Not so long ago, relatively speaking, beards were considered untidy and unappealing which basically forced gentlemen to always shave them clean before they would leave the house. Even if you wanted to go out for a couple of drinks with your buddies you had to be freshly shaved. Fortunately for us, those days are over and nowadays wearing a full long beard, a stubble, or any other beard style is perfectly acceptable, perhaps even desirable in the modern society.

We can all demonstrate our personalities with different facial hair types, from Crusader’s long and rich beards, over Eastern wisemen fabulous moustaches, to classy and attractive elegant man’s stubble. A man’s beard tells his life story, which means it’s important to keep it in top condition at all times, or else people might think you’re a hobo and you certainly don’t want that.

With summer just around the corner and hot and humid days coming up, wearing a long, thick beard isn’t going to be very comfortable, no matter how good it looks. Instead, it would be a smart move to switch over to a refreshing, pleasant stubble, and wear it at least until autumn. With this kind of facial hair style you basically get the best of both worlds, wearing a beard and looking attractive while also being able to condition it extremely easy, almost like you don’t have it at all.

Having said all that, you will need something to create that stubble, you can’t just force your beard to grow that way. With an adequate trimmer, you can easily fashion yourself a stubble without worrying if you’ll accidentally cut yourself, burn yourself, or just ruin your beard which will delay your makeover for a while.

And that’s precisely why we are here today. To help you choose the best stubble trimmer for your beard and teach you a few useful little tricks which will guarantee that you’ll be wearing an amazing stubble.

Stubble trimmer buying guide

Before we start making a list of best stubble trimmers on the market and explaining why they are the best choices for you, we should first take a moment to talk about trimmers in general. What should you look for and what you should be vary of while buying yourself one. Of course, we’ll see what kind of features come in handy for facial hair stylization and why you’d want your trimmer to have them.

So let’s not waste any more time and get down to business right away. Up next are the most important characteristics of a trimmer.

Cutting ability

Technically speaking, this characteristic consist of two capabilities combined. Those two being the sharpness of the blades and the power of the motor which makes those blades work. Let’s cover the sharpness first. Depending on the type and quality of steel, its treatment before it got into the trimmer, and the construction of the entire cutting system, you’ll end up with either a sharp trimmer or a blunt one. If the steel isn’t ot high enough quality, it won’t be able to retain its edge for a long time, meaning it will get blunt pretty quick. On the other hand, even if the steel is good, but the finishing touches like heat treatment weren’t performed well, the blade will end up being too soft. Soft blades bend easily and by doing so could potentially damage the entire mechanism inside the trimmer that’s powering it. Most trimmers with a bit higher price tag have great blades so don’t try to save up money or you will have to buy another model soon after you purchased the cheap one.

As far as power goes, it’s all about the motor and its strength. Weak trimmers struggle with thick or long beards, making you run it through your beard many times in order to create a stubble. They also tend to chew the hair strands which is really uncomfortable and painful even for us men. Therefore, buy only trimmers with enough power for comfortable cutting.

Adjustable trimming length

Different faces look good with different types of stubble. For example, round faces look best with a thin, short stubble, while long faces look better with heavy stubbles. Hair color also plays a major role in determining what length suits you best. Light colored beard is less noticeable so it’s best to leave it a bit longer. On the other hand, darkly colored beard should be trimmed short in order to produce a nice stubble.

Having said all that, it’s clear that your new quality trimmer for stubble beard should have the possibility of shaving your beard down to various lengths. Some models have attachments which determine the trimming length while others have a built in mechanism which allows you to raise or lower the blades as you wish. You decide which one suits you best.

Power supply

Trimmers usually come with one of the two possible power sources. A rechargeable internal battery or a power cord. There’s no wisdom in it, one is better suited for people who travel often or need to shave on the go for some other reason, while the other is for everyone else, from hairdressers to teenagers, as long as they are close to a power outlet.

To be fair, if you’re the traveling type, you don’t really need to buy a cordless model, you can also get a trimmer with a power cord because you’ll shave in the bathroom either way. Which means it all comes down to your preferences. Do cords annoy you or not.

Water susceptibility

This is an important characteristic because you wouldn’t want to brake your new trimmer just because you thought it was waterproof so you used it in the shower. If you like to shave your beard while it’s wet, make sure to double check if the trimmer you’re about to buy is waterproof or not.

It might be a good idea to get yourself a waterproof model so you don’t have to worry if you accidentally spill something on it in the bathroom.


And the last characteristic we’ll mention is the design of a trimmer. You might think that this doesn’t matter that much and that it’s purely aesthetical but that’s not exactly true. Do you think that Shaquille O’Neal would be able to easily use a small trimmer with his giant hands? Probably not. Also, the egronomics play a big role as well. If the trimmer doesn’t fit well into your hand, you might end up feeling some discomfort or pain after using it for a while.

