Whether you are a professional pet groomer or you are looking to save money and do your own pet grooming at home, it is essential that you get a professional quality thinning & blending pet shears if you want to make the job easier on you and on the dog.

If you use dull or nicked blades or low-quality tools you not only risk to ruin the look of your dog, but can also damage its hair and injure its sensitive skin.

Going for good or better yet, premium quality will ensure that the hair cutting job is clean and even and that the dog will not feel stressed or in pain from pulling the hair. By using the proper pet scissors you will be able to achieve the final look for the dog much faster, and with less stress on your hands and on the dog itself.

It is definitely worth investing in the best scissors for cutting dog hair you can afford no matter whether you need them for home or for professional use. They will serve you better and for a longer time and if you are using them to keep your own dog properly groomed you will definitely save hundreds and thousands of dollars for professional services as well.

Dog grooming scissors sets

Kingstar 7.0in Titanium Professional grooming scissors set

Kingstar professional are one of the best dog grooming scissors you can get for your businessThe Kingstar Titanium is a superb choice both for home use and as a start-up kit for newbies in the business. It includes all you need for basic grooming tasks. The set has three different scissors with titanium coated stainless steel blades which are very sharp, cut any type of hair with little or no friction and are very durable.

The ergonomic design makes the job more comfortable and easy for the groomer.

The thing to keep in mind is that the Kingstar 7 lack protective safety rounded tips on their blades which means that you will need to take extra care and do some training in order to learn to use them safely for you and for the dog.

The three types of scissors which you will receive when you order this set include: straight, thinning, curved up-pointed, curved down-pointed.

You will also receive a useful case to safely store the set of scissors as well as some blade cleaning oil and a cleaning cloth.

The blades have 56HRC hardness and are 7 inches long. Their pet hair thinning rate is 20-30% which makes them extremely efficient for working with all kinds of dog coats. You will need to properly clean and oil the blades after each session in order to ensure that the Kingstar Titanium will last longer and will cut properly.

Overall, this dog grooming kit is reasonably priced and includes 4 different types of scissors which are very sharp and comfortable to use and are suitable for any type of grooming job.

Best dog grooming shears – Alfheim Professional set

Highly recommended, and with excellent value Alfheim dog grooming scissors setsIf you are looking for the most shiny, fab and simply the best dog grooming scissors, the Alfheim set is definitely the top choice. It is a deluxe kit including cutting scissors (6”), thinning scissors (6”), curved up (7”) and curved down scissors (7”) of outstanding quality and design.

The durable and strong stainless steel blades are very sharp and the adjustable tension control knobs allow for easy adjustment of the cutting and thinning smoothness.

All four grooming scissors for dogs in this amazing set have an ergonomic design and shape which makes the grooming process much easier, less tiring and more pleasant. This is essential especially when using them on large dogs or dogs with long and thick matted coats. Cut carefully through the mat first and you can finish your job using clippers for matted dog hair. The Alfheim Professional is especially suitable for poodles and dogs with similar coats.

They have adjustable thumb and finger ring inserts which will help reduce the pressure on the fingers when using them, and which are also an excellent option if you have smaller hands.

The Alfheim Pro come in a beautiful protective case to keep them stored safely away when not in use or when you are travelling. The kit also includes a handy comb to better style your pet.

In conclusion, I must say that this set of grooming shears for dogs is a superb option both for home use as well as a starting kit for groomers who are just entering the business. The price is very reasonable for the value and quality of this product!

High quality scissors for dog grooming – Kenchii Scorpion 8″ Straight Pro

Scorpion is another great contenderThis professional Japanese made Kenchii is definitely a top choice when you are looking for entry level instrument. It comes with a lifetime warranty by Kenchii and is an excellent example of the top quality and outstanding value of the tools produced by the professionals from Kenchii.

The 8 inch straight blades of the Scorpion KESC8 are made of level 1, Rockwell 54-55 steel. They are incredibly sharp and durable and will help you achieve that perfect line and cut you are striving for when grooming your pet. They are corrosion resistant and have an excellent ergonomic design. Simply the best shears for dog grooming, the Scrorpion Straight Pro are light and easy to use. They cut any type of dog or cat hair perfectly, without pulling and without any friction.

They do come at a relatively high price, but given the overall quality of the make, their performance and durability, as well as the fact that they are sold with a lifetime warrantee – the purchase is absolutely worth it no matter whether you are getting the grooming shears for cutting your own dog’s hair or for your pet grooming business.

