Best Horse Clippers for Stress Free Equine Grooming

Overall wellbeing of your horse or pony largely depends on the proper and regular grooming for the animal. It not improves its appearance, but keeps it safe from health problems and possible injuries. This is why you need to ensure that you have all the proper tools and knowledge about keeping your horse well-groomed at all times.

Horse clippers […]

Best Dog Clippers for Shih Tzu and Maltese Revealed

If you are the proud Shih Tzu owner, you know that taking proper care of its coat and regular grooming is essential for its overall health, wellbeing and fabulous looks. While many pet owners rely on professional dog groomers to take care of their Maltese babies, you may want to consider undertaking some home grooming, […]

Best poodle clippers and shears for easy at home grooming

Whether you have a toy, miniature or standard poodle, you are probably aware that its ever growing, thick coat needs some special care and attention if you want your pet to look presentable, stay healthy and clean, and if you want to avoid getting allergic reactions to the dander in its hair.

With the proper care, […]

What Does Sandalwood Smell Like?

Sandalwood has a classic oriental woody, milky, exotic rich, balsamic, sturdy and yet light note, a green note and a lingering scent which many people love and prefer to be present in their perfumes, aftershaves and other cosmetics.

The highest quality sandalwood is grown in India and is becoming nearly extinct because of the high demand […]

Shaving soap vs cream – difference, pros and cons

If you are a fan of wet shaving, or you are thinking of becoming one – join the ever-growing club! The retro craze for wet shaving with straight razors or safety razors is not just a cool fashion thing, but has some reasonable logic behind it. This includes – the high quality close shaving experience, […]

Best Bay Rum Aftershave and Cologne Roundup

With the retro wave overwhelming the spheres of fashion, culture and even shaving, it is not surprising that the bay rum fragrance has made a comeback too.

The specific bay rum scent is a combination of Jamaican rum, West Indies bay leaf and various spices, which provide this specific, barber shop woody, spicy and sweet masculine smell. […]

Best Straight Razor Kit for Beginners and Advanced Users

If you are new to traditional wet shaving, and you don’t have any shaving tools and products for this type of shaving, it is a good idea to start out by buying a straight razor kit for beginners, which has all necessary tools and products to help you learn to use a straight razor or […]

Shaving wars: Straight razor vs safety razor

The latest craze of returning to old school straight and safety razor shaving is due not only to the overall retro nostalgia which has overwhelmed most spheres of life, culture and fashion, but is also due to the fact that shaving with a straight razor or a safety razor with disposal double edge razor blades […]

How to dispose of razor blades safely?

If you are new to shaving with a safety razor, one of the issues which you should think about is the proper storage and safe disposal of the used razor blades after you are done with them. This is important because simply throwing an old razor blade in the trash bag could pose serious risks for […]

Which is the Best Shaving Cream for Men?

Whу use shaving creams?
Simply because it is essential for efficient, safe and smooth wet shaving with a razor. A good quality cream should be able to produce sufficient amounts of thick lather to coat the face with only a few […]