Looking to improve your hair cutting skills? Whether you are looking for a way to save money by learning how to cut your hair by yourself, or you are an aspiring barber looking for way to master your skills – there is one thing in common – good hair clippers.

barber using hair clippers

After I pursued a career as a professional barber and hair stylist I spent quite some time, energy and money to test the various devices out there.

I must say that after years in the business and numbers of happy customers – I have narrowed down my choice of hair clippers for men to the list below. For your convenience, I have made two separate lists for the hair clipper brands and models for DIY as well as for professional grooming.

Here is a quick guide through my top picks, which hopefully will help you choose the perfect one for your needs.

Best home hair clippers for men

Best overall hair clipper for men Oster Fast Feed Adjustable

Oster Fast Feed ranks #1 in our list of the best hair clippersIf you choose to do your own hair at home you may want to look for a hair clipper which is light, compact and easy to hold. This is essential if you want to be comfortable and handle the men’s clipper properly. The Fast Feed clipper is very popular among DIYer due to its very compact size and light weight.

Don’t worry about this tool not performing properly. It is a professional and yet I can strongly recommend The fast feed Oster for home hair care as well. It requires no professional skills or knowledge to be used properly.

If you are not sure whether the Fast Feed can handle your thick and coarse hair – then fear not. It is powered by a pivot motor which unlike many other electric hair clippers doesn’t heat up excessively and is very quiet and yet powerful.

The stainless steel sharp blades can easily be adjusted during the hair cut between the #000 and the #1 hair lengths. All you need to do is flick the lever on the side of this wonderful tool.

This are the best Oster clippers for men who are new to DIY hair cutting. You can easily and safely use it to create precise and neat hair styles for yourself or for your customers. The reasons are that it is very easy to use and also it is very affordable.

If you want to save money from spending on accessories for your hair trimmer, you will be pleasantly surprised by the fact that the Fast Feed is sold with three combs sized ¼. 3/8 and ½ inches and a blending comb. Naturally, you will receive blade oil and a guard with this magnificent little tool as well. Yes, the plastic combs can be a bit flimsy but you can always invest in a high quality ceramic blade, a better quality Oster guard set or other compatible guards.

One recommendation for those of you who are looking specifically for clippers that cut bald – this particular clipper model from Oster is not suitable for this type of task. It is though great for cutting both wet and dry hair.

Overall, this semi-pro clipper is very intuitive to use. It is light, comfortable to hold and will not overheat during your hair grooming session. The Fast Feed clipper is extremely quiet despite the powerful pivot motor it is fitted with. By the way, this motor is twice as powerful as the magnetic motors which you can find in other clippers!

Best cordless home men’s clipper Wahl 79600-2101

Wahl 79600-2101 is our recommendation for cordless hair clipper for DIYersMany people who prefer to trim and cut their own hair find that using cordless hair cutters is much easier and less of a hassle. This particular model from Wahl is just that – it is powered by lithium ion batteries which means you can turn around and move the adjustable clipper in any direction you like without getting tangled in the power cord.

If you are uncertain about whether this Wahl is powerful enough given that it is not plugged in the power socket then rest assured – it has a powerful motor and can work for two whole hours! The motor of the Wahl 79600-2101 clipper is about two times more powerful than the average Wahl motor. Plus the device comes with a quick charging option which allows you to charge it for only 15 minutes to give it enough power for one whole haircut. No more waiting for hours with only half of your hair trimmed due to dead batteries!

Plus, you can choose to cut your hair anywhere without having to worry about plugging it in! Its LED light will let you know when it’s time to re-charge those batteries.

This is the best affordable hair clipper from Wahl is great for short as well as for long hair cutting. You can also use it to trim and shape your beard, moustache, ears and eyebrows as well. The powerful motor ensures that the hair clipping is even and precise at all times.

The blades of the cordless clipper are self-sharpening and provide a high precision performance. This means that you will get an even and neat cut when using it.

You will also receive a great storage case for these Wahl electric clippers for men along with all the bonus accessories it comes with, including: guides, guard for the blade, blade oil, a cleaning brush, two styling combs, a pair of sharp scissors and hair clips plus a cape to stay clean during the grooming. This Wahl clipper is a bit trickier to clean than other models, but the overall quality of the product is worth the extra effort.

