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Quick Guide on How to Use an Epilator Properly

If you are new to epilation, there are a few tips to keep in mind to make the process easier and more efficient. You need to make sure you are using the epilator properly, so that you get the hairs removed and so that you don’t pinch your skin with the tweezers.

There are some pre-epilation […]

The Various Hair Removal Methods for Lip and Facial Hair

Unwanted facial hair can cause serious embarrassment and can even have a negative effect of the social and romantic life of a woman. This is why, removing the lip hair and other unwanted hair from the facial area is a very important question for many ladies around the world.

There are various ways to remove that […]

What you Probably are Doing Wrong When You are Shaving Your Armpits

Many women who have been shaving their armpits for years are actually doing it wrong without realizing it. Here are some of the most common mistakes ladies make:

Don’t use soap

Never ever shave your armpits dry or with the help of soap. You should use specialized shaving gel, shaving cream or foam, in order to avoid […]

Easy Steps to Deal With Excessive Nasal Hair

I think you will all agree that having hairs hanging from your nose is quite revolting. Nasal hair is the most normal thing in the world, and these hairs do have a function to filter the air you breathe through your nose, but still they don’t need to be hanging out and shown to the […]

How to Grow a Beard and Why It Will Change Your Life

Tips for First Time Beard-Growers
There are some things which men who are trying to grow a beard should know beforehand. First of all, there is some waiting and thus patience involved in beard growing. This waiting process can be a little trying, because the beard can be uneven and unsightly while it is growing into […]

Useful Tips for Using an Epilator for Newbies

Are you having strong deliberations about starting to use an epilator to remove the hair from your legs and arms? You may be hesitant because you are afraid of the pain from epilation, but in actuality the pain is more of a discomfort, and after the first time around, you will stop noticing it.

Using an […]

How to apply aftershave?

Traditional aftershave contains alcohol which can cause quite serious stinging and unpleasant sensations when applied right after shaving if applied improperly. This is why, you should follow the following simple steps when applying aftershave:

Wash your face thoroughly with cold water after you have shaved. The cold will help close the pores of the skin […]

How Long Do Razor Blades Last and How to Extend Their Life?

If you are wondering exactly how long razor blades last and when the exact time you should replace your razor blade with a new one is – well, there is no one right answer to this question.

The truth is, that the biggest manufacturers of razor blades refuse to specify what the durability of their razor […]

Flashback: How Shaving Evolved in the Years

Probably, most of you don’t tend to think about the origin and history of a mundane everyday task for many such as shaving, but it is actually quite intriguing to know that it hasn’t always been this easy or popular an activity.

Actually, shaving wasn’t as easy or as safe as it is today in the […]