On the top of the beginners barber tools are those charming palsBecoming a successful barber can become quite difficult given the feisty competition present, due to a relatively low barrier to entry.

One could even argue that the foremost essential barber tool is personability, which can manifest on two levels: physical attractiveness and refined communication skills.

However, for a barber, that only signifies a good start. Personability may be conducive to initially drawing the new customers in, but you need to get everything sorted out in order to retain the customers, and spread the good word of mouth.

And by sorting out, we mean having appropriate tools to cater to every need for different hair styles, services, and for the overall barber experience to be as pleasant as possible.

It would be prudent to remember that hair styling is a customers’ market. Because the competition is so dense, customers are in a position where they can afford to be exceedingly picky about selecting and retaining their barber, and even the tiniest detail may turn them off.

If you take this barber shop equipment list seriously, you will indeed sort everything out in order to form a lucrative barber establishment.

Everything a Barber Needs:

Hair Clippers

For some, barber shears are the staple of their work, but for others, the same can be said for electronic barber clippers. Modern hair styles certainly allow for them to be used exclusively over barber shears, but in most cases you will find yourself using shears and hair clippers in equal measure.

When selecting the best barber hair clipper and trimmers, the first thing to do is to avoid generic brands that manufacture everything from an electric toothbrush to a TV entertainment system. Instead, go straight for the specialized haircutting brands. Just that decision will save you a lot of headache.

Amongst those reliable specialists is definitely Wahl with their 5 star Seniors T blade trimmers.

Designed for professional use, you can count on this T-blade trimmer to cover every hair style, no matter the hair thickness and length, thanks to the included set of 3 guides. The T-blade is extremely sharp, dermatologically tested, and made from carbon-coated stainless steel. This exceptionally designed T-blade trimmer will serve you for many years, as you can tell from the massive amount of highly favorable reviews.

Additionally, if you want something slightly pricier but with more versatility and greater set of attachments, Andis is another great specialized brand to take into consideration, specifically their Andis Barber Combo.


Of all the barber tools you must have, chair is not something to skip on. A flexible, robust barber chair is crucial for making your job easier, and to make your client comfortable through the entire process.

And the comfier your clients are, the more likely it is they will return to your shop over and over again.

To that end, Icarus Mae Black Classic offers just the right balance between functionality, affordability, and comfort.

For such a low price you get a hydraulic pump which is necessary to align the customer to just the right height you need to make your best work happen. You can rotate it 360 degrees for almost maximum flexibility. Almost, because it lacks a reclining feature. After all, they had to compromise somewhere to get to that price tag.

Seat dimension are suitable for most people – depth at 18” and width at 20” , and the height adjustment has a solid span of 20.5” – 27”.

Overall, it’s a shame it doesn’t have a reclining mechanism, but if you intend to perform services which would not benefit from one, then this chair is the top budget-friendly choice.


Of all the fancy salon equipment you can acquire, scissors still remain the staple of a barber’s craft. Invented by ancient Romans in 100 CE, scissors have barely changed since, as their functionality cannot be improved upon outside of the material used for increased sharpness.

Still, there are some scissor features that can make a difference.

First, the barber industry named the scissors specifically used for the purpose of cutting hair as – shears. This is important to note as you should search scissors under that product name. In practice, this means that shears will be sufficiently sharp by default. They must be able to cut even the thick hair strands with little to no effort.

Additionally, shears will usually have pivoted blades for creating those stylized finishes.

Depending on the thickness of your fingers, you may be forced to search for the ones just right for you, but overall, the Equinox Hair Cutting and Thinning Scissors Set is highly recommended.

This outstanding scissor set, consisting of two types of scissors, comes in 6 sizes. Although you may consider them a bit pricey, they are likely to last you a lifetime thanks to Japanese stainless steel manufacturing. Remember that Japan has a rich history in tempering blades due to their Samurai tradition, and the quality of these scissors certainly bolsters the continuation of that honorable tradition.

Of course, these professional shears are suitably ergonomic in design, weigh only 4.8oz at 6.5 inch length, and can handle every haircutting challenge ahead of you. They even have golden painted adjustment screws, so you can fine-tune them to your satisfaction.


Almost always, you will at some point have to wet your customer’s hair, either sprinkling it to make it easier for cutting, or washing it entirely as an extra service.

At that point, you would want a reliable, powerful hair dryer that you can use to make the final stylizing touch, along with blowing away all that accumulated micro hair. It is safe to say that a quality hair dryer will make your customer leave with a satisfied, renewed, comfy feeling.

And what better hair dryer to choose than one that has an ‘xtreme’ moniker as a part of its naming scheme. This is not an understatement when it comes to the BaBylissPRO Ceramix Xtreme Dryer.

At 2000 Watt power, you can’t get a more suitable barber tool. Especially considering its advanced feature of using infrared technology for heat regulation. This will greatly help in not damaging your client’s hair, while at the same time doing a fantastic job quickly. It comes with a focus nozzle, 6 heat and speed settings, removable filter, cold air button, and higher than usual warranty for its powerful AC motor.


Although a modern electronic hair clipper can be effectively used for close shaves and beard styling, you still may find yourself in need of a sharp razor. These salon tools require a much higher degree of mastery, for the obvious reasons.

However, if there is one thing that will cut your customer’s skin, it’s a razor that is not sharp enough. This may seem counter-intuitive, but by using razors that are not ultra-sharp you will automatically try to compensate by exerting extra force to make them more effective.

And this is when a skin-cutting accident can occur.

In order to prevent that, don’t take the cheap route. Just like with shears, Equinox once again has a great option with their Professional Straight Edge Razor. The package comes with 100 blades, and the razor is designed in such a way as to minimize accidental cutting due to the cleverly integrated blade guard.

Miscellaneous Tools

As we are nearing the completion of the barber tools list, there are some extras you should also keep in mind in order to have all your haircutting bases covered.

Don’t settle for a random cheap comb, but get a comprehensive professional comb set, for both head and facial hair. One from HYOUJIN will serve you a lifetime.

Next, get a decent barber cape. No, not the one that you will wear yourself as a superhero, but one that will protect your clients from hair getting everywhere. Make sure it is light, its design is complementary to the space you will be working in, and that it can be easily washed and enclosed around the neck. Salon Sundry Nylon Cape fits the bill for all of those features.

And finally, for providing your clients with some extra luxurious and comfy feel, you can opt for a hot towel heater.

Final Words

With all the items listed above you will equip yourself with an impressive and ultimate barber combo. All there is left to do is work on your barber skills, as well as your demeanor and presentation. Not many people approach things in life in a systematic manner, so if you take this advice to heart, you will indeed stand out from the barber crowd.