Are you tired of having to deal with your dog’s damp hair after every bath? Are towels not sufficient to dry off the hair of your large four-legged baby? Why not invest in a good quality dog blow dryer?

Pet blow dryers are specially designed and made to safely and efficiently dry your dog’s coat. A good quality blow dryer for dogs will ensure that your pup’s coat stays all fluffy, soft and nice for days.

In fact, with the help of one of these ingenious devices, your dog will look as if it has just left the groomers.

But drying him is not only for the looks. It is about keeping the fluffy healthy and happy as well. Plus, wet and damp hair will matt easily, attract dirt and can start smelling too.

Here is what to look for in a dog dryer, and why you need one.

I have also picked out my personal favorites in the dog dryer reviews list below to help you quickly find the most suitable one for you.

Our Favorite Hair Dryers for Dogs

Free Paws High-Power Adjustable – Best dog blow dryer to use at home

Our #1 blow dryer for dogs is Free Paws AdjustableThe Free Paws high power, adjustable dog blower is right at the top of our list as the force dryer for dogs intended for home use. It is quite compact – 16.9 x 10.6 x 10.6 inches, so you can store it away when not in use. It has a strong and flexible 2.6 – 7.9 adjustable hose, which will allow you to maneuver easily and reach all body parts without stressing yourself or your pet out.

You will receive 5 different nozzles with it. One is a comb nozzle with a new 21 hole design which reduces the drying time in half and brushes your dog at the same time.

A nifty 7 finger nozzle is perfect for dispersing the air flow when removing shedding hair of dogs with thick double coats. The Wide nozzle is for larger dogs and for top coats. The slot nozzle should be used for smaller dogs and pets, as well as for animals which are new to blow drying.

This blow dryer has on, off and high heating options, so you can adjust the temperature of the air depending on the weather and the coat.

You also get to manually adjust the speed of the airflow, which can stream from 4821 to 11023 FPM.

The 2.5 power cord is heavy duty, so it can withstand a lot of pulling and use.

You will love the heat-resistant handle on the unit, allowing you to carry and move it in the summer.

The manufacturer sells these fantastic force dryers for dogs with lifetime warranties and offers all replacement parts you will ever need to keep them going.

So, this is one great offer which you shouldn’t miss out on!

Flying one – Best high-velocity dog dryer

The best high velocity dryer for pets is made by the Flying OneFlying one is our pick for high velocity, heavy duty hair dryers for dogs. It is one of the most preferred dog groomer blow dryers due to its power and incredible durability and performance. It is perfect for professional groomers, as it is capable of drying the thickest and longest types of coats, as well as grooming the largest breeds.

The adjustable airflow strength of the Flying one can reach up to 28,000 FPM. It has two temperature modes to choose from – 85 and 165 degrees Fahrenheit. This high-velocity dryer has a 4 horsepower at 1800 watt motor and is a preferred professional tool because it is suitable for all coat types. It is very sturdy, so you will be using it for long.

You also get to choose between the 2 available speed options. The higher one is great for dealing with shedding undercoats. The lower speed is very suitable for timid pets and for getting the dog acquainted to the blow dryer.

The 10-foot hose will allow you to easily move around. You can also easily switch among nozzles, and add a filter when needed.

Probably the best feature of this high velocity dryer is that it is amazingly quiet given its power. Both you and your dogs will love this fact.

The Flying pig may be a bit too expensive for home users, but if you are a professional groomer or have a lot of pets – it is an exceptional choice.

MetroVac Airforce Commander – Best force dryer for dogs

At #3 is the awesome force dryer for large and small dog breeds - Metrovac’s Air Force Commander ProIf you want the best lightweight, medium duty hair dryer for pet grooming, you should definitely check out the MetroVac Airforce Commander.

It is light and portable, and will enable you to dry the coats of both small and large dogs much faster than usual.

MetroVac Airforce commander has been designed and made to efficiently and quickly dry the fur of your fluffball without drying it out.

You can easily control the airflow to meet your needs. Plus, you get to pick from a number of different attachments for grooming. You get an air flare tool, an air concentrator, and a groomer rake along with the Airforce commander.

Another advantage is that you can place the MetroVac either on the floor or on a grooming table – horizontally or vertically.

