As we age, with all hormonal changes which go on in our bodies, it is highly likely that we will be encountering some weird stray hairs growing on the most unusual places on our bodies and faces.

If you notice that there is unusual and rapid hair growth in the following areas of your face or body, go to your doctor to rule out hormonal problems, thyroid problems, PCOS or other serious medical conditions. Here are some methods to efficiently manage the problem with unwanted hair growth:

Chin hairs

If you have one or just a few single dark hairs protruding from your chin area, the easiest way to remove them without tell tail signs of removal is by using tweezers. Pluck them out, making sure you remove them rather than tear them.

If you have denser hair growth on the chin area, you can go to a professional to get the hairs threaded – it is quicker and more efficient.

Avoid waxing or using depilatory cream to clean the chin out of hairs, because, you can actually damage or at least irritate the skin in the area during the process of waxing or depilation.

For a more permanent but quite expensive solution, you can go to a laser hair removal or electrolysis professional.perfectly-groomed-woman

Hairs on the Décolleté and back

With the arrival of menopause, many ladies may find that their bodies are starting to develop male hair growth patterns, such as hair on the chest area or the back.

Go to a professional to get the hair waxed off, or use a depilatory cream to remove it by yourself. Of course, if you want a relatively permanent solution to this sometimes embarrassing problem, go get the hairs removed with laser hair removal. It can cost quite a bit, but the results are amazing.

Unwanted facial hair

To get rid of the noticeable hairs on your cheeks or near the hairline, go get some electrolysis. It will not leave scars, and will help keep your skin soft and smooth. If you get an unsightly ingrown hair on the chin or face, experts suggest you apply and warm wet compress to the spot several times a day for several days. Follow the compress with a dab of hydrocortisone cream to ensure the hair finds its way out from under the skin. Do not attempt to pop the ingrown hair yourself!

Handling nipple hair

If you have several stranded dark hairs in the nipple area, it is perfectly safe to tweeze them out. If you want a more permanent solution, order some laser hair removal sessions. Do not tweeze nipple hair 2 weeks before getting a mammogram, because it can cause swelling which can affect the results of the mammography,

Removing abdomen hair

If you have excessive hair growth in the naval area and the abdomen, probably the best way to deal with the problem is waxing. A more permanent solution is laser hair removal. Keep the area free of ingrown hairs by moisturizing it with lotions which are spiked with gentle exfoliating acid.


Nose hair?

Not only men have problems with nasal hair, but thankfully there is an easy and quick solution to this embarrassing problem. Get a nose and ear hair trimmer or a universal grooming tool.

Hair on the toes and knuckles

The hair growth can increase and become more visible with age. Use plucking, epilation or waxing. Avoid shaving the knuckles and toes, because the stubble will cause irritation and is unsightly. If you have dark thick hairs in these areas, laser hair removal could be a very efficient and permanent solution for your problem.