If you are new to traditional wet shaving, and you don’t have any shaving tools and products for this type of shaving, it is a good idea to start out by buying a straight razor kit for beginners, which has all necessary tools and products to help you learn to use a straight razor or a safety razor, at a good price. For those of you who are experienced in shaving with such razors, there are some excellent razor kits for advanced users, which combine all necessary shaving tools and products for even the most experienced users.

Reviews of straight razor starter kits:

These starter kits are also perfect for gifts for a father, boyfriend, husband, son or another favorite man.

There is a wide variety of available razor kits, but in general, they all contain a razor of some kind, a razor strop, shaving brush and shaving soap. Some kits have a honing stone to hone the blade, a shaving bowl for the lather as well as a travel bag.

So, let’s take a look at our top picks for the best straight razor kit for beginners and advanced users which are currently being offered on the market.

Here is a short presentation of the best quality and premium sets available.

Best for beginners: Haryali Fashion Beginner’s Set

The top choice for a beginner in the art of traditional shaving with a straight or safety razor is the Haryali fashion beginner’s set. It contains 7 different items, which all make the perfect immaculate combination necessary for anyone who is just starting to get familiarized with the art of traditional shaving.

The beginner’s kit contains a branded 18 inch leather strop and a straight razor. The set also contains a high quality badger hair shaving brush, a honing stone, a high quality shaving soap, a leather holder and shaving bowl – all items are branded by Haryali fashion, London.

This shaving set for beginners is actually a rather beautiful kit, which makes it a perfect gift for any occasion. Like many other brand new razors offered, the blade of the one in this set is not sold sharp enough to be shave ready, so some honing and sharpening need to be done, which could be somewhat trying absolute beginners. But being able to get the blade sharp enough to provide a close and safe shave is the only thing you will need to do when you purchase this kit.

Best Quality Set – A.P. Donovan Mahogany set

The A.P. Donovan Mahogany shaving kit is possibly the best quality shaving set available on the market at the moment. The main character of this set is the 7/8” straight cut-throat straight razor, with a sturdy and durable blade made of highest quality Japanese carbon steel (shiro-gami steel) with the hardness of 63 Rockwell steel. The highly polished blade can provide the top precise and close shave. The fantastic mahogany wood handle of the razor is not only absolutely beautiful, but also provides a stable, comfortable grip and a perfect balanced weight for the strong carbon steel blade.

The set contains a high quality, exclusive shaving brush with a mahogany and stainless steel handle and a badger hair brush. It is beautiful and extremely durable.

This exquisite shaving kit also includes a uniquely designed AP Donovan skin care shaving soap suitable for the type of shaving brush included in this very nice kit. The set also has a nice leather strap with an excellent abrasive effect – with one side made of Kazakh cow skin and the other of a strong linen fabric. This is topped with a great quality branded abrasive paste which doubles the abrasive features of the leather strap.

The razor comes in a unique decorative wooden box, with protective velour foam lining providing protection from breaking and scratches while storing the razor, as well as when traveling.

A very stylish shaving kit, which is suitable both for newbies as well as for highly experienced straight razor users and fans of traditional wet shaving.

Best Premium Set – Dovo Straight razor kit

Our top pick for best premium shaving set is the Dovo Straight razor kit. It contains everything necessary for newbies as well as for advanced straight razor shaving enthusiasts. The kit contains a genuine German-made Dovo straight razor, which comes with a perfect, shave ready blade, unlike a lot of other straight razors which require initial sharpening and honing to get them ready for use.

This fabulous shaving kit also contains a leather strop, strop paste and an alum block to keep the blade in perfect shape and condition at all times.

It also has a high-quality badger hair shaving brush with a nice wooden handle, a branded, high-quality shaving soap for the perfect lathing which comes in a pretty wooden box, a leather cover and a stylish wooden razor and brush stand.

Perfect quality, ready to use, this shaving kit is great for young and old, and for new or expert straight razor users. In fact, this high-quality razor blade is so sharp, that you should be very careful when you handle your new shaving kit and when you attempt to use it for the first time! Makes the perfect purchase and gift!

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