Best Cat Grooming Tools for Your Purring Furball

If you are already a happy owner of a snuggly, purring kitty, you know that they are very attentive when it comes to grooming themselves.

On top of that, most cats are indoors and have much lesser degree in variation than dogs.

There are basically three variants of domestic cats:

Short-haired – the vast majority of cats.

Best Dog Grooming Tools for Your Furry Best Friend

Grooming is far more than just making your dog look good. You should consider grooming as a preemptive health checkup. It is a way of making sure your furry best friend doesn’t have any life-endangering ticks, fleas, rashes, and bumps.

More importantly, dogs with longer hair absolutely must be groomed on a regular basis to not […]

Oster Outlaw Review – a Reliable but Ignored Performer

Andis and Wahl are not the only players in town when it comes to professional hair clippers.

In fact, you could say that Oster is in a league of its own, which is very much reflected by the hefty price of their hair cutters, going up several times above the even most rated barber clippers from […]

Essential Barber Tools

Becoming a successful barber can become quite difficult given the feisty competition present, due to a relatively low barrier to entry.

One could even argue that the foremost essential barber tool is personability, which can manifest on two levels: physical attractiveness and refined communication skills.

However, for a barber, that only signifies a good start. Personability may […]

The Best Barber Chairs with Unique Design and Superior Functionality

Being a successful barber is all about making your customers return to your establishment over and over again. And as you gain the loyalty of your customers, you also expand your business, as the word of mouth spreads further and further.

In order to capture that much coveted customer loyalty, it all comes down to establishing […]

Ultra Fast & Totally Safe: Best Dog Blow Dryers

Are you tired of having to deal with your dog’s damp hair after every bath? Are towels not sufficient to dry off the hair of your large four-legged baby? Why not invest in a good quality dog blow dryer?

Pet blow dryers are specially designed and made to safely and efficiently dry your dog’s coat. A […]

Andis Ceramic BGRc & BGR+ plenty of power in a small footprint

If you want the crème-de-crème of the professional Andis clippers available, the Andis BGRc is undoubtedly the best choice!

It may be one of the most costly and luxurious models offered, but given the fact that the Andis BGRc clipper is a ceramic hair clipper, the price you will pay will absolutely be worth every cent!

Ceramic […]

Wool Clipping: Best Sheep Shears & Electric Shearing Clippers

Every sheep-owner knows that it is essential to shear the animals at least once a year, especially before lambing. It also keeps them comfortable and clean as the weather gets warmer.

If you are currently relying on professional shearers to do this tricky task, you should consider investing in a pair of quality electric sheep shears […]

Livestock Grooming: Best Clippers for Cattle

Are you faced with the dilemma of picking the best value clippers for farm cattle? Yes, it is a difficult choice because naturally, you want to get the most for your money spent. You have to be certain that the cattle clippers you buy are powerful and yet safe and quiet enough so that your […]

The 4 Best Clippers for Cats Grooming

You are desperate to resolve the problem with your cat’s matted hair? Instead of spending painstaking hours of trying to brush or cut the ugly matted long hair, why not get a pair of cat grooming clippers?

If you are like me and have tried to cut off problematic hairs from your cat with a human […]