In conclusion, I would like to recommend this particular cordless hair clipper who want a powerful and yet wireless clippers that can be used for grooming the hair, facial hair, eyebrows and ears. It has a very useful quick charge function, the blades will always remain as sharp as ever and it is very easy to use.

Best kit to use at home – Wahl Elite Pro

Wahl Elite Pro's performanced impresed us enough to give it the best home haircutting kit awardIf you are keen on purchasing a full kit for home use, the Wahl Elite Pro kit is a perfect choice for you. I must say that this is probably the best quality home haircutting kit currently available on the market.

It is solid and slightly heftier than other hair clippers but the powerful motor and top quality self-sharpening blades makes it an incredible for its job. The device is suitable for cutting even the thickest of hair.

You will receive the perfect combination between sturdy build, powerful performance and superb accessories if you choose to buy the best haircutting kit currently on the market.

With this purchase, you will ensure that you get really powerful hair clippers for men paired with high quality accessories for various hair cutting and trimming tasks. The metal Wahl guards that come with the Elite Pro clipper are much sturdier and more reliable than the flimsy combs which many others are sold with. The sizes start from 1/16” up to 1” and include blending #1/2 and # 1 ½ as well.

When you think about it – these professional guards cost nearly as much as a small hair clipper, but they will ensure that your haircuts at home are of barber-like quality and that they will withstand the test of time and serve you well for years ahead.

The kit also includes a deluxe storage case, styling shears, a cord wrap and a barber’s cape.

The possible con of this Wahl clipper is the lack of ear tapers, which you can buy cheaply to complement your home haircutting kit. Also, the device is on the heavier side as compared to most other magnetic-powered hair clippers, but then again it is very powerful so if you are looking for a strong roaring motor – this is the one for you.

In other words, if you are shopping for a full DIY hair clippers kit which you know you can rely on to keep your hair and the hair of other family members well-groomed at all times – the Wahl Elite Pro High Performance might be the most suitable for you!

Best compact and convenient men’s hair clippers Remington HC4250

Super compact and convenient hair cutter, Remington HC4250 hair clippers are absolute breeze to useFor those of you who want to own a pair of the best compact clipper for men to use at home or when travelling – the Remington HC4250 is an excellent option to consider investing in. It is very lightweight and compact as well as cordless which is perfect for a hassle free and easy hair trimming experience.

One of the most attractive features of the best Remington hair clipper is the fact that it is completely waterproof and thus you can use it under the shower and can wash its parts off after use easily without risking damage to the unit. This is a big plus for those of you who don’t have the time and energy to meticulously brush out and clean the HC4250 clipper after each hair cutting session.

The stainless steel blades have curved forms which allow for easier and more precise following of the contours of your head. They are wide and easy to use, and with their specific shape will allow you to cut your hair evenly every time even if you are doing it by yourself.

You can use this innovative and truly convenient hair cutter for men for an entire 40 minutes at full charge of the Lithium-Ion batteries, which is usually sufficient to cover several haircuts with one charge.

The Remington hair clippers kit also includes 9 combs sized from 1/16” to 5/8”, as well as a travel case, a cleaning brush and blade oil.

In other words – this is the best electric clippers for travelling people. This Regimngton has a lightweight body and is compact, washable and very easy to use.

One of the possible setbacks is that the motor is not as powerful as the professional range hair clippers. But then again – it is a reliable unit which is very easy to maintain, carry around and use at all times. If you want a really crisp cut, highly recommend getting a hair edger to go along with the Remington.

It is the smallest and lightest of the options available. The combs can be on the shorter side, but the curved sharp blades will compensate for this shortcoming and will allow you to achieve a neat and even cut at home or when on vacation or on a business trip.

