Even if you are not a hairstylist or barber and do just some simple hair or beard trimming at home you still definitely need a great pair of standard hair shears. You will be amazed at the difference it makes when you use a professional range pair of hair cutting scissors or thinners. The workflow will be much smoother and easier, and the end result will be a neater and great looking haircut! Thinning shears are optional for DIYer, but a must have for the professionals.

If you invest in the best hair cutting scissors, you will immediately notice the change and appreciate your shopping choice. The thing is, choosing and comparing all options is a monstrous task.

No matter whether you are only searching for hair shears or you want a combo thinning scissor set, with the great variety of different models and types, it may be quite an overwhelming task to pick the ones which will serve your needs best. This is why, I have assembled two lists – one with the reviews of the top rated hair cutting shears and the other listing high quality thinning scissors. These are suitable both for home use as well as for salon use.

Top 3 best hair cutting shears

Best overall hair shears – Got Glamour cobalt

Got Glamour without a doubt is our #1 best barber shears for cutting hairIf you are interested in purchasing the best convex hair scissors, you should opt for the Got Glamour ones. They are American made, of high quality with strengthened cobalt and molybdenum steel blades. The durable steel not only means that you will be using the Got Glamour for years to come, but it also helps make the styling much smoother and easier, as the molybdenum adds further flexibility to the tool. The special strengthened blades will remain sharp for a long time, so you won’t need to worry about looking for a replacement for your hair shears any time soon if you get a pair of these ones.

You can choose between the 6 or 7 inch versions of these professional shears, which means you can pick the size which suits your needs and which is more comfortable to use for you.

The smaller 6” size is compact and so lightweight that you will be amazed by its delicate feel and ease of use. No more sore fingers and tired hands after a long day if you consider using the Got Glamour cobalt.

For your further comfort, these barber scissors come with a special removable insert for the finger as well as a pinky rest. The design is ergonomic and will allow you to cut your or someone else’s hair easily, smoothly and without tension in the hand. One problem with the Got Glamors is that they are not as comfortable for left-handed people, so keep that in mind. Otherwise, whether you have small or big hands – this pair of professional hair scissors will fit you wonderfully and will allow you to do the best job you have ever done.

In conclusion – if you are a right handed barber or somebody who prefers to cut their hair at home – these are the best shears for hair stylists – sharp, light, comfortable and flexible – you will soon be cutting hair like never before if you get the Got Glamour cobalt.

Best hair cutting scissors – Suvorna Razeco e45

Suvorna E45 are our pick for affordable professional hair shearsThese bright colored Razecos are not only just another beautiful item to add to your tools collection – the Suvorna Razeco E45 are actually the best budget hair cutting shears! Their convex style hollow blade is made of highest quality forged Japanese steel and has a razor sharp edge for superb results. The tension adjustment nut will provide you with the exact smoothness and flexibility you prefer and will suit the type of hair you are working on.

The beautifully colored design is complemented with comfortable finger inserts made of rubber as well as a removable finger rest allowing for an ergonomic grip and fatigue and pain-free work.

The pretty Suvorna e45 is sold with a genuine leather case to it them and carry it around safely with you.

The smooth work with them will turn daily grid into a truly pleasurable experience with the Razeco E45 scissors.

Comfortable, light, ergonomic and very sharp and long-lasting, this are best hair shears for people on tighter budgets, and it also is available at a very sensible price for the value offered. This is no risk of these slipping in your hand or not being able to cut through even the thickest and curliest hair. You will have hassle free and smooth running experiences from now on if you choose this set of professional scissors for your shop or home.

So, if you are shopping for an unfailing, precise and unbelievably lightweight pair of titanium blade haircut scissors, you should definitely consider getting a pair of these rainbow colored, top grade shears!

They are affordable, stylish and will remain precise and sharp for years! There is no doubt that you and your customers and family will all enjoy getting haircuts with them.

