Get great shearing results with the best clippers for cattle you can findAre you faced with the dilemma of picking the best value clippers for farm cattle? Yes, it is a difficult choice because naturally, you want to get the most for your money spent. You have to be certain that the cattle clippers you buy are powerful and yet safe and quiet enough so that your farm animals and you yourself do not get stressed out when it comes time for clipping and shearing.

There are various options available, including some very efficient cordless cattle clippers which will make the process of trimming and shearing much easier on you and the animal

Our Honest Cattle Clippers Reviews

Best overall clippers for cattle – Oster variable speed clipmaster

#1 choice is the Oster ClipmasterThe Oster variable speed clipmaster is an impeccable tool for efficient and safe clipping of your cattle and horses. You get to pick a speed from 700 to 3000 strokes per minute for the different body parts and clipping jobs.

The Oster clipper will help you get the job done quickly, so both you and your animal will be happy.

The motor is cool running and quiet. Just adjust the blade using the handy tension knob on these sturdy and versatile cow clippers.

The Oster clipmaster is a heavy-duty device with a CryogenX blade which can deal with any type of cattle hair. It is bulkier than other animal clippers but it provides a steady and controlled grip.

The kit includes lubricating oil, blade clipper grease and a neat storage case for keeping the clippers sound and safe when you are not using them.

You can choose among an infinite range of trimming speeds as you are grooming the animal. This will make the process much more efficient and hassle-free. For the best results, you should use the fastest speed for clipping heavy growth of horses or cows as well as for shearing sheep. Also, for long jobs, take short breaks to avoid overheating the blades.

Adjust the comb and cutter according to your needs and so you don’t need to worry about nicking or hurting the skin of the animal. This will save a lot of time because you won’t need to go over the same area more than once or twice!

Go for the Oster clipmaster and grooming the animals will never feel like a loathed chore again!

Best professional cordless cattle clippers – Andis Super AGR+

Andis livestock clippers AGR+ are our choice for wireless shearsAndis Super AGR+ are superb clippers for cattle for a number of reasons. You don’t need to worry about breaking them during heavy use. The housing of these battery cattle clippers is break resistant. This gives you the opportunity to comfortably groom your livestock with the Andis cordless livestock clippers. Given the 1 hour, continuous run time of the Super AGR+, clipping and shearing has never been easier. Just recharge it for just an hour and get back to grooming the animals. The additional battery pack can be charged separately, and you always have the option of buying a cord pack if you want even more hours of continuous use.

You will be delighted with the precision and sharpness of the detachable CeramicEdge blade. With proper care such as regular cleaning and oiling, it will last for years. You can also use alternative blades, such as Oster A-5, UltraEdge, ShowEdge or CeramicEdge blades, so the options are limitless.

The grooming will become a seamless, quiet and enjoyable routine for you and your animals once you start using the Andis Super AGR+.

Cordless, lightweight, comfortable to hold and with 1 hour of continuous run time, the AGR+ is a perfect grooming tool for big and small livestock or pets.

Mid-range electric cattle shears – Lister Star

Lister clippers are fast, durable and super efficientSay goodbye to the fatigue and soreness after a long grooming session once you get your hands on the Lister Star.

This cattle and large animal shears are just what you need if you have a lot of animals which need regular grooming. It is especially useful for dealing with thick or dirty coats because the powerful 45W motor provides constant reliable speed. These dairy cow clippers ensure fast grooming job without the need for going over the same area again and again.

The powerful cattle clipper requires minimal maintenance. Just clean it after use and oil the blade. Despite, the fact that the head has a ventilation system, there could be some overheating after prolonged use, so make sure you stop to cool it down periodically. Even if you get carried away, the special overload system will automatically shut the Lister clipper down to protect the motor from overheating. The cooling system is also convenient for keeping the hair cuttings away from your face while you are grooming the animal.

No more worries about hurting or cutting the animal’s skin, you can hold the Star clipper steadily and work through the coat with ease for hours.

Although the Lister Star is only 800g, it is a sturdy and reliable clipping machine which will allow you to get a perfect grooming job done quickly and easily.


Whichever of these clippers for farm livestock you choose, you will be content with your choice and the investment you have made. No more expensive professional grooming – now you will be able to do it yourself with ease due to the help of these useful tools.

All of them are of high quality and with proper maintenance and regular cleaning and oiling will serve you faithfully for years ahead!