You’ve got to feel it to really appreciate the quality and built of the Muhle Open Comb DE Razor

muhle open comb DE razor


This sturdy, high quality, German-made double edge safety razor is an outstanding razor. If you are tired of paying for the latest replaceable and disposable razors, this is one purchase which will definitely pay off.


Its chrome plating and the engraved finish of the handle gives this razor an absolutely gorgeous classic look and feel. The ergonomic design, the safe and comfortable grip of the textured handle will ensure the razor is always doing what you want it to be doing, even if you are shaving in the shower and everything is wet and soapy.

It will ensure you get a nice, safe and perfectly close shave. If you have been using the modern disposable razors, you will be amazed what the difference in the shaving quality and the nice smooth feel of your skin will be after you start using this safety razor.



This razor has an open comb, which means it allows for a more aggressive shave, which makes it a perfect purchase or gift for all fans of good old wet shaving. It is an excellent razor, especially for people who are used to using safety razors. It can take some getting used to by newbies, but once you get the hang of it, you will be amazed by the results.


Its beautiful industrial design will almost make you want to take it to work or to a date with you and show it off. It is a durable, sturdy and classic razor, which will serve you for years.
Once you get used to shaving with this safety razor and with some practice, you will find that you have never had such a close shave before. It is probably as close to shaving with a straight razor as it gets. Yes, the open comb does lead to a more aggressive shaving, so you need to be careful when you first start using it. After you get used to it though, you will most likely never want to switch back to disposable modern razors ever again!