The traditional kamisori razors were first introduced to Japan by Buddhist monks from Korea. Ever since then, they have been leaders in the straight razor market. They are made of the highest quality steel alloys, have shorter blades which are shaped differently than traditional straight razors and don’t fold into the handle, unlike their western counterparts.

The kamisori razors are shorter than traditional ones, but have bigger and more comfortable handles, which makes them preferred by many.

What is kamisori?

kamisori razor review smallMore than 800 years ago, the kamisori was first introduced to Japan, and the blade smiths gradually specialized in making the highest quality blades of premium Japanese alloy steel. When Japan opened its borders to the rest of the world, namely the US and the Western world, the kamisori razor was gradually introduced to the rest of the world and became a highly regarded and popular razor around the world.

Straight razor vs Kamisori

The razor is generally shorter than a regular or beginners’ straight razor. The blade of the kamisori razor is one sided and is never longer than 2 inches. The shape of the kamisori razor is also different, which makes it unique and easier to sharpen. Plus, the blade does not fold into the handle, as do the traditional straight razor blades.

If you are looking for the top straight razor for yourself or as a gift, this Kamisori straight razor is definitely one of the top picks. It is of amazing quality and is a bit on the higher end when it comes to pricing, but nevertheless, this kamisori straight razor is a great personal shaving razor to buy, especially if you are experienced in traditional wet shaving with a traditional straight razor. The shaving experience is a bit different with the kamisori straight razor, but the quality of the shave is exceptionally good once the shaving technique with this razor is perfected.

Kamisori Razor Review – pros, cons and features

best kamisori razor

The pros of the kamisori razors are that the authentic ones are shorter than the traditional straight razor, which can make it easier to handle and use. Also, the authentic kamisori blades are made of the highest grade Japanese alloy steel which is extremely hard, durable and comes with a lifetime warrantee. The handle is big and comfortable to hold, which makes it safer and easier to use for wet shaving.

One of the only cons of the kamisori razors is the high price range, but this is because of the high quality steel and materials used to make one of these razors.

Another possible con is that the different length and shape of the blade of the kamisori razor can require some more effort and time for getting used to and learning to use properly.

The characteristics of this straight razor are simply amazing! The blade is made of the typical kamisori highest grade premium alloy steel, which makes it possible to endure years and years of use. Both the blade and handle of this kamisori straight razor are much tougher and harder than those of the cheaper aluminum bladed ones available. This does make this straight razor one of the heavier ones on the market, so it is suitable for big hands, a stronger grip and can get some getting used to.

The original kamisori razors are collector items, but this kamisori straight razor can easily be purchased by anyone. Still, this new model from the classic kamisori style is a very good investment both for newbies and for experienced traditional wet shavers who like straight razors. The blade and the razor as a whole is practically unbreakable, and if taken care of and honed regularly and properly can last you a lifetime and serve you well forever. In fact, it comes with a lifetime warranty.

Is it worth it?

Given its unique quality, form, durability and history, the kamisori razor is definitely worth buying and owning. It is a very good investment, because with its high quality and the durability, you can use it for many years to come.

This kamisori razor not only looks very cool, but also will help you get the nicest and closest shaves ever.

Given the quality of the materials used and the lifetime warranty, the purchase of one of these amazing razors is definitely worth it!

True, it is one of the more expensive straight razors on the market, but the high quality and style of this razor are definitely worth it. It is a cool item to have and to learn to use. Produced by traditional Japanese blade smiths to provide the ultimate comfort, durability, and precision, this straight razor is a perfect purchase for your own use or as a gift to a dear friend.