Whу use shaving creams?

Simply because it is essential for efficient, safe and smooth wet shaving with a razor. A good quality cream should be able to produce sufficient amounts of thick lather to coat the face with only a few drops of the product mixed with some water. It is a lubricant which improves the shaving process and helps the skin stay soft and not become irritated after the shave. Here are our top choices for the best shaving cream for men on the market.

Top 5 Shaving Cream Reviews

Art of Shaving  – Unscented

The unscented product is a very good quality cream, which is able to generate a sufficient amount of lather with just a little quantity of the product, and it is especially foamy and rich, which acts as excellent protection and lubrication for the shaving process. This allows for a nice, comfortable and close shave, only of course if you are using a good quality razor.
This unscented shave cream reduces the annoying and painful razor burn which we often experience after shaving. For better results, shave right after or during a hot shower, so that the skin is softer and the lather made is better and foamier – by using a brush or just your hands to spread it.

Taylor of Old Bond Street Sandalwood

The Taylor of Old Bond Street has an exotic sandalwood aroma with an added floral plus masculine scenting. In fact, it has a very vintage-like smell of the traditional barber shops from last century. This high quality and very sophisticated shave cream is sold with a bowl for easier preparation of the lather. This cream is also very economical, as only a very small amount is needed for a sufficient amount of lather to be made. Though some of you may find the smell a bit too strong and maybe old fashioned, it is definitely a very masculine and traditional smell of a well-groomed and clean shaved gentleman.

L’Occitane CADE Shaving cream reviews

The LÓccitane CADE contains essential oil, as well as hydrating glycerin and shea butter for protection. These ingredients combined create a top quality lather, which will improve the precision of shaving, reduce the irritation of the skin and eliminate razor burn.

It allows for the gentlest possible shaving for sensitive skin, and leaves the skin soft, calm and hydrated. We know that all this may sound a bit too feminine for most men, but believe us, this is one helluva good men’s shave cream, of which you will be wanting more and more.

Billy Jealousy Hydroplane Super-Slick Shave Cream

The Billy Jealousy Hydroplane is a superior quality, rich and super-slick product.

It is very gentle to the skin, contains no alcohol or menthol which can cause some irritation to the sensitive skin.

It will keep the face protected from accidental cutting or from razor burn, it will keep it hydrated and elastic, and overall will have an excellent effect on the skin.

This is a lotion-style product which won’t make a foamy lather when applied on the skin, but rather will create a thick and nice layer on top of the treated area. It will not dry up and doesn’t require any additional water once it is applied to a moist face or skin. It is quite expensive as compared to other shaving creams, but again this is considered one of the best shaving creams around, so it is worth it.

Proraso (Eucalyptus & Menthol)

Proraso is a traditional Italian cream known as the top choice of Barbers in Italy since 1948. It is a very high quality product which is 95% natural based, contains no parabens, mineral oils or silicons or SLS.

The producer claims that it uses all natural ingredients and utilizes a special hot soap processing method for its production, thus no harmful chemicals or ingredients are needed. Some of the ingredients used include: eucalyptus, menthol and glycerin, as well as camphor, coconut oil and others with refreshing, revitalizing and protective features. The strong minty and refreshing effect of the eucalyptus, menthol and camphor can be irritating though for those with sensitive skin or smell, so bear that in mind as well.

Overall, this is a superb and rich shaving cream which will leave you feeling fresh, hydrated and protected after each shave.

Jack Black Supreme Cream Triple Cushion Shave Lather

The Jack Black Supreme is a very rich lather which can be made and applied without a shave brush. This luxurious lather offers excellent protection for the skin when shaving, and yet provides sufficient lubrication to achieve the best and closest shave. In fact it incorporates a so-called three cushion technology consisting of three protective layers from glycerin, macadamia nut oil and soybean oil. This helps keep the skin protected from razor burn and other irritation from the shave. This product contains no alcohol, parabens or colorants which can be harmful to you or irritate your skin. On fact, your skin will feel as soft as velvet and as relaxed and fresh as ever after every shave, when you use it!

How To Use Shaving Cream and what you’ll need to get started?

The best advice for newbies for using the best shaving cream is to know the basics: you will need water, a bowl, a brush, a mirror and a razor of your choice.

First of all you should wash out and thus slightly wet your shaving bowl and then add just a fingertip of your shaving cream to the bowl. Then after you have rinsed your shaving brush and removed that extra moisture from it, use it to make the lather with a mixing circular movement in the bowl.

Remember if the lather is too thick, you can always add some water to the bowl to achieve the right texture. Now go for the perfect shave, gentlemen!

If you want to treat your lady, too, here is a suggestion. Share your shaving cream only if she uses razor too. If she prefers using epilator, you’d better get her a new epilator and/or a mild, alcohol-free cream for after epilation.