unboxing the Oster Fast FeedDo you want a pair of well-rounded clippers to cut your own hair or that of a family member? Are you looking to get one of the semi-pro hair cutters instead of just a commercially available one?

Then, the Oster Fast Feed, which is one of the best medium-budget hair clippers on the market, could be the perfect solution for you.

If you are still deliberating on this question, please take the time to read this balanced Oster Fast Feed review. Hopefully, it will help you make your mind on whether Oster’s Fast Feed clippers are the best choice to suit your needs and whether or not they will meet your expectations.

Overview of Oster Fast Feed

Just like with any other set of Oster hair clippers, you will recognize the Fast Feed clippers immediately by their classic vintage design and their dark burgundy color. This is Oