Woman using the best hair clippers for cats on a black PersianYou are desperate to resolve the problem with your cat’s matted hair? Instead of spending painstaking hours of trying to brush or cut the ugly matted long hair, why not get a pair of cat grooming clippers?

If you are like me and have tried to cut off problematic hairs from your cat with a human trimmer or ultra durable horse clippers, you probably know what the end result is – an unhappy and scared pet and numerous claw marks on your hands and body.

Thankfully there are special tools designed for that task. Unlike the ones for humans, the clippers made for cats are usually cordless, much quieter and especially designed to deal with the thick and yet soft and fine kitty hair.

Our picks: best cat grooming clippers reviews

Best overall pet clippers for cats – Wahl Bravura

our #1 winner is Wahl Bravura - the – the top cat and pet grooming clippersThe Bravura clipper is definitely one of my top preferences because due to it being possibly the quietest one on the market. These are cordless cat grooming clippers which makes the grooming much easier and safe, and with it you can trim and shave your kitten’s coat continuously for 90 minutes. In my experience, this is sufficient time to take care of even the most matted and messy fur.

In a hurry? Don’t worry, the Bravura lithium Ion batteries can be fully charged for 60 minutes, so you can quickly and easily prepare for the clipping. The quality of this European made cat trimmer is amazing, and the price is completely reasonable. I would highly recommend that you invest in these superior hair clippers for Persian and ragdoll cats. You will receive a 30 day satisfaction guarantee one you order it, so in case you find that the Bravura not suitable for your needs you can easily return it and get your money back.

You have constant control of the speed of these clippers which allows for more precise and safe trimming and shaving. The has 5 easily adjustable sizes – #9, 10, 15, 30 and 40 as well as 6 different plastic guide combs, which means can be effortlessly interchanged while grooming your kitty.

I also love the fact that it comes with a handy charge stand as well as a charger, and has a nice soft case for storage and transport, even though I have to admit that I did have some problems with the charge stand, which the producer repaired in a timely manner under the product’s one year warrantee.

The cat grooming clipper comes with a handy cleaning brush and blade oil, but in actuality the maintenance required to keep it working properly is very little.

A very powerful motor of up to 5,500 SPM is placed under the cover but at the same time it is very comfortable to hold, light and makes very little noise and vibration which is essential if you want to keep your pet calm and still during the trimming.

This is one durable pair of pet clippers which you will serve you for a long time, and which could be used on other small animals as well. You will save a pile of money for professional grooming should you choose to invest in the Wahl Bravura!


Best clippers for cats with mats – Oster Golden A5 2-Speed

Oster Golden A5 are our favorite Oster cat hair clippersThe quiet Oster Golden A5 clippers are another personal favorite of mine. You will have no problems taking care of your pet’s hair with it. These are our second best cat hair clippers as they are very powerful and yet quiet, but at the same time you are buying a heavy duty, corded beast.

Yes, the A5 corded which makes the shaving and trimming a bit more tricky due to the restricted range, but it is offered at an excellent price, so this Oster is absolutely worth it.

Are you looking for best cat clippers for matted fur, that are powerful and that will not fail you in the middle of a grooming session?

The powerful motor has 2 speeds (2,100 and 2,700 SPM) which makes it suitable for efficient home grooming. Switching between the two speed options in order to groom the different parts of the animal properly is easily. The Oster Golden is extremely quiet which makes it very suitable for cutting the hair around the ears, the feet and the kitten’s face without alarming it. The casing is very durable, and provides an excellent grip, so you can cut the fur properly and safely, but at the same time it is a bit on the heavy side as compared to other long hair cat grooming clippers. This could cause your hand and wrist to get sore or fatigued after a long grooming session.

The blade is cryogenically hardened, detachable and easy to clean. Although it does tend to heat up after prolonged use, you can easily resolve this problem by switching between blades periodically. In case you don’t have a spare blade simply take breaks and let both you and the animal take a breather while the blade cools down. In order to reduce the heating, you should always make sure that the blade is properly oiled before using the Oster A5 clippers for cats. The tool is easy to clean and maintain and is sold with a 1 year quality warrantee. This is a well-made trimmer for persian cat hair which will definitely last for much longer provided you take care of it and use it properly.

These Oster cat grooming clippers are my top pick for a value based purchase. They will serve you for long and will help you save up all that money you would spend for professional grooming. You may want to invest in a spare blade and one or more universal guide combs for this clipper for even better performance.

Best Wahl cat grooming clippers Wahl Arco SE

Get the Wahl Arco SE if you need really silent clippers for catsArco SE is one exceptionally quiet pair of clippers for your furry friend which will allow you to properly shave or groom your pet without it getting stressed out by the noise or vibrations. Plus, it doesn’t heat up too much even after prolonged use, so you know that you are not risking burning or otherwise hurting the skin of your precious pet.

Tired of having sore and fatigued hands and arms following an intensive grooming session?