Bottom line, don’t buy a trimmer which doesn’t feel good in your hand.

From zero to sexy: How to Use a Stubble Trimmer

Now it’s time that we see how exactly you should fashion yourself a nice stubble and improve your appearance considerably. We’ll talk about different stubble styles later on in the article so we won’t go into fine details here, but instead point out a few hints and tips which will guarantee your stubble will look as best as it can. Keeping a stubble in top condition isn’t as easy as it may seem.

As mentioned before, if you have light colored hair then wearing a thin and weak stubble isn’t the best way to go. The reason for that is the fact that light colored beard gives off an impression that it has much less hair in it than it actually does. Which means that stubble as a facial hair style that’s meant to be short, will seem even shorter than it is. Therefore, if you have light colored hair, trim your beard to a bit longer length. Dark haired individuals should do the opposite, trim it to the shortest possible length, in order to make it look good.

The shape of your face and head also plays a role in decoding how to make yourself a stubble. Some styles fit some face shapes better, others don’t fit them at all. Try not to achieve a counter effect and choose the wrong style for you. Long faces look better with richer stubbles while round ones look better with more humble, thinner styles.

Regardless of the shape and style of your stubble, you should make clean lines along its edges with your trimmer. Stray hairs can ruin its overall appearance even if they’re short so it’s better if you take care of them and remove them completely.

After you have trimmed your beard down to a stubble and taken care of its edges as well, you should use a beard brush and exfoliate your skin. This will remove all of the dead skin particles and open up your pores, letting your skin breathe and stay healthy. It will also take care of all loose hair strands that haven’t fallen out while trimming your beard. Using an adequate aftershave is recommended, because it will get rid of all bacteria and refresh your skin, as well as your beard hair.

Stubble Facial Hair Styles

You thought there was only one kind of stubble? Of course not, they come in different shapes and sizes, with each one being amazing in its own way. So let’s take a look at a couple of them and see which one is the best choice for you.

The classic look

This one is the simplest one of all stubble styles, but it looks great nonetheless. You just set the trimester length to your desired setting and trim away. Your entire beard should be trimmed down to equal length and you’re done. You don’t need to take care of the edges either, unless some hairs really stand out. After your beard grows back, just repeat the process all over again.

The elegant look

This is the preferred style of lawyers, businessmen, and alike, but it’s not only for them, anyone can sport it. It requires some work but it’s not all that complex actually. After trimming your beard, shave off the edges and everything below your jawline. This will emphasize the beard and make it look even better.

The rugged look

This style requires a bit of maintenance work to keep it looking good but it’s worth it. Let your beard grow a bit longer and cut all wild hair strands that stand out. Shave off everything below the jawline and you got yourself a rugged stubble.

The three day look

If you don’t have a lot of patience and time for maintaining your beard, then it’s best to avoid this look. But if you do, the effort you put in shaping it will pay off. Trim the entire beard down to short length and then fade your neckline. You can achieve this by using different length settings successively one after the other.

That’s about it as far as stubbles go, now let’s move on to

Our reviews of the best stubble trimmers

Philips Norelco 5100

We’ll start this list with the best choice for you, as far as overall characteristics and performance of quality grooming tools goes. With a chargeable battery, good blades and it’s waterproof build, this is surely the best stubble trimmer out there. Having said that, let’s take a look at its specifications and features.

  • Powerful battery lets you use this trimmer for 70 minutes after being fully charged. Charging it to a hundred percent requires one hour. You can also use it while it’s plugged in so you don’t have to worry about running out of battery mid use.
  • High quality blades provide smooth shaving and comfortable trimming. Not only that, but they also resharpen themselves automatically which means they won’t become dull no matter what.
  • Choose among 17 different length settings with an easy to use selection dial. No need to swap out parts, everything is built in.
  • Since the trimmer is completely waterproof, you can use it under the shower or on a wet beard. Cleaning is easy as well, just put it under running water and wash off all hair bits that got stuck to the blades.

Included accessories consist of two additional hair clipping combs and a brush. Everything else you need is on the trimmer itself.

Wahl detailer

If you have delicate skin and most trimmers don’t feel right against your face, this best stubble trimmer might be the right choice for you. It’s also appropriate for hairdressers or barbers because it’s a real professional model, designed to last long and provide great results. It offers precision and power, while being lightweight and visually pleasing. Now let’s see what else it offers to its potential buyers and its features and functions.

