Fades have been in style for quite a while, but maintaining a good and tight fade can cost you quite a lot of money for a proper stylist. Why not get one of the best clippers for fades and learn how to be your own personal stylist at home instead? Or maybe you are aspiring barber who needs the right tools to make perfect haircuts every time?

A few years ago I realized that I should just get good fading clippers and after some initial training and experimenting on my hair, I have finally got the hang of it. I must say that the time and the investment I have made has definitely paid back as my calculations and rough estimates show that I have saved loads of cash from having the need to go to my barber once or twice a month in order to have a presentable and fashionable fade!

Here is a list of the best fading clippers you can find on the market with nifty comparisons and all the details you need.

Best Overall Hair Clippers for Fades Andis Master 01557

Best overall, the Andis Master has everything one might need from the best hair clippers for fadesThe Master is most definitely the best barber clippers for fades according to leading barbers. The body is made of aluminum and provides an incredibly comfortable grip, so that you get your fade done properly and evenly.

Using this professional hair cutter is a breeze – you can easily switch in between blade lengths with the easy to access and use side lever. What the Master has that most other clippers lack is the possibility to gradually switch from one blade length to another, so that you can fine tune the length and thus a true fade can be created when moving down and cutting the hair.

The blade is made of carbon treated stainless steel which is exceedingly strong, sharp and precise, so you can rely that your hair will be trimmed and cut properly and evenly at all times even after years of use.

If you have ever cut a fade you know that it is all about elegance, detailing and accuracy, and thanks to the excellent blades, this is possible with the Master clipper. Although it is not a balding clipper, its will help you make amazing balding/skin fades.

The speed of this clipping tool is tremendous – it can reach 14000SPM! The problem with this is that the Master fading clipper tends to overheat when used at such a high speed, so precautions need to be taken.

Over time, some of the screws on these Andis Master clippers can get loose from the vibrations, but this is easily resolved with help of a screwdriver.

#2 Best clippers for fades OSTER Classic 76

OSTER Classic 76 work great both on wet and dry hairThe Classic 76 clipper from Oster is our second pick for the best fade hair clipper which barbers prefer to use. You can easily use it both on dry and wet hair. It has a heavy duty, very powerful motor and a 9 foot power cord to ensure that the power is fed to the tool continuously for a good and even end result.

You can choose between the size 000 and 1 blades which are easy to detach, clean, oil and replace.

The housing of these hair cutters is exceptionally durable and break resistant, so don’t worry about dropping it while working. The body provides a superb grip to keep the tool steady during the cutting.

You will get a blade guard, some clipper grease lubricating oil as well as a cleaning brush when you purchase this pair of good fading clippers.

The motor is powerful and has one single speed but it is made for continuous professional use, so it will continue working for years, especially if you use it at home and take care of it properly.

It is made for all-day use by barbers and cuts even the thick african american hair with ease, but when you are not using it you can easily hand it by its useful hanging loop.

It is recommended that you properly lubricate the Classic 76 prior to starting to use it, as well as periodically. Also, make sure that the clipper is running when you are interchanging the blades in order to get them properly into place.

The blades of these great Oster fading clippers will never get dull and you will find that every time it will cut like it’s brand new and it is the first time you are using it!

Best Wahl clippers for fades – Wahl 5 star Senior

For the fans of the brand, we picked Wahl 5 star Senior as the best Wahl clippers for fades If you are a Wahl fan, this is the best fade hair clipper by this renowned producer which you can get! It is an excellent alternative to the Andis Master, and you can get it at a better price than the Master too.

We’ve picked the 5 star Senior as the best Wahl clippers for fades for a reason – it is considered as the “father” of all other electromagnetic hair cutters and clippers. You will be amazed at its powerful V9000 motor and its incredible consistent performance while cutting.

Along with the powerful, heavy duty motor, the superb Wahl durable and sharp blades are an irreplaceable combination when it comes to creating a perfect fade hairstyle.

The 5-star Senior clipper has a special fade blade feature unlike the classic “standard” Senior cutters, so make sure you get this one if this is your thing.

Overall, the Wahl Senior doesn’t look or feel as good as the Andis Master, but its price is better and the durability and performance is matching.

Again, its body is strong, break resistant and is designed and made to withstand continuous use in a barbershop or salon.

With these classic Wahl fade clippers, you will get three different attachment comb guides from 1/16” to 3/16” if you want to cut a fade on longer hair, unlike the Master clipper which lacks such attachments.

If you choose to invest into one of these babies, you will have the tool to create the highest precision fade cuts you have ever done.

With the proper maintenance, this machine will last and will serve you faithfully for many years!

Best balanced clippers for fading – Oster Fast Feed Adjustable

Lightweight and quiet, our next pick is the Fast Feed fade hair clippersThe Fast Feed is part of the simpler Oster line, but it definitely bears the classic Oster look and has all the trademark features we are used to when working with the best clippers for fades by this producer.

If you want a more affordable alternative to the Classic 76 the Fast Feed fade clippers are an excellent choice.

The WhisperQuiet trademark pivot motor is powerful and reliable, and will allow you to achieve the perfect fade hairstyle seamlessly and evenly.

You can quickly and easily switch in between the adjustable 000 and 1 blades thanks to the handy side lever of this superb fade clipper.

The Fast Feed is sold along with three additional comb guide attachments so you can clip different lengths in accordance to your needs. It also comes with a blade guard a cleaning brush and lubricating oil for proper maintenance.

This Oster clipper doesn’t tend to heat up as much as the powerful Master or Senior clippers which makes it the best clippers for fading for longer fading and hair cutting sessions. It is also significantly quieter than them.