Best Professional hair clippers

Best barbershop clippers for men Oster classic 76

Fast and reliable, every professional barbershop favorite - the Oster 76 barber hair clippersWhether you are new to the business or you have years of experience, using the proper hair clippers for the proper hair grooming tasks is essential for the end results and for the satisfaction of your customers. This is why, I strongly recommend that you invest in the Classic 76 which are the best Oster hair clippers. Just one look at this beautiful device will explain why many people in the business of hair grooming refer to it as the “Harley Davidson of men’s hair clippers”.

The manly, sturdy vintage design is complemented by a superb performance and sturdiness. You will be guaranteed a reliable hair cutting experience thanks to the powerful single speed universal motor of the Classic 76 clipper. The powerful motor and the premium quality detachable blades will ensure that your hair cutting and clipping is as precise and even as possible. The  Oster classic 76 got the second best award in our list of the best fading clippers on the market as well!

This is a detachable hair clipper for men, which means that you have to manually swap them when you want to achieve different lengths. While you still have the option to use the blade guards instead, it is these premium quality detachable blades that make this device so special.

They are without doubt one of the best quality blades on the market. They are incredibly durable and can easily cut through the thickest of hairs without effort.

The heavy-duty barber clipper is sold with a size #000 and a #1 blade. What can be a turnoff to some barbers is the fact that you will need to purchase additional blades if you have specific hair cutting needs.

This premium quality unit will withstand the tests of time and will serve you for years to come. The break resistant strong housing will remain safe and sound even after some serious and continuous use.

The Classic 76 is a rather big and heavy duty which may require some practice to master, and due to the fact that it is fitted with such a powerful motor it can be a bit noisy, but these are the most durable hair clippers for men, so if you want the real thing – the Classic 76 is your thing. Then again, if you prefer a smaller version you can opt for the Oster Model 10 instead, which is slightly smaller than this one.

But overall, this Oster classic 76 is definitely the top choice for professional hair clippers at the moment.

Best cordless ceramic hair clippers Andis 64850

If you prefer to have more freedom of movement while cutting the hair of your customers, you may want to take a closer look at this Andis professional clipper for men to use for professional looking haircuts.

The detachable blades can easily be changed and cleaned, and you will be given endless styling options with the help of this the Andis 64850. I must say that I have placed this at the top of my list of best Andis cordless hair clipper for men.

The motor is quiet and yet powerful enough so you can use it for haircut after haircut without having your head hurt from all the buzzing and vibrations.

The Andis unit is very well insulated and with its excellent lubrication you will have most powerful hair clippers with ceramic blades which you can use from morning to night without a problem.

The unique ceramic edge blades are corrosion resistant, extremely durable and will remain sharp for years. The best part is that they do not conduct heat, so you won’t risk burning or creating discomfort for your customers, and you won’t need to take tedious breaks during the haircutting in order to let the machine to cool down.

The fact that the Andis 64850 is cordless shouldn’t worry you because it is sold with a rechargeable battery which you can fully charge for just an hour and even less. After it is charged you can use it for an hour until the LED light indicator reminds you to re-charge it. The neat refresh button on the Andis’ best clipper will help you control and maximize the life and strength of the battery.

These Andis clippers for hair are smaller and quite lighter than other heavy-duty electric hair clippers, so you won’t feel fatigue and strain after a full day of cutting hair when you use it.

The only negative aspect about the Andis detachable clipper is the fact that you will need to purchase additional blades, as it comes with only one in the kit.

The durable and non-heating ceramic blades will remain sharp and yet are safer than traditional steel ones. The sturdy break resistant housing can withstand continuous use and even accidental dropping.

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Best balding hair cutter Wahl 5-Star #8110

As stated numerous times, Wahl 5 star is definitely the best balding clipper out thereIf you get a lot of requests for smooth shaves and balding at your barbershop – you should consider getting the Wahl 5-Star. It is definitely the our budget pick of a professional barber clipper on the market.

This beautiful burgundy colored balding clipper is powered by a very strong V5000 electromagnetic motor and will provide the closest cut possible thanks to the steel blades. You can achieve a cut as close as 0.1mm which is as close as you can get without using a razor.

The shape of the 5-Star is very ergonomic and provides an excellent grip for a safe and even clipping and balding experience. The size of 6.25” and weight of 1 pound is pretty standard, so you can rest assured that you won’t end up with sore hands and arms after a long day at the shop.