So, don’t hesitate and purchase the 8 inch Scorpion Straight professional grooming scissors for pets today as your main tool or as part of your salon kit today! They will hold their edge and are very comfortable to use for a seamless haircutting experience. The Scorpions are 8inches long and are great for all kinds of fur, so you can get a pair to cut the hair of all your pets and other animals as well!

Pet Magasin

Pet Magasin shears are also an excellent optionThis affordable set from Pet Magasin is an affordable grooming kit for dogs that is great for occasional use. The two scissors included in the set are suitable for all kinds of pet hair. The Pet Magasin kit includes a longer 6.5 inch pair which is suitable for bulk cutting and fur trimming and a smaller 6 inch one for the finishing touches and for shaping the delicate areas such as the paws and face of your pup.

One of the smartest features of this set of dog thinning scissors is the fact that they feature rounded safety tips in order to ensure that your pet and you yourself are safe from cuts and nicks during the haircutting process. This is great given that process can become quite an intensive and stressful experience for many pets, so keeping them and yourself safe from injury is quite important.

The blades of the Pet Magasin are made of stainless steel and are easy for maintenance and for sharpening. They come pre-sharpened.

The cushioned handles and added finger rests are very comfortable for the fingers and thumbs, and make them a great option even for left handed people due to their ergonomic design.

Unfortunately, the set doesn’t include a case, but it does come with a 100% money back satisfaction guarantee as well as a 2 year quality warranty, so the investment is definitely worthwhile.

So, if you are shopping for comfortable, safe and versatile grooming scissors for dogs which are sold at a reasonable price, the Pet Magasin set is a perfect choice!

Best balanced thinning shears for dogs

Kenchii Scorpion 46 Tooth dog thinning scissors

Kenchii is out first choice when it comes to thinning & blending pet shearsIf you are in need of professional thinners for your salon or home needs, then investing in the Scorpion 46 tooth is a sensible move.

Made with the traditional Japanese quality and attention to detail, these stainless steel Scorpions are sold with a lifetime warranty from the renowned manufacturer, which means that you will be making a true long-term investment with this purchase.

The Kenchii Scorpion are especially suitable for pre-bath styling and shaping. They have strong and durable Rockwell 54-55 stainless steel blades which will remain sharp and rust-free for years even after intensive use.

The price of this pair of shears for thinning a pet’s coat is on the high end, but given the top notch quality and exceptional performance – they are well worth it!

They are extremely comfortable to hold and use, which means that you won’t end up with sore fingers and thumbs and tired hands after the long day. The sharp edges of the blades will allow you to perform quick and professional looking finishing jobs at home even if you are a newbie.

There will be no more grabbing and pinching of the hair as you cut it when thinning dog hair with these shears. This will guarantee that the process will be far more enjoyable and frustration free both for you and for your pet! Plus, you will be able to cut and thin the hair much faster with these thinning shears from Kenchii.

Sharf Gold Touch 6.5″ 42-Tooth thinning scissors

Sharf Gold touch are the affordable dog coat thinning scissorsThese 6.5 inch, 42 toothed Sharfs are another top pick suitable for all levels of experience. They are made of high quality, durable Japanese steel with a beautiful shiny finish and special gold accents on the plate and screw for a deluxe feel and look.

These are reliable thinning shears even for thick coats and also have removable comfort rings to ease the pressure on your thumbs and fingers as well as for a better fit for those of you with smaller hands.

The Sharf Gold Touch dog grooming thinning scissors reviews simply rave about the fact that they are sold with a protective and useful snap close case for safe storage and travel. Super comfortable and useful!

They come pre-sharpened and can effortlessly cut through even the thickest and most matted dog coats and hairs. Their blades can easily be sharpened and maintained in order to ensure that they are always ready for hassle free and precise cutting.

The price of the Sharf Gold Touch is excellent for the quality and durability they provide. One possible negative feature of these dog thinning shears is that they do not cut as quietly and as smoothly as some of the others which can pose a problem when working with nervous pets who get scared of noises.

Otherwise, they are sharp, strong and heavy duty tools that can handle and cut off even the most matted hair, so they are absolutely worth buying if this is the case you are dealing with and if you are looking for a best value dog grooming thinning shears which will last long and serve you well for years.