  • Extra wide t-blade lets you trim your or someone else’s hair or beard with extreme precision, while also feeling comfortable and easy on the skin.
  • Powerful motor guarantees that the trimmer will cut with ease and not chew hair instead. It also means you won’t have to go through your beard multiple times in order to trim it to your desired length.
  • A fairly long two and a half meter foot sturdy power cord allows you to move around while using it, without worrying about accidentally plugging it out.
  • This model is very light at around 200 grams, which means you can maneuver it with ease.

The original box is filled with complimentary accessories consisting of three attachment comb cutting guides, maintenance oil, a cleaning brush, an instructional guide, and a red blade guard.

ConairMAN Super Stubble

The following best stubble trimmer could be described as a model which has a futuristic design with modern features and some rarely seen but very useful functions. It has good blades, chargeable battery power source and it’s waterproof which makes it a great choice for people who like to travel often. It also makes an amazing 5 o’clock shadow. Let’s check out its specifications and features.

  • Rechargeable battery reaches 100 percent after 90 minutes of charging. You can then use it for an hour before it runs out. The trimmer won’t lose power when its battery gets low, so it won’t tug or pull your beard accidentally.
  • Built in length selection system lets you easily adjust it to one of the 24 different options while the LCD screen displays selected trimming settings and the current battery power level. Internal memory stores your choice so that it can set it automatically next time you power the trimmer.
  • With high quality blades which are very sharp, this model guarantees comfortable shaving at all times. Also, the protective comb ensures that you will cut with precision, which is great for beard shaping or making 5 o’clock shadows.
  • This trimmer provides comfort for your hand and your face because it’s ergonomically designed and it has a flexing contouring head which tracks the natural curves of your face.
  • With its waterproof build, you can freely use this trimmer on a wet beard as well, or even in the shower. It also lets you clean it quickly by putting it under running water.

No need for accessories here, everything you need is on the trimmer itself, and that’s all you get in the packaging.

Conair Men’s i-Stubble

Although most cheap trimmers mean trouble because they aren’t very good, there are some rare exceptions that break this rule. This best stubble trimmer is one of those exceptions. An affordable price tag and good performance rarely come hand in hand but this stubble grooming tool somehow managed to get those two together and got on our list as a best stubble trimmer. In short, it’s the budget version of the previous one we’ve reviewed. So let’s have a look at those specifications.

  • Rechargeable battery reaches 100 percent after 4 hours of charging. You can then use it for about 45 minutes before it runs out. You can also use a cord and plug it into the outlet while using it.
  • Built in length selection system lets you easily adjust it to one of the 12 different options while the LCD screen displays selected trimming settings and the current battery power level.
  • With high quality blades which are very sharp, this model guarantees comfortable shaving at all times. Also, the protective comb ensures that you will cut with precision, but it can also be removed for detail work, which is great for beard shaping.
  • This trimmer feels good on your face because it has a flexing contouring head which tracks the natural curves of your face.

No accessories included, just like with its better counterpart.

Philips Norelco 7200 series

If you tend to leave a mess made of hair behind you in the bathroom after shaving or stubble trimming and your wife gives you hell for it then boy will you like this best stubble trimmer. The second of two Norelco stubble trimmers on our list has a built-in vacuum which sucks in all of the hair strands you cut off while trimming. A handy feature indeed but that’s not all it offers so let’s see what else it provides for its potential customers.

  • Rechargeable battery reaches maximum power after 80 minutes of charging. You can then use it for an hour before it runs out. Plug it into the socket and use it that way if you don’t want to charge it regularly.
  • Lift and trim system, along with the rounded contour comb technology guarantee pleasant trimming.
  • High quality blades easily cut any type and any length of hair, providing comfortable shaving experience. They also resharpen themselves so they won’t get dull anytime soon.
  • 20 different length settings offer a wide variety of possibilities when it comes to shaving while the precision trimmer allows you to make clean edges very easily.
  • A built in vacuum function takes care of all the hair you cut off, making your job a lot simpler.
  • Removable parts can be cleaned quickly by washing them with water.

Remington PG6025

Since the economy is in such a bad place, we’ve decided to show you another budget trimmer. Don’t worry, it’s a good one, we wouldn’t recommend it otherwise. It’s precise, practical and best of all, cheap. Here are its specifications.

  • Rechargeable battery runs the trimmer for 65 minutes before powering off.
  • You can choose among 14 different lengths by swapping out the length attachments according to your needs. You can leave them off as well, if you wish to work on the edges or shave completely.
  • Blades are made of surgical steel, meaning they will stay sharp for a very long time.
  • All attachments are washable so cleaning them shouldn’t be a problem.

Accessories consist of different style and length attachments and a pouch for storing them.


We’ve taught you a few things about stubbles and we showed you the best stubble trimmers in the market. The rest is up to you, just decide what your priority is and then choose a trimmer from our list. After that, all that’s left is for you to rock that stubble and look sexy as hell while doing it.