Even though I have rated this Wahl as the best balding clipper on the market – it is a versatile tool. You can use one of the two added blade guards sized 1/16” and 3/16” for longer haircuts and for leaving stubble.

One setback is that the blades are extremely sharp, so you may need to take extra care and do some practice work when you first start using the Wahl 5-Star, because you don’t want to risk cutting or nicking your customers! But once you get the hang of it – you will be proud of the end results and your customers will keep coming back to get that perfect balding job done!

Truly professional, the Wahl 5 star clipper requires care, skill and practice, but it is very powerful, sturdy and has extremely sharp blades.

The high quality of the Wahl 5-Star series is clearly noticeable in this model as well. You will be making an excellent long-term investment if you want to get the best balder for your business by picking this best hair clipper for bald men.

It is available at a great price for the value you will receive, so it is definitely a great option for any barber who wants to provide the best service using reasonably priced professional tools.


If you still find it difficult to make a clear distinction between hair clippers for home use and barber clippers, and you are not quite sure about the important features to look for when picking the best one for your needs, here is a short guide to help you with the differences:

  1. The price tag. The first distinct difference between both types is the price. Professional hair tools are of higher quality and are made to last long and to withstand continuous use, so it is natural that they are pricier than ones made for occasional home use.
  2. Ease of use. Barbers need years of apprenticeship, experience and learning in order to master the art of hair cutting and shaving. In general the hair cutters they use require greater skill levels while those for home use are much easier to use even for DIY haircuts.
  3. Styling options. Professional hair clippers are more versatile and can be used for professional styling, finishing and for adding a professional touch to the styling. Home use hair cutters are less versatile but yet again are made to provide the best possible DIY hair cutting results.

barber using hair clippers

Features to look for when shopping:

If you want a home clipper, you should look for the following characteristics in order to make the best buy:

  1. Make sure you don’t overspend for a hair clipper which you will use only occasionally on yourself, because the entire idea of cutting your own hair is to save money from professional services. Thankfully most home use magnetic-powered hair clippers are quite affordable.
  2. Weight and size. The more lightweight, compact and comfortable to hold a model is – the easier the home hair cutting experience will be, so choose a small clipper which provides a good grip and which will not cause your hands and arms to grow tired while you are working on your hair.
  3. Power – This feature is one which you shouldn’t compromise with. The more powerful the motor – the easier and faster the hair grooming at home will be.

These are the things to look for if you are in search for the barber-grade men’s hair clipper:

  1. High quality. Invest in a barber clipper in order to ensure that you can handle as many haircutting jobs as you can per day. They will save you time and will also allow you to provide more precise and cleaner cuts.
  2. Sturdiness and reliability. If this is how you make a living, then investing in a reliable and durable, true professional haircut machine is essential because you don’t want your work tool to fail you prior to or during a haircutting job, right? You need a device which you can rely on day after day and for every haircut.
  3. Overall performance. Choosing a tool from quality hair clipper brands will help you provide higher quality services, but you need to have some skill and experience as well!

Corded vs cordless hair clippers

The debate regarding which is better – has been ongoing for quite a while. Still, there is no one right answer to this dilemma. The answer depends on the way you plan to use the clippers.

If you have short hair and an uncomplicated hair style then using a cordless one is perfectly OK. It gives you more freedom of movement as you don’t need to bother with the cord getting in your way. Just make sure you charge the battery properly to prolong the battery life.

On the flipside, if you are sporting a complicated hair style or need the clipper to cut long and thick hair – then a corded option could be the better choice for you. Corded hair clippers receive a constant supply of power for prolonged grooming sessions, or when you are dealing with thick and long hair. This will ensure that your clipper runs smoothly and seamlessly and doesn’t lose power as the batteries drain. Plus, you won’t need to stop in the middle of your hair cut to recharge those batteries if you purchase corded hair cutters for men instead of a cordless.

