A tiny detail can ruin the entire perception of women on you, so beware of the small details in your grooming regime which you shouldn’t miss out on. Here are the honest answers of several women when asked which hygiene habits or lack-of them in men repels them the most. Here is what we got:

  • Men with dirty, bad teeth. I can’t stand looking or talking to men with horribly dirty un-flossed teeth and bad breath. Please men, remember to floss after brushing your teeth!
  • Men wearing too much cologne or after shave turn me off. It is like they are hiding something behind that smell.
  • Men with cracked lips. I hate having to kiss a guy with flaky, chapped lips. Wearing some chapstic or applying some Vaseline can make all the difference.
  • Having too much or too little body hair is a turn off. I would expect men with hairy backs to take the time and effort for a little bit of trimming or grooming, but I also hate men who have gone over the line and don’t have a single hair on their bodies too!
  • Men with overgrown eyebrows and those with one eyebrow should do a bit of tweezing, trimming or best of ask their barbers to shape the eyebrows. But never overdo it and wax them – it looks absolutely bizarre and absurd to me!
  • Wearing too much hair product is a major turn off.
  • Men wearing baggy pants are so retro. The baggy pants thing was over in the 90’s, so men, please stop!
  • Smelly and very hairy private parts will actually make me sick. Men need to show us the respect and keep their genitals clean, trimmed and smelling well at all times. Check out our guide on best pubic hair trimmers to find the best tool and keep your delicate parts in top condition!
  • If I see a man with visible great amounts of ear wax, I will turn around and run away, literally!
  • Men with dirty, unkempt hands, fingernails and flaky cuticles. Please, men, trim your fingernails, buff them and apply some hand lotion from time to time. There is nothing sexier than a man with well-kept beautiful hands!
  • Bad breath is a huge no no! I don’t care if you are afraid of dentists or have forgotten to wash your teeth in the last couple of days, but talking to me or attempting to kiss me with bad breath is a horrible experience.