If you are wondering exactly how long razor blades last and when the exact time you should replace your razor blade with a new one is – well, there is no one right answer to this question.

how long razor blades last

The truth is, that the biggest manufacturers of razor blades refuse to specify what the durability of their razor blades is, possibly because they rely on more sales to people who replace their razor blades more often than necessary. Also, how fast it gets dull depends on what and how often you are shaving or using it for.

Simply put you should be able to feel when your razor blade needs to be replaced with a new one. There are some ways to tell if that time has come and also some tips on how to prolong the life of your razor blade too.

First of all, there is definitely no need to replace your razor blade after each shave. You should feel the way it glides across your skin. When you are shaving along with the grain of your hair, if you feel like the razor blade is pulling the hairs, then most likely – it is blunt and needs to be replaced. Using a dull razor blade is dangerous, as it is actually more likely to cause you to cut or nick yourself while shaving than when using a perfectly sharp new one.

Also blunt razor blades can cause some unpleasant skin irritation and rashes after shaving.

Overall, the number of times you can successfully and safely use a razor blade depends on the area which you are using it to shave as well as the thickness of the shaved hair there.

How to Make Your Blades Last a Bit Longer?

In order to prolong the life of your razor blade, you should take the time to wash it and clean it well after shaving. Rinse it with hot water to remove all hairs, shaving soap, cream and other residues from it after each use. After you wash it, let it dry naturally, so that it doesn’t rust.

In case you notice any rust on your razor blade, you should dispose of it immediately because cutting yourself with a rusty blade could be very dangerous due to the fact that it could lead to an infection as well as tetanus, which can be fatal.

So, to prolong the life of your razor blade and stay away from infections, skin irritations and accidental cuts and nicks, keep your razor blade clean and dry.

In case you have more than one safety razor, then if you are not planning to use a particular razor for some time, make sure you remove the blade and place it in the new razor or dispose of it safely. Even though the majority of the good quality razor blades are made of high quality stainless steel, if they are left unused for a long time in the razor, they are more likely to rust or corrode.

In general, double edge razor blades should last for at least three shaves, and good quality ones have an average of 5-7 excellent quality shaves in them. Of course, people who use the razor blade for less coarse hair, will possibly be using their razor blade for a longer time, than those using it for thick and coarse hair shaving.


Given that so many people are turning back to the old fashioned double edge razor blade shaving because it is a much more financially efficient, comfortable option than the safety cartilage razor shaving, it is a good idea to pay attention to taking better care of the DE razor blades and to find ways to keep them sharp, efficient and safe for as long as possible.