If you travel a lot, you may choose to get a smaller cordless clippers to take with you. If you are a professional barber you may want to stick to the corded versions in order to avoid needing to take breaks to charge your batteries or having your clipper stop working in the middle of a haircut due to lack of power, even though the cordless Wahl 5-Star does provide a powerful performance of over 90 minutes per charge which is quite good!

How to pick the right electric clipper motor

If you are confused about the differences and pros and cons of the different kinds of motors of the clippers available on the market, here is some general information which can help you choose the best one for you (hair type, frequency of hair cutting, time available, skill levels and others):

Pivot motor

This type of barber cutter is great both for home users as well as for professionals. They work at a high power and yet have low blade speed, which allows for quicker hair cutting. The blades of this type move in both directions which allows for the device to make twice as much strokes with its blades. The pivot motors are twice as fast as magnetic ones. This type of clipper comes with removable combs or guards which you can interchange during the haircut. They also have levers to adjust the blade during the cut which is superb for fades. The hair cutters with pivot motors can cut easily through thick, wet or heavy hair as well. The Oster Fast Feed is a perfect example for this type of hair grooming units.

Magnetic motor

These are extremely fast and can reach 7200 SPM. At the same time they are significantly less powerful. Magnetic motor powered hair clippers are the perfect choice for longer haircuts. They are easy to maintain and do not get as hot as others. This type of hair clipping tool is recommended for people with fine or medium hair.

Rotary motor

This is the common type of motor used for the making of professional clipper. Rotary motors provide both high power and high blade speed and tend to be more expensive than others. They are more versatile and are usually quitter and lighter than those with other types of motors. The problem is that the clippers with rotary motors come with detachable blades, which means that you will need to stop and switch in between blades, instead of using he cheaper plastic combs which are sold with some of the other types of clippers, but again – the performance and the result will be worth it.

What you need to know about clipper blades

It’s not only the motor you should be looking at. The blades are extremely important as well. In general, the blades of a clipper consist of a cutter blade, a comb, a socket, spring as well as a blade guide.

The difference between the different haircutting kits is in the materials used for blades. Of course, the harder and stronger the material used – the better.

Currently, most clipper blades are made of stainless steel, which is strong and resistant to rusting.

The best clipper blades are made of titanium or carbon coated as well and they are stronger than the regular ones.

The leaders amongst the hair clipper blades are those made of ceramic. It is much more durable, corrosion resistant and the blades remain sharp at all times. Also, since ceramic blades do not conduct heat – they will remain cool and safe even after vigorous use. On the other hand, ceramic blades are more prone to breaking and are more expensive than those made of steel.

Overall, all of the haircutting products on my list are fitted with excellent blades, so feel free to pick the one you like most and which will serve you best!


However high end and high quality your hair cutter is, it does need some maintenance if you want to ensure that you will be using it for long. With the proper maintenance, a good hair clipper for men should last for years. Before I summarize this, here is a quick video to see it in action:

Here are the maintenance steps you need to follow if you want to be using your barber clipper for years ahead:

  1. Always clean the blades. Do it after you are done with the haircut. Use the brush and other cleaning tools included in your kit. If you don’t have a brush just use a toothbrush to get all those hairs out from the blades. You can air the hairs out by blowing into the blades as well.
  2. Clean the adjusters. Make sure you clean all the adjustable snap-on combs. Wash them out or let them soak in soapy water after you have used them. Scrub them with a cloth and let them dry.
  3. Check the alignment of the blade. Look at the length of the clipper blades while holding the machine Make sure that it is straight. This is essential if you want to create an even and precise haircut, as well as avoid accidental cuts and nicks during the grooming.
  4. Oil it. Remember to drop a few drops of oil before using the hair cutter. Drop it on the corners of the blade, the teeth and its middle. Then switch on the unit for a few seconds to let the oil spread evenly. Wipe off any excess oil with a cloth. Usually blade oil is included in the kit, so no need to worry about purchasing one separately.
  5. Replace the blade if it damaged or has become dull. If you take proper maintenance of the hair cutting machines you will not need to do this very often, but remember to replace it when the time comes if you want them to work properly and safely again.
  6. Use spray to cool and disinfect the blades. The spray also helps protect the blades from rusting and helps keep them sharp.