If you have thicker hair, the fast Feed clipper is an excellent option as the spacing in between its blades is larger than that in other clippers. This allows for faster and easier fade.

The Oster Fast Feed fade hair clippers have the same type of cryogenic steel blades as the Master clipper. The motor is not as powerful as the V9000 motor of the Senior, but it is still a reliable and powerful motor which allows for precise, quiet and quick fade hair cutting.

Multi-purpose styler: Wahl Super Taper II

Wahl Super Taper II is the best clippers for fades and tapers because it is excellent for crisp looking cutsIf you are looking for a professional and yet affordable choice to help you achieve the perfect fade cut, the Super Taper II might be the best clipper for fades for you! It is especially suitable for cutting thick hair, so if you are one of the lucky guys with this type of hair you should get one for your home grooming needs.

This Wahl clipper looks great and is ultra-powerful. Its V5000 motor is much faster than the clippers which are fitted with standard electromagnetic motors. This feature makes it especially useful when it comes to cutting fades, tapers, blends as well as for heavy duty use.

These professional fade hair clippers are sold with all necessary accessories, so you won’t need to buy any additional ones in order to achieve that perfect fade. With the clipper you will receive 8 additional attachment comb cutting guides from 1/8” to 1”, as well as a blade guard, oil, a cleaning brush and detailed instructions for use. The comb attachments easily and steadily snap on and off for a seamless grooming experience.

You don’t need to worry about damaging the 8 foot long cord because it is heavy duty and chemical resistant.

This Wahl Super Taper II is a superb choice if you want a pro range reasonably priced tool which will allow you to cut your own fade elegantly, easily and with the ultimate precision.

The taper lever is not as durable as the ones on the higher end models, but this device is still a reliable and excellent choice as the best hair clippers for fades for home use.

Best affordable clippers for fading Andis Fade

Andis Fade is another great fade hair clippers choice for those looking for an affordable priceThe Andis 66245 is no doubt the top budget option for those of you who are not ready to spend a fortune buying the best clippers for fading.

The stainless steel blades of this affordable cutter are so sharp that I strongly advise you to be careful especially when doing tighter fade cuts. Unlike with other hair clippers this one has very little if none margin of error. The Andis Fade blades are durable and will remain sharp even after years of use. It is among the best hair liners as it helps deliver dazzling clean cuts every time.

When using it you will notice that the performance is exceptionally smooth and delicate. The motor is powerful and reliable. It is magnetic and can perform well both on wet and on dry hair.

The Andis is definitely the one with the best price, but given that it is much lower than that of the other clippers on the list you should expect that its overall performance is not as satisfactory as that of the others. The problem is that this device is not as versatile as the other great fade clippers in this list.

For home use, the Andis 66245 is perfect because it is small, much lighter than the Master clippers and works very quietly and yet efficiently. It also doesn’t overheat as much as the high powered heavy duty clippers, so you can use it for longer cutting sessions without needing to take breaks.

The perfect choice for such a low price if you are looking for best budget fade clippers!

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  • What are the differences between professional fade clippers and fading clippers for home use

The commercial grade line models are much more expensive due to the heavy duty motors they are fitted with in order to be used continuously on the multitude of clients. They are usually corded in order to ensure constant power supply.

Home models are not as powerful. In many cases they are cordless for easier use and are lighter and quieter than the heavy duty clippers.

  • What specific features to look for

It is obvious that the corded clippers will provide a more seamless clipping service, as they do not rely on batteries. They will cut at a persistent speed unlike the cordless ones which will slow down once the batteries start wearing off.

You should look for a clipper which features individual guides rather than the ones which are adjustable and are all-in-one. These are much more sturdy and reliable.

If you do not have a zero cut anywhere on your head, you don’t need a clipper which has a balding feature. Rather, you can get some good quality adjustable guides to use for creating the fade.

There are leaders in the production of clippers for fades, such as Oster, Wahl, Andis and others, so if you want good results – get a clipper and the proper guides from a reputable manufacturer!

  • How to fade your own hair with clippers

  1. Always be careful about where to cut with the grain (WTG) and when to cut against it (ATG) if you want an even and good looking hairstyle.
  2. Wet your hair and comb it before proceeding.
  3. Place the #2 attachment guide on your fade clippers and start working around your ears towards the back of your head. Use upward motions. If you want a shorter cut around the ears pull the skin tighter during the clipping.
  4. Once you are done with the sides and the back of your head, replace the guide comb with a #4 and move on to the top area of the head. Use front to back motion while moving the hair cutting machine across your head to achieve the perfect fade haircut.
  5. Remember to use a rocking motion or an inverted clipper technique, in order to achieve that fine fade you want.
  6. If you reach an area with a cowlick, simply cut in a direction opposite to the growth.
  7. You can use hair styling products for a better finishing look.

See more here: https://wahlusa.com/haircutting/how-to/mens-haircuts/fade-cut

  • What is the difference between a taper and a fade?

Both are very popular and fashionable hair styles, and many people cannot really tell the difference between the two. The truth is that they are different.

A taper cut is when the length of the hair gradually shortens down to the sides and the nape symmetrically and leaves the hairline visible. Usually the length of the top hair is 2-4 inches long and it gradually gets shorter at the sides and back.

A fade on haircut is similar to the taper, but the it starts earlier and ends above the natural hairline. The finished look is as if the hair is blended with the skin of your head and neck. Plus, usually the top of a typical fade cut is shorter than a taper – usually 1-2 inches long.