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Oster Outlaw Review – a Reliable but Ignored Performer

Andis and Wahl are not the only players in town when it comes to professional hair clippers.

In fact, you could say that Oster is in a league of its own, which is very much reflected by the hefty price of their hair cutters, going up several times above the even most rated barber clippers from […]

Essential Barber Tools

Becoming a successful barber can become quite difficult given the feisty competition present, due to a relatively low barrier to entry.

One could even argue that the foremost essential barber tool is personability, which can manifest on two levels: physical attractiveness and refined communication skills.

However, for a barber, that only signifies a good start. Personability may […]

The Best Barber Chairs with Unique Design and Superior Functionality

Being a successful barber is all about making your customers return to your establishment over and over again. And as you gain the loyalty of your customers, you also expand your business, as the word of mouth spreads further and further.

In order to capture that much coveted customer loyalty, it all comes down to establishing […]

Andis Ceramic BGRc & BGR+ plenty of power in a small footprint

If you want the crème-de-crème of the professional Andis clippers available, the Andis BGRc is undoubtedly the best choice!

It may be one of the most costly and luxurious models offered, but given the fact that the Andis BGRc clipper is a ceramic hair clipper, the price you will pay will absolutely be worth every cent!

Ceramic […]

Pro Style Tools: Best Barber Clippers and Trimmers

The choice of the barber grade clipper is essential for any aspiring or experienced barber. I have tried and tested many of the tools sold on the market and have come to realize that by choosing professional barber clippers to properly perform my job I have managed to attract so many new customers and get […]

Shape & Style: Best Hair Shears and Thinning Scissors

Even if you are not a hairstylist or barber and do just some simple hair or beard trimming at home you still definitely need a great pair of standard hair shears. You will be amazed at the difference it makes when you use a professional range pair of hair cutting scissors or thinners. The workflow […]

Mess-free: Best Vacuum Clippers & Vacuum Beard Trimmers

If you are like me you definitely prefer a clean bathroom sink after grooming instead of a messy one. The sad truth is that using the standard tools to keep your hair and whiskers under control, requires serious cleaning up after you are done, and can end up with a very unhappy spouse due to […]

Best Hair Clippers in 2020 for Home and Professional Use

Looking to improve your hair cutting skills? Whether you are looking for a way to save money by learning how to cut your hair by yourself, or you are an aspiring barber looking for way to master your skills – there is one thing in common – good hair clippers.

After I pursued a career as […]

Best Hair Clippers for Fades Suitable for Home and PRO Use

Fades have been in style for quite a while, but maintaining a good and tight fade can cost you quite a lot of money for a proper stylist. Why not get one of the best clippers for fades and learn how to be your own personal stylist at home instead? Or maybe you are aspiring […]

Best Hair Edgers for the Barbershop and Liners Trimmers for Perfect Details

Achieving clean edge ups and super crisp line ups on your customers’ hair should not be that difficult! But how can you do it?

The key to shaping that perfect line or edging is to use the best hair edgers or liners clippers available, and handle this tricky task with extra care using the proper technique.

I have […]