Traditional and reliable - Oster 76 professional clippers rely on the power not on the modern lookDid you always watch your dad’s barber use a beautiful vintage hair clipper with envy and excitement while you were waiting for your turn on the chair?

With the Oster 76 clipper, you have the chance to experience the amazing feeling of holding and using such a perfect classic barber tool yourself.

The Oster Classic 76 clippers are no doubt one of the most popular and preferred barber clippers in the US.

It comes to no surprise that many professionals call this stylish, powerful and rather noisy hair clipper- the Harley Davidson in the world of barber tools.

These are the epitome of the classic American, sturdy professional barber clippers for men.

Overview of the iconic Oster Classic 76 clippers

Oster 76 body: a timeless classic and a cut above the standard clippers

The Oster Classic 76 is definitely not a toy. It is a sturdy professional barber cutter which weighs about 1.7 lbs. and has a rather large 7-inch long body. It is made for men who are ready to handle the weight for hours.

In return, this pro range hair clipper will never disappoint you when it comes to smooth, precise and hassle-free hair cutting.

Oster classic 76 blades cut through curly and straight, thick and thin hair with ease

The Oster 76 blades are incredibly strong and sharp. The manufacturer has ensured this by cryogenically testing them, and guaranteeing that they will last long and will withstand a lot of wear and tear.

They will easily cut through any type of hair, even the thickest and the curliest type. This makes the Oster 76 classic the perfect barber hair cutter which can handle customer after customer without fail.

As for the housing of this beast, it is made of fall-resistant Valox. It makes the 76 clipper virtually unbreakable.

The design of the Oster Classic 76 clippers is what fascinates the most. Oster has stuck to its traditional vintage style for decades, and it seems like this tendency will continue in the future too.

This is a corded hair cutter with thick and long heavy duty cord allows for easy maneuvering and ensures that the cable will remain intact even after heavy use.

The 76 is sold with clipper grease, blade oil, a handy cleaning brush as well as instructions for use.

Once you have one of them in your hand, you will immediately know what holding the authentic all-American barber clippers feel like.

It is a very mighty cutter, which due to its immensely powerful motor can be quite loud and can get hot.

But let’s take a look at that motor and those blades in more detail in this Oster Classic 76 review.

Oster 76 blades & motor rundown

A beast inside: take a look at the powerful universal motor of the classic 76 OsterBoth the blades and the motor of this professional hair clipper are the dream for all barbers. Being the flagship product of Oster, the Classic 76 never fails to amaze us.

The Oster 76 motor is a one-of-a-kind single speed universal one. It is way more powerful than the standard electromagnetic and pivot motors, and is the heart and soul of this King of all clippers.

The motor will ensure that you cut high volumes of all types of hair without fail, and without needing to pause.

The Oster 76 clipper blades are tested in extremely harsh environmental conditions for sturdiness. They are made of stainless steel and will remain sharp and intact even after years of continuous heavy duty use.

The Oster Classic 76 is a detachable blade clipper. In order to switch to different length settings, you need to change the blades.

The clipper blades which are included in the set are size #0000 (for 1/50 inch length) and a size #1 (for a length of 3/24 inches).

These are perfect for bulk hair removal as well as of medium fades.

My tips on the Oster 76 clipper maintenance

If you want your classic 76s to last longer and provide the performance expected of them at all times, you need to oil the blades.

By cleaning and oiling the clipper regularly, you will ensure that the clippers run smoothly, without any pulling and without the need to cover the same area twice or more times.

So, take the time to ensure that proper maintenance is provided, and your Oster clippers will serve you for years to come!

Where Oster 76 professional clipper falls short?

Closeup of the Oster Clasic 76As you know – no single thing is absolutely perfect. The same goes for this clipper. Although some of the shortcomings may be considered advantages by some professional barbers and enthusiasts.

First, the Oster 76 is quite hefty. At 1.7 lbs. it is way heavier than some of the other barber clipper models.

Also, the professional Oster hair clipper can get quite noisy and hot, especially after prolonged use. The extremely powerful motor is loud and heats up their body. You get the perfect hair cutting performance and results thanks to it, so you need to choose whether you want a quieter and not-so-hot pair of clippers and compromise on the quality of the hair cutting, or you prefer to go with the Harley Davidson of barber clipper models instead.

You can resolve the heating problem by applying coolant, and by taking small breaks after bulky haircuts. The heating usually starts after about 15 minutes of continuous use.

Eye-candy design varieties you can grab

Apart from the original burgundy color of the Classic 76, you can choose among several limited edition options. There is the Vibrant color model, the stunning Driftwood edition, the fun Mustache clipper, the limited edition Gold classic 76 and many other color options suitable for any taste.


There is no doubt whatsoever that the Oster Classic 76 barber clippers are one of the top professional heavy-duty hair clippers around.

The roaring universal motor, the durable and sharp blades, and the unbreakable hefty body will never fail you no matter what kind of hair you are cutting.

It is a bulky, professional clipper which requires a strong grip, regular oiling and cooling. If you are ready to provide that – you are ready for the Classic 76!