Unwanted facial hair can cause serious embarrassment and can even have a negative effect of the social and romantic life of a woman. This is why, removing the lip hair and other unwanted hair from the facial area is a very important question for many ladies around the world.

There are various ways to remove that unsightly lip hair that has been bothering you. Here are some of the best:


It is claimed that this hair removal method was first used by the ancient Egyptians, so possibly Cleopatra used this method to keep the unwanted hair off of her body. Sugaring is still used today as a natural and efficient hair removal method.after-removing-facial-lip-hair

Sugar and water are mixed with some lemon juice for acidity. The mixture is boiled until as much of the water has boiled out and the mixture begins looking like wax. Beware that you must let the mixture cool down to a comfortable temperature before applying it to your skin, because you can get serious burns otherwise.

Some claim that some corn starch or other powder needs to be put on the skin before the sugary wax is applied, but others believe that the “wax” needs to be put directly on the skin. Use a spatula or other similar instrument to lay a layer of the mixture over your lip. Then carefully spread a piece of cloth on the entire length of the applied mixture and with a quick movement – peel it off in a direction opposite of the hair growth. Hopefully, all or most of the hairs will be stuck to the cloth and the sugar. It is cheap, efficient, but it could take some practice until you get the exact proportions of the elements of the mixture right. Fortunately, the pre-prepared mixture can be purchased ready-made too. This method can be used for larger areas such as your arms and legs as well!


There are special smaller and gentler epilators for facial hair removal. Some people find this method quicker and more efficient than shaving. The epilator pulls out the hairs from their follicles, which some ladies may find quite painful though. The effect from epilation is longer lasting than shaving, and also, plucking the hairs will eventually make them grow thinner and finer.

Through waxing

It is fast, easy and cheap and yet a very effective hair removal method. You can go to a beautician or do it yourself with waxing strips at home. They can hurt a bit, but the waxing procedure is really fast, so the pain will be momentary. The negative side is that the skin can become a little sore and look red for a while after that, but on the other hand – it is safe, efficient and quick. Also, it doesn’t involve the use of harmful and toxic chemicals, such as bleach and hair removal creams.


The electrolysis method

Electrolysis is the most modern and efficient hair removal technique. It actually involves a metal probe zapping the hair follicle with electricity, which permanently destroys it, or partially destroys it. Some follicles need several electrolysis sessions in order to disappear. This hair removal method is very expensive, but you can expect the unwanted hair from the upper lip to be gone for at least five years after these procedures. This method works for all kinds of color hair and skin.