The 12-foot cord along with the 6-foot hose will allow you to reach just about every bit of the dog’s coat easily.

The motor has 1.17 HP with adjustable speed options.  It can be a tad loud, so be aware when you first use it with a nervous pup.

The size of this unit is 12 x 7 x 7 inches, and it weighs only 6 lbs. so you can easily store it or carry it around.

MetroVac is one of the most reputable brands in this industry. It is US based and is known for using top quality sturdy materials such as steel for the making of its products.

Overall this is one of those dog hair dryers which will be appreciated both by any professional groomer, as well as by any home user!

K-9 III Velocity – professional blower for heavy undercoats

This is possibly the best high velocity dryer for large, heavy coated dog breeds. It practically will cut down the time for drying by half! This means less work for you and less stress for your fluffball.

The K-9 III Velocity is a heavy duty drying unit which has two power options from 34,321 to 62,000 FPM. The high power is for drying very when long and heavy coats fast. The lower power option is great for delicate jobs.

It is a very sturdy machine with a 21 x 15 x 10-inch steel body, which weighs 32 lbs. This makes it more appropriate for those you who don’t need to move it around a lot, as well as for any groomer who wants to do their job quickly and efficiently.

You will receive two different nozzles and two types of filters with it. Its hose is 10 ft. long so you won’t have trouble moving around the dog with it.

It is one of the most powerful high velocity dryers on the market. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have an option to switch the heat off, which can be a problem if you live in a warmer client, or you want to use it on smaller and more sensitive dogs.

But, if you want a highly efficient, easy to use, very powerful and quick dryer, or if you are a professional groomer who wants to provide fast and efficient service, you should definitely get a K-9 III Velocity!

XPOWER X-800TF- Best cage dryer for dogs

#4 is our pick for the best cage dryer - Xpower X-800TFIf you want to buy the cage dryer for your grooming business, or for home use, you should consider getting one of the two XPOWER options available.

They come in either 2000 or 3200 FPM.

These cage dryers are fitted with 3 hoses, which are highly flexible and easy to attach to the cage or crate. This means that you can use the Xpower for 3 different cages at the same time. You can also use it for one. The hoses provide air flow from 3 directions, which makes the drying process faster and much more efficient than others with only one hose.

Many people love the fact that the XPOWER has a convenient timer. You can adjust it to up to 3 hours, to make sure that your pup is all nice and dry, while you are out running errands.

You can adjust the air flow through the hoses thanks to the guillotine-like closures on each.

The air flow is not as powerful or heated as with some other dog dryers. This is excellent for the dog’s coat and is preferable for pups which are afraid of loud noises.

You can pick among the 3 available speeds, adjust the airflow to each of the hoses, set the timer, and let your beloved pet safely dry off as it naps in its crate or cage.

Although it is on the heavier and bulkier side (36 x 25 x 24 inches, 32 lbs.), this XPOWER X-800TF is a superb option if you prefer to dry your dogs with a quiet, non-heated and consistent safe air flow while they are placed in their cages where they can enjoy a nice nap, or a snack and some playtime.

B-Air Grizzly Airmovers – budget dog cage dryer

B-Air Grizzly is really affordable and snaps easily to the cageIf you like versatile products, which you can get for a great price and use for various needs, then you should opt for the B-Air Grizzly Air Mover.

This wonderful air moving device can be used for quick drying of your deep cleaned carpet or upholstery, for speeding up a paint drying job, and of course as a safe and efficient cage dryer for your dog.

It is a sturdy and well-built air moving machine. It is 19 x 18 x 19.5 inches big and weighs 41 lbs.

If you are planning on using it as a dog dryer, you will need to purchase the additional attachment which is sold separately.

It has a 1 HP motor with 3550 FPM and is excellent for lighter drying jobs as well as for those super nervous and anxious pets.

It is definitely not the best choice for very thick coats though as it is not as powerful as some of the other dryers on this list.

It may not be as powerful as the others, but the B-air Grizzly is a versatile, convenient and very safe hair drying device for canines. Plus, you can use it at 3 different angles and adjust its distance from the cage depending on your needs.

Buying guide: What’s the most important information in the dog dryer reviews?