Runner up: Chimocee Barber and Salon Razor Edge

Chimocee Razor Edge are also great for straightforward work and occasional thinning hair with scissorsThese Chimocee regular hair scissors are perfect for salon use and for home use as well. They are made of light and durable Japanese steel. The blades are incredibly sharp and will remain sharp haircut after haircut for years. They are hollow and have been deep frozen for added durability.

They allow for easy and very precise work on even the most complicated hairstyles.

The Chimocee Razor Edges are very light and comfy to hold. No more pain in the fingers and thumbs from pressing against hard steel. These are excellent scissors for hair stylists as they have smooth and removable rests for added cushioning and superb balance during use.

The tension tuning is easily adjustable, so you can pick a tension level suitable for your specific needs and purposes each time you use these magnificent beauties.

These barber scissors are especially great for giving clean cuts without damaging the hair ends. They can be used both on wet and on dry hair without pulling. The sharp blades will cut through any type of hair. You will be stunned by your work speed and precision when you use them.

Chimocee is known for its excellent customer service so if you have any complaint you should not hesitate to call them immediately in order to resolve the issues you are experiencing.

If you order these top rated hair cutting shears you will receive an adjustable tension screw tool as well as a stylish cushioned gift box to store them properly.

Their stainless steel blades will last long and will stay sharp and comfortable to use for a long time. You can be sure that you are making an excellent investment if you choose to purchase Chimocee for your salon or for your home.

Top 3 best thinning and texturizing shears

Best hair shear and thinning scissor set

  • Mosher Salon Tools Diamond – for right handed stylists
  • Purple Dragon set for left handed stylists

the 2-in-1 Mosher Salon Tools Diamond is our best haircut scissors setWhen I get asked for my opinion on the perfect value set of hair cutting scissors, the Mosher Salon Tools Diamond set is one that comes into mind first. Second is the Dragon Set for lefties.

The cutting and texturing scissors from Mosher Salon Tools are of the highest quality Japanese steel. These 6” long beauties are handmade and are designed to perfectly fit your fingers allowing for easy, smooth and pain-free work, which makes them perfect for saloon owners and hairdressers, barbers or groomers who can use them all day long customer after customer.

The blades are sharp and well-oiled which allows for easy work with all hair types. Mosher Salon Tools has put all its long experience when designing and making these top professional shears. They are lightweight, ergonomic and with hollow and razor sharp blades. All this is available at a very reasonable price and comes with a satisfaction guarantee from the renowned manufacturer.

If you are looking for an excellent set of standard hair shears and thinning scissors which will last long and will make your hair grooming a much easier and successful task – the Diamond set is one which you should strongly consider purchasing.

One of the few cons is that there are no removable rubber inserts to cushion the fingers and thumbs during the grooming, but you can always add them yourself. Also, the cutting process is so easy and soft with these wonderful tools that you will most probably not need additional inserts anyway.

So, go ahead and order a pair of these barber shears and hair thinning scissors today and join the growing club of barbers, hairstylists and pet groomers who are already relying on them for their everyday jobs!

For lefties, we highly recommend the Purple Dragon 6” Set as they were the best left handed hairdressing scissors – sharp, efficient and beautiful. On top of this, they come with a lifetime warranty. Cut hair in comfort with these beauties!

Best texturizing shears – Equinox Razor Edge

Our #2 thinning shear is Equinox - just read the raving thinning scissors reviews and you'll know whyEquinox is already one of the top recognizable brands among pro stylists and barbers, so there is no surprise that the Razor Edge have made as the second best thinning shears on this list.

They are 6.5 inches long and have an impressively stylish and classy design. The gold painted on top of the high quality steel adds to the beautiful design and makes these hair thinning scissors a joy to have, hold and use.

The hollow convex blades are made of top notch quality Japanese steel which will ensure through a lot of hair thinning and texturing and its blades will remain as sharp as ever even after years of use.

The Equinox Razor Edge cuts through any hair type without any pulling or tension, and you will be able to create even, precise and perfect looking hairstyles without any painful pulling of the hair or too much pressure on your fingers and thumbs.

