In order to make a good overall impression, you must make sure that you take the time and put in the effort of grooming yourself properly on a regular basis. In order to create and maintain a good image among others, you should make sure you engage in proper personal grooming.

Small but noticeable things can ruin your entire image. Some examples are: dirty fingernails, chipped nail polish, un-ironed clothes, scuffed shoes, red patches on the face, messy hair and untidy makeup, faded clothing or wearing bad designer knockoff accessories and clothes, etc.


To ensure that your grooming is sufficient and satisfactory examine yourself in the mirror before you go out. Here are the areas you need to pay closer attention to:


Make sure that your skin is clean and that your complexion is even. Even if you do not have perfect skin, you can take care of it, so that it looks well. Make sure you use good quality sunscreen, drink a lot of water, exercise regularly and avoid smoking. Make sure you scrub and wash your face on a regular basis, treat it with the appropriate day and night creams and use suitable concealer to achieve a healthy and even complexion. Always remove all of your makeup before going to bed.

Facial hair

Make sure you remove any unwanted and unsightly facial hair. You can use tweezers or laser hair removal for single stranded facial hairs. Denser hair growth can be removed by threading, laser hair removal, electrolysis or a home IPL hair remover. Avoid shaving, because of the stubble and risk of ingrown hairs. Make sure you shape the eyebrows once in every 6 weeks and clean them from unwanted hairs once a week. Go to a beautician, if it is your first time forming your eyebrows, then take care of the growing new hairs by yourself. You can use an eyebrow stencil.

The make up

Be careful not to overdo it when applying makeup. Apply it evenly and aim for a fresh and healthy look. For the evening and night you can apply heavier make up on, upon occasion.
Your hair

No matter whether it is long or short, your hair says a lot about you, so make sure that it is clean, styled and tidy at all times. Wash your hair daily or every other day. Make sure you dye the roots of your hair regularly, if you dye your hair.



To make a perfect impression on other people, it is expected that your body is properly groomed and dressed.  Here are some tips on making sure that you are well groomed and that you are presentable for any situation.


Make sure you get and maintain a good posture. This is best done with regular exercising which strengthens the core and gives a good exercise. Follow a healthy diet to stay in shape, and have better self-confidence and that you can wear the clothes you want to wear.

Body hair removal

There are many ways to remove unwanted hair from your armpits, legs, arms, private parts and other places on the body. Shaving is quicker, but it is the least permanent method. You can try waxing, epilation, electrolysis or laser hair removal. Also, there are various depilatory creams and home waxing kits you can try out yourself.

Your fingernails

Make sure that your fingernails are clean, buffed and well-shaped at all times. Even if you don’t wear fingernail polish, apply a clear, protective coating, to make your fingernails look clean and well-kept. Of course, same goes for your toe nails too.


Our favorite grooming products

A good quality hair brush which will last you a lifetime

The high quality and yet affordable Mason Pearson hair brush is a great choice. It will serve you faithfully for life.

A DIY home light based IPL hair removal system is perfect to help you easily and painlessly tackle the problem with unwanted body and facial hair.

The double sided lighted mirror from Conair – this oval mirror is excellent for putting makeup on, for tweezing facial hair, or for cleaning the pores and the face. It has a magnified mirror on one side for a closer look.

The Nano Ionic NanoCare Facial steamer

The relaxing and cleansing effect of steaming your face is amazing. This steamer is excellent for cleaning out the pores and the skin from dead skin cells.

Overall, personal grooming is an act of politeness and kindness to others. To be neat, presentable and elegant at all times is of service not only for your personal self-confidence, but also for other people.