The Arco is extremely light, slim and comfortable to hold. It is cordless and has a powerful 5,500 SPM motor which will allow you to groom even the most matted and tangled fur. Easily switch among the different hair length options thanks to the intuitive design and the 5 in 1 blade. The available sizes are #9-10-15-30-40, so choose the best option for the different body parts.

I personally needed some time and practice to get used to the shortest blade settings, but pretty soon I was ready to use these cat grooming clippers safely without fear of cutting the delicate skin of my precious fur baby.

You can complete the haircutting at once without needing to recharge and wait. Use it continuously for about 80 minutes. The NiMH batteries are fully charged for 75 minutes.

These compact and yet reliable cat clippers by Wahl are available at a great price, so if you choose this one you are sure to receive the best value for the quality provided.

The cat grooming clipper may seem small and cute, but believe me – Arco SE is professional range and will allow you to groom even the thickest and most matted hair! Best of all – the Wahl Arco suitable for nearly all coat types, so might be used it on your house pets as well.

The Wahl best cat trimmers come with 4 sizes of attachment guide combs, a comfortable charging stand plus the regular charger for the unit. Also, you will receive a soft pouch with a zipper to store or carry around with you. The cleaning brush and the oil for the blade included in the package will help you keep the tool running for long.

Budget cat grooming clippers – Andis ProClip AGC2

Andis ProClip AGC2 - is the best cat trimmer if you are on a budgetThe ProClip AGC2 is the last pick for professional cat clippers which I would place as a runner up in my list. AGC2 is comfortable to hold and use and requires very little maintenance. The powerful two speed rotary motor can trim and shave at 3,400 or 4,400 SPM which makes the Andis cat grooming clippers an excellent choice for all types of grooming of various coat types.

You want your grooming sessions to go smoothly for you and your fur baby?  This is a very low noise cat clipper – much quieter than the Oster clipper, so your animal will not freak out while you are attending to its fur. This professional Andis clipper is corded which makes it slightly less easy to use as compared to the cordless cat clippers, but Andis Proclip is powerful and can cut through even the most troublesome areas of the cat’s fur. At 14’ the cord though is long enough for you to move around freely during the grooming session. Andis AGC2 is heavy duty clipper for your cat so it will withstand some pulling and other potential damage.

One problem is that the detachable blade does get quite hot after prolonged use, but just let it rest and cool down or by switching the blade with a spare one periodically.

It has a strong build and a shatter free casing, but unfortunately if you want a case for it – you have to order one separately.

The AGC2 cat clippers are very light and provide a very comfortable grip, so that you can effortlessly move through your fur without getting tired or sore.

Grooming with this pair of quiet cat clippers is quick, easy and safe, so I highly recommend this high quality, affordable cat grooming clipper. Do the math yourself and calculate just how much cash you will be saving by performing your own grooming with a reliable professional tool such as this one, so don’t hesitate and order one today – both you and your fur baby will be very happy!

FAQ – best clippers for cats

 How exactly should you shave or trim the hair of your cat safely?

We all know that this could be an arduous task, so take all necessary precautions before proceeding. Firstly, as you may know cats have very delicate and thin skin, so you need to make sure that you don’t accidentally cut it while you are shaving or trimming the kitty’s hair. It is advisable, especially if you are a newbie, to be prepared to drive over to your vet in case an accident occurs during the grooming process.

If you feel insecure about dealing with the problematic hairs, then you can opt for a private lesson from an experienced groomer, or take the time to watch some of the very useful instructional videos and DVD’s from NCGIA.

Another important fact you need to now is that the higher the speed you use for the clipper – the more likely it is that its blades will get very hot, which too can cause burning of your cat’s delicate skin, and possibly not-so-pleasant results for your skin after you get clawed by your scared pet. This is why it is advisable that you use the tool at its lowest speed, and increase it only for the most difficult sections of the fur and for last finishing touches.

You should clip with the #10 length blade against the grain if you are grooming a young and healthy kitty. For older ones – you should go with the grain to prevent cutting the skin.

Use cordless clippers for cats for easier and safer access even to the most difficult to reach parts.

Use different cutting tools for smaller and larger animals. Size matters as well as the type of hair and coat. Larger body areas require corded heavy duty

How to prepare for the grooming

It is always a good idea to bathe and dry the cat prior to the clipping. Also, make sure you check its skin for any lumps, cuts or other problematic areas. It is essential to oil the blades of the clipper in order to reduce their heat up and so that they last longer.

How to handle the excessive heating of the blades

Whatever type of clippers for cats you use, chances are that the blades will become hot at some point during the grooming session. You can use special cooling gel to treat the hot blade and a rug or tissue to draw out the heat. Another way to deal with this problem is to let the clippers cool down during the grooming. Make sure you don’t burn your pet or ruin the clippers by letting it heat up too much!

Dealing with matted hair

Use the clipper to remove matted fur by clipping the problematic area underneath the mat and against the skin. Do this slowly and with caution so as not to hurt or scare the cat. A good tip is to cut through the matted hair with sharp pet scissors in order to reduce its size and make the trimming and shaving easier.

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