Make your skin feel fresher, rejuvenated and hydrated with Jack Black Supreme cream

jack black supreme shaving cream



The Jack Black Supreme shaving cream is the right cream for people who want to improve their shaving experience altogether. After you use this product you will immediately feel the amazing effect it has on the shaving process and the skin.

It is a great shaving cream for mixing the best thick and rich lather for the smoothest shave possible. It contains no alcohol, no dyes, parabens and gluten, and no animal-cruelty related products or tests. It is also fragrance free, so it is great for those of you who can be sensitive to some shaving products with rather strong after-scents. Actually, this cream can do wonders even if you have sensitive skin.



Your skin will feel fresh, rejuvenated and hydrated. The triple cushion shaving cream provides not one but three layers of sufficient hydration which will ensure get a smooth shave without any irritation or razor burn of the skin during and after that. The triple cushion is actually a great combination of glycerin, macadamia nut, soybean and jojoba oils. These amazing ingredients will help prevent any cuts and nicks, and will ensure a smooth and seamless shaving process. They will penetrate your skin and keep it hydrated after you are done shaving. The manufacturer hasn’t stopped there when creating this great shaving cream. Its other components include: plantago leaf extracts and organic edelweiss which are healthy antioxidant and will help improve the rejuvenation of the skin and he synthesis of the collagen which keeps your skin youthful and healthy.

You don’t need a shaving bowl for this cream. All you need is a tiny bit, or a small dab of your shaving brush and you will be able to achieve an amazingly rich lather for the ultimate smooth and close shave. This means that, even though it comes in a relatively small tube, it will actually last you for a long time and for many shaves.


Overall, if you are looking for a perfect shaving cream which will do the best for your skin and will allow you to actually enjoy your shaving experience, this triple protection, hydrating shaving cream is the one for you!