Tips for First Time Beard-Growers

There are some things which men who are trying to grow a beard should know beforehand. First of all, there is some waiting and thus patience involved in beard growing. This waiting process can be a little trying, because the beard can be uneven and unsightly while it is growing into a full-grown one.

If you are wondering what the color of your beard will be, the answer is – you can never be sure, not until it has actually grown. Sometimes the color can be quite surprising, darker or whiter than you though it would be. But this is part of the charm of the whole beard growing process.

Trimming the beard is very important. Make sure you trim the neck, in order to avoid your beard getting into the chest hair, or the back hair. Try to keep the edges of the beard clean. Trim the moustache too, so it doesn’t grow over your lips and get into your mouth too. This is especially helpful when eating with a moustache and beard, especially in public.

Your beard needs special cleaning. Make sure you shampoo and condition your beard just as you do with your hair when you are taking a shower or a bath. You need to do this regularly, so that you don’t gross out other people with food and other stuff stuck on your beard.

How about the romantic part?

Your growing beard and moustache can go two ways when it comes to your romantic life. Some partners find a beard very different and sexy for touching and kissing, and others would rather not do too much kissing, especially during the growing of the beard. So, it actually depends on your relationship and your partner whether or not your beard will affect your love life.


The way in which other people will perceive you will most likely change too, until they get used to your new beard at least. Some people perceive the beard as a symbol of freedom and rebelliousness, but to others it is a bad hipster thing. So, depending on the people you communicate with, the reactions can be quite different. Believe me, it will take quite a bit of time for you yourself to start perceiving yourself normally while you are growing your beard.

A good idea is to take some beard related tips from a friend or other person you know who has years of experience as a beard owner. You won’t believe how many useful things you may learn from them.

Once you get used to your beard and the people around you get used to it too, you will see that it is not so weird, and that it actually is the most natural thing in the world.

How to actually grow a beard?

Movember is coming, so I bet you have decided to start growing that moustache and maybe a beard. The first days and weeks are the most difficult to endure, but you can do it. If you are a newbie, here are some useful tips on how to grow and properly maintain a beard:


  1. Withstand the urge to shape and trim your beard for at least a month. This will allow you to observe how your hair grows naturally, as well as the directions it takes, its color, etc. Of course, make sure that your beard doesn’t get connected to your chest hair – keep its edges well shaped at all times, without overdoing it!
  2. Remember to take care of the skin underneath that beard. If it is dry – moisturize it, if it is oily – make sure you cleanse it properly with the suitable products.
  3. Wash your beard, condition it, and moisturize it with coconut oil or another essential oil. This feeds the hair, makes it softer and also smells well.
  4. If you are tempted to shave the damn thing off because of the horrible itch – resist the temptation. Keep washing it and moisturizing it and the itch will go away!
  5. After a month has passed, it is time to shape that beard of yours by using a good pair of scissors and a razor (check out our article straight razor vs safety razor) . It is best to trust your barber with this task, but if you prefer to do it alone, you can experiment for hours and enjoy finding that perfect and satisfying shape to suite your face and your style! If you really mess it up – go to an experienced barber.

Good luck with the beard growing!