Best Horse Hoof Trimmers – Sharp and Easy to Use

Every responsible horse owner knows well just how important regular hoof trimming is. It helps keep the horse healthy and beautiful. Horses who have poorly maintained hooves will eventually start suffering from lameness. This condition is caused by discomfort and pain that they feel in their legs due to excess material on their hooves. It […]

Hoof Trimming Tools That Will Make Your Life Easier

One of the most important tasks in maintaining your horse’s health is hoof trimming. Horses that don’t have their hoofs trimmed regularly can start suffering from lameness, a condition that can greatly affect their health. Horses who suffer from lameness have a distinctive unusual walk which is caused by the pain they feel in their […]

Quiet & Efficient: Best Hair Clippers for Kids, Toddlers and Babies

In the old days, you could see a lot of bad haircuts on kids, especially smaller children. This was not surprising to see as parents only had few tools at their disposal, mainly scissors and not even the kind that professional barbers use.

As the age of modern electronics progressed, electric hair clippers became much safer […]

Goat Stands: Best Clipping, Grooming and Hoof Trimming Stands

Goats are not only known for their superbly nutritious cheese and milk, but also for their luscious coating. Just like you would harvest wool from sheep. In fact, fiber from goat’s coating is a highly sought resource for exclusive and expensive clothing items.

You might have heard of cashmere, cashgora, angora, mohair coats; they all come […]

Sheep Stands: Best Sheep Shearing, Blocking and Trimming Stands

Although not as diverse as dogs, sheep have also been the subject of intense breeding and selection for their valuable wool and dairy products. Currently, there is just over 1000 unique sheep breeds in the whole world. In the United States, that number settles around 50 distinct sheep breeds.

Some of these breeds are good at […]

DIY Dog Grooming How To (The Dos and Don’ts for Maintaining Proper Hygiene)

How to groom a dog is something you should learn and appreciate for multiple reasons.

It makes your dog look kempt, pleasant and sociable, which alleviates concern of people he may interact with. First impression is very important for everyone, and people will react positively to a well-groomed dog.
By grooming your dog, you are […]

Best Dog Grooming Gloves for Short and Long-Haired Pups

You know what the holy grail of dog care is?

Combining petting and grooming into one action!

Dog grooming gloves come awfully close to achieving that goal.

Sure, grooming involves a lot more than just hair brushing. It includes nail clipping, hair trimming, teeth brushing, and bathing.

However, those activities are not nearly as frequent as is the case […]

Best Cat Grooming Glove for Deshedding Your Feline Friend’s Fur

Although cats are very skilled and diligent when it comes to keeping themselves clean, that doesn’t mean they don’t need help in grooming. Particularly if you have only one cat. As cats are to some extent social animals, this means they would get no help in this from other cats.

Moreover, if you own a cat, […]

Best Stubble Trimmers for the Shortest, Sexiest Beard

Not so long ago, relatively speaking, beards were considered untidy and unappealing which basically forced gentlemen to always shave them clean before they would leave the house. Even if you wanted to go out for a couple of drinks with your buddies you had to be freshly shaved. Fortunately for us, those days are over […]

Best Balding Clippers with the Closest Cuts for a Smooth Bald Head

Men who are going bald are in a tough spot.

On one hand, they try every method imaginable to stop people from noticing they are going bald. This includes the habitual wearing of hats, comb-overs, splurging on expensive mixtures that have a negligible effect, or even wearing fake hair.

On the other hand, when you engage in […]