Try wet shaving with this excellent Merkur Longheld Razor

Merkur Longheld razor



With the straight and safety razors making a comeback in recent years, you may have been pondering about what type to buy for yourself. The Merkur Long Handled Safety Razor offers high-quality, close shaving. The handle is long enough to be used comfortably by men with very big hands. Plus, the longer handle is very useful for people who are used to using the standard disposable razors, as it has a similar length and feel. The chrome finish adds to the great look and the sturdiness of this German-made razor.

The money you will be saving by purchasing this safety razor if you have been using the replaceable handles and razors is amazing. This particular razor will serve you well for years to come. Plus, this safety razor will most likely give you a closer shave and is actually better for your skin, as compared to the modern replaceable ones with triple and more blades and lubricant strips.



Buying this razor will save you all that money for those replaceable razors as well. Not to mention the positive effect on the environment using a safety razor rather than disposable razor handles and blades has…

It can also be used for shaving legs, armpits and the bikini area, so if you are a lady who is interested in getting an efficient razor, which will leave your skin smooth and safe from cuts and irritation after shaving, this is one safety razor to take a closer look at. All you need to do is find the best blades to suit your particular needs and hair type, and you are set to go.


So, if you want to buy a good looking, easy to use and wash, durable and most importantly very efficient razor, this one is definitely one to consider.
It will endure years of use, washing, and still will give you the close shave you can rarely achieve with the modern replaceable razors.