Flowbee haircutting system review & how it fares whenwhen compared to RobocutHave you ever laughed off one of those Flowbee infomercials as just another marketing gimmick?

Well, you may want to reconsider your initial opinion of the Flowbee haircutting system, because despite its looks, it really truly works great!

The Flowbee is actually a set of ingenious hair clippers. I have seen people use it for years – and with great results too!

This is a truly convenient and inexpensive home hair cutting device which will save you time for waiting in line at the barber shop. Also, it is very sturdy, so you will be using your home grooming device for years to come. It may not look as refined as some of the high-end barber hair clippers, but it sure is a practical system, which is definitely worthy of your attention.

Here are some basic facts about the Flowbee, and why you shouldn’t quite dismiss it yet.

We’ll also uncover some Flowbee alternatives, such as the AirCut, as well as related items from Remington and Wahl.

Simple & Precise: Flowbee haircutting system explained

The design of the Flowbee is quite basic. It is actually a hair cutter which you can connect to your vacuum cleaner via the hose attachment so that it can collect all those hair trimmings neatly for a mess-free experience.

The good news is that the Flowbee is compatible with most vacuum cleaner brands, as long as the power output is 8 amps or 8HP.

Please note, that the better the suction of your vacuum, the quicker and the more precise the cutting process will be.

As for the process itself, you can control the length you cut with the spacers which come with the hair cutter.

They can be adjusted from a length of ½ inches to 6 inches, with ¼ inch increments. So, the Flowbee can be used for wedged, short layered, single-length and tapered haircuts.

The package includes the Flowbee head and a hose, an AC 120V transformer, a hose adapter, 10 different for the different lengths, a bottle of lubricant and a user’s manual.

The best thing about the Flowbee is that is has proven to last for long years. According to Flowbee reviews, people have been using the previous versions of the unit for decades without fail. Just make sure you know how to use it – here are the instructions and a quick video demonstration:

This means that you will be making a long-term investment when you buy one of these.

When should you use the Flowbee haircutter?

Even though the Flowbee system may not be as versatile as a pair of traditional clippers, it is still a pretty convenient and easy to use.

It is most suitable if you want to achieve haircuts within the length range of ½ to 6 inches. Also, the manufacturer strongly recommends that you cut at only ½ inch increments at a time, and to stick to the lengths fixed on the unit.

If you want a good fading hair clipper or one suitable for tapering, you should probably opt for a clipper with an adjustable blade instead.

Plus, it is important to note, that the Flowbee tends to work better with straight or fine hair. If you have curly, thick hair, you may find it difficult to achieve good results using it. Just checkout its infomercial:

When should you use it?

You should buy the Flowbee if you:

  • Have relatively straight or fine hair
  • Want to achieve simple haircuts from ½ to 6 inches of length
  • Don’t want to clean up hair clippings from your face, ears, clothes and from the floor
  • Stick to one simple type of haircut
  • Want to cut your or your kid’s hair quickly and hassle-free
  • Don’t want to spend time and money for going to the barber shop
  • Want a tool which you can use at any time
  • You prefer entrusting this job to yourself
  • Want to make an investment which will pay back pretty quickly
  • Need a durable and reliable DIY hair cutter
  • Want to use it to cut your own hair easily and without mistakes or complications

Flowbee vs Robocut – which is the right one for you?

You probably are aware that the Flowbee is not the only vacuum-based hair clipping system around.  One alternative is the Robocut vacuum hair cutter.

Here are the main differences between the two systems, as well as Flowbee and Robocut reviews to help you make the choice when picking the more suitable one for you:

  • The Robocut haircutting system is most definitely the more portable option of the two thanks to its lighter weight
  • The Robocut has extended hair cutting capabilities – from a length of ¼ to 24 inches. Just a reminder – the Flowbee has a cutting range of ½ to 6 inches
  • The Robocut vacuum cutter can be attached to any type of vacuum without limitation to the power, unlike its counterpart
  • Robocut is quieter than the Flowbee
  • It features a dial-like controller for the length, which you can adjust as you are working, unlike the Flowbee where you need to switch spacers if you want different lengths
  • Robocut can be used for grooming pets
  • Robocut comes with a 2-year warranty and is quite less expensive than the Flowbee
  • The Flowbee feels more stable sturdier in the hand which allows for delivering sharper and more precise haircuts
  • The Flowbee is the original pioneering product of this kind

See the Robocut in action:


The Flowbee vacuum based cutting system is a genius device, which many of our parents swear upon. It has been available for decades, and many people decline to give up on it for a newer model.

The Robocut is a newer product which operates on the same principle. It is lighter, cheaper and has a larger range of options lengthwise.

Some people prefer using the lighter and more compact Robocut, while others feel more comfortable with a sturdier cutter.

Both of these hair cutting systems are very cleverly designed.

They will save you a lot of money from having to go to the barber shop. Both allow for easy DIY haircuts without the mess of hair trimmings all over you and your clothes and home.

Hopefully, this brief overview has helped you decide whether you can benefit from this type of haircutting system, and which one is the most suitable for your needs.