

What You’ll Need to Get Started?

  • Razor
  • Blade
  • Shaving cream or soap
  • Bowl
  • Water

After picking the best safety razor or the best double edge razor for yourself, you will need several additional things necessary for the shaving process at home. First of all you will need a blade (either single or double edged) which has to be placed in the razor head. Also, since this is wet shaving, it is essential to get some good quality shaving cream or soap for a smoother shave. If you want to follow all the classic steps for shaving with a safety razor, you should get a shaving brush and a bowl to mix the shaving creme or soap, even though this can be done on the hand instead of a bowl too