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Kenchii – Five Star Offset 46 Tooth dog hair thinning shears

If you want a five-star tool regardless of the price, get this Kenchii - truly the best dog thinning shearsThis is another star product from the famous Japanese manufacturer of Kenchii. The Five Star Offset 46 tooth are definitely a top choice when it comes to sharp, comfortable and smooth cutting pet grooming scissors that get raving reviews from customers. They are incredibly efficient for removing large volumes of bulk hair without altering the shape and style of the cut. Kenchii Five star is superb choice with a razor sharp beveled edge of the blades made of high carbon Japanese steel. You should keep this feature in mind when you begin using these thinning shears for styling pets’ fur and blending shorter and longer fur areas, because the sharp edges can be dangerous for you and the dog both.

Always take extra care and wear a protective glove for your non-cutting hand in order to prevent injuring yourself or the dog. When used properly, the smoothness and ease of cutting is utterly amazing.

For added comfort you can adjust the tension via the dial assembly as well as remove the finger rest.

This pair of thinning scissors for dog hair will not only make the cutting process much easier and faster, but the end results will be much better as well even if you are not a professional pet groomer.

The high quality, durability and the lifetime warrantee given by Kenchii makes this pair a superb choice if you are shopping for durable and reliable instruments which you can use on a daily basis, so if you are a professional groomer – these dog thinning shears are a must!

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Choosing the Right Dog Grooming Shears

There are so many different types and models being offered at the market, that you may be struggling with the choice of the best one for you. Here are some tips on how to choose the right one:

  1. Pick the proper length. Keep in mind that longer blades have a much greater coverage which makes them more suitable for fast and easy work.
  2. Design and weight. Your dog grooming shears should have an ergonomic design and neither too light or heavy in order to ensure that your fingers don’t get pinched or pressed too hard when in use, as well as to reduce the strain on your hand, arm ,neck and back while you are cutting and shaping the dog’s hair. Offset grips are far more comfortable on the thumb during cutting.
  3. Plan your budget based on your needs. Will you be using them professionally and on a daily basis, or rather just several times a year for simple hair cutting and trimming jobs at home? You may want to look for premium quality if you plan to make a living out of this.
  4. Effortless cutting. Go for shears which open and close properly without wobble or without too much effort and pressure.
  5. Choose depending on the type of dog hair and grooming jobs you are planning to perform. The different types include: thinning (for bulk hair removal on large dog species), long right (for curly dog breeds such as poodles and for cylindrical leg and skirt scissoring), mixing (for fixing unevenness and faults for the hair clipping and cutting), long curved (for all kinds of body work) and ball point.
  6. Pick a pair made of high quality, durable and corrosion resistant material. The material used for the blade is of essential impact if you want shears which cut fast, smoothly and without any friction through the hair of your canine. High quality blades can hold a sharp edge for longer and are better for expedient, successful and safe dog hairstyling.
  7. Brands. Look for quality instruments which are made by reputable producers and come with a quality warranty.
  8. Never ever be tempted to use the same pair of scissors both on humans and on pets. It is certainly not a good idea and is a serious risk hazard. Go for a separate pair of human hair shears or thinners

Difference Between Blending, Thinning, and Texturizing Shears

If you are puzzled about the difference between these terms, here is a short overview of the features and purpose of these three main types:

  1. Blending. These are made for the finishing touches of a haircut. They trim off about ¼-1/2 inches of the tips of the hair. They feature one blade with deep teeth which end with V notches. Typically, the number of teeth is 19 per inch.
  2. Thinning scissors. They are used for reducing the volume of the dog’s hair by making a cut close to the skin or for cutting the hair ends for a natural look at the end of the haircutting session. Thinning shears have teeth cut deep on both blades. One of the sides feature V notched teeth to capture the hairs.
  3. Texturizing. They have much less teeth with wider gaps in between them and are used to create texture for a more dramatic haircut.

Here is a quick video demonstration:

What Is a True Left Scissor?

As the name suggests, this is a pair of scissors made for use with the left hand. As opposed to the configuration of the finger and thumb rings on scissors for right handed people, those made for lefties feature the finger tip on the top side and the thumb ring on the bottom side when one holds them in their left hand. Also, the cutting edge should be on the top side when you use them with your left hand. True left handed thinning shears for dogs are designed in a way to follow the natural hand motion of left handed people in order to make the use of the cutting tool easier, safer and more comfortable.