Types of dryers

A good professional blow dryer for dogs will make life easier on you and on your dog. These devices are designed and made to quickly, efficiently and quietly dry off your dog’s coat and undercoat. There are various different types of dog blowers available. Here are some of the most popular types.

Cage dryers

These will dry your pup’s coat while it sits in a wire mesh cage. This type is especially suitable for nervous or timid dogs. They dry the dog with a steady airflow which is not very close to the dog. Cage dryers are best suited for dogs with short or medium length coats.

Stand dryers

These are also called fluff dryers. They are attached to a stand and allow you to tend to the dog as it is getting dried. You can brush or fluff its coat during the process. Some of the models have added hose attachments, which will allow you to direct the airflow more accurately wherever it is needed.

Force dryers

These blaster dog dryers are the most powerful type. They usually don’t have a heating element. They provide a very strong air flow which can dry a wet dog in a matter of minutes.

Of course, the type of dryer you choose depends on the type of dog you have, as well as on its character, and on your grooming routine.

Large and small dogs require different drying, and so do those with long fluffy hair as compared to the short-haired breeds.

Most important features to consider:

  • HEAT: Since dogs have a higher body temperature than us, the pet grooming dryer shouldn’t emit too much heat. This can hurt the pup’s skin and cause it to overheat.
  • AIRFLOW: A good dryer for dogs should provide a strong airflow but at a temperature which is comfortable for the pets. The strength of the airflow is measured in feet per minute (FPM). The higher it is – the more air will be blasted.
    So, if you have a dog with a long and thick double coat, you should look for a pet hair dryer which has a higher FPM. A stronger air flow is also useful for blowing off those loose hairs during the grooming session. This is especially handy during the shedding season.
  • NOISE: Another essential feature to look for is the volume of the sound of the blow dryer. This is especially vital if your dog is afraid of loud noises. You will need to keep that noise down if you want to successfully dry your dog instead of chasing it around the house, right?
  • CARE: In order to make life easier for you, make sure you choose a dog groomer dryer which is easy to clean and maintain. There are some models which have air cleaners which are easy to clean or replace. These are the more stress-free options when it comes to cleaning and use.
  • ADJUSTABLE SPEED: Also, you may want to opt for a device which has adjustable speed options. Some have 2 and some have more adjustable air speed levels. This helps dry the coats of dogs of different breeds with one dryer, and to lower the speed when you are drying any sensitive or delicate areas.
  • HEAT CONTROL: You don’t want to burn or overheat your pup, so get a dryer which can be adjusted to emit heat which is comfortable and safe for your dog.
  • SIZE: Don’t forget to check out the dimensions as well. If you have limited storage or living space, then opt for a smaller-sized one.
  • WARRANTY: Maintenance and warranties are other essential features to consider before purchasing a blowdryer for pets. After all, they can be quite costly, so ensure that the maintenance and replacement of filters and parts will not harm your budget in the future.
    If there is an option for a warranty – then get one, because you will definitely feel better and safer knowing that you are making a wise investment.
  • QUALITY: Of course, the quality and the build of the grooming tool are also crucial. You should opt for a machine which will last for long and which will withstand a lot of use. Look for sturdy metal construction and a durable strong hose which you can use for longer.

Can you use a human hair dryer instead of a pet grooming dryer?

While some people prefer to use their own human hair dryer for their dogs, this is not a very good idea. As mentioned previously, dogs can overheat easily and even get burned when the air flow is too hot. Furthermore, our human dryers are usually not powerful enough to reach to the undercoat of a fluffy dog.

Plus, dryers intended for use by humans can harm the coat of your dog. And they are also specially designed to blow off dead hairs and fur.

So, if you are convinced that your precious pup needs a hair dryer, here are my top picks. Please, read these brief dog dryer reviews to find out what you will like and what to expect from each model.


I hope that our detailed dog hair dryer reviews have helped you make up your mind on which one will serve you best.

If you are a groomer, you should go for a more powerful, heavy duty dryer. While as, for home users with dogs with shorter coats, a less powerful and more portable option is probably a better choice.

Whichever one you pick, you can rest assured that you are doing the best for your pet or for your canine customers, because dog coats are not like human hair, and they need special treatment if you want your furbaby to feel happy and stay healthy.

Plus, who doesn’t want their dog looking like it has just left the groomers, right?