If you have bigger hands, you can easily remove the rubber inserts which come with the Equinox Style B of this series. The comfortable finger rest of these hair thinning shears is perfect for both big and small hands.

The other styles you can choose from include: thinning A, cutting A, thinning B and cutting B. They are available in sets as well, so you can go ahead and order a set from this series at an amazing price.

Equinox offers a 30 day money back guarantee, so you can safely invest in a pair of these high quality thinning scissors and try them out for yourself for up to a month before deciding on keeping them.

Overall, the Razor Edge is a reasonably priced, beautifully designed, sharp and precise –  a perfect addition to your hair grooming tools at home or in your saloon.

Best balanced thinning shears – Mosher Salon Tools

Mosher Salon Tools are one of the best thinning shears you can getThis pair of hair thinning shears from Mosher Salon Tools is one of my top recommendations for those of you who are left handed. The ergonomic design including a molded finger rest will allow you to work on the hair of your customers or on your own hair at home without the usual pain and tension associated with some of the others available on the market. Hair grooming has never felt better and more relaxing than when you use a pair of high quality, sharp and precise thinners! No more pain in the fingers, hands and back even after hours of using these Moshers.

They are 6 inches long and the handmade convex blades are hollow ground and made of the highest quality durable Japanese steel used in the hair grooming and beauty industry.

Due to the fact that they are sharp enough to easily cut through any type of hair, as well as the overall comfort and ease of use they provide make the Mosher Salon Tools thinners a perfect tool for those who spend hours styling and grooming the hair of their customers, family or of pets.

The Mosher thinning scissor works well and seamlessly with both long and short hair, so it is a very nice and versatile tool for professionals and for home users.

The Mosher Salon Tools thinning scissors are sold with a great looking and comfortable leather case, so you needn’t worry about accidentally injuring yourself or about dulling the scissor blades when they are not in use.

One of the finest characteristics of these great shears for hair thinning and texturing is their price! You will be amazed at the quality you will receive for such a price. You will be making the perfect investment if you bet on Mosher Salon Tools, and you will be able to use them for years ahead, given their great quality and durability.

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Types of scissors for cutting hair:
Best blending, thinning and texturizing shears

In this short guide we will address the differences between the different types of hair cutting shears which you can choose from. But first, let’s start with some visual guide on haircutting:

Regular hair scissors – shortening & straightforward work

These are the “normal” cutting shears which you most probably imaging when you hear the word “scissors”. With two flat and sharp blades – they are made for shortening and straightforward hair cutting.

Thinning hair shears – shaping and detailing

Made for detailed hair work, the thinners are used for reducing the thickness of the hair rather than cutting it. You can easily recognize them by the small and narrow teeth with narrow spaces in between them on both of their blades. These teeth are used for the actual hair texturing as well as for blending.

Blending scissors – shaping bigger volumes

These are similar to the thinning shears but blenders are made for finer and more delicate work, while as the thinning scissors are used for shaping and texturing bigger hair volumes. Usually one of their blades is flat and the other is flat.

Texturizing shears – more profound effect than regular thinning shears

This type has much wider teeth and much wider spaces in between them. Their effect is much more visible than that of thinning or blending shears and the actual texture of the hair will be affected. You can use texturizing shears for creating a visible texture and hair separation which allows for creating unique hairstyles as well as volume wherever it is needed.

For super short hairstyles, use one of the recommended hair clippers here or if you want a super clean and mess-free work use a vacuum hair clipper.

Final Advice: Left-Handed Scissors

There are many left-handed pros that are using right-hand scissors for years. Due to the years of use, they will feel uncomfortable using the best true left-handed professional shears. For all others – if you feel uncomfortable – make sure that scissors match your dominant hand. Convenience above all!

I hope I have helped you pick the proper hair cutting scissors to suit your specific needs. Looking forward to your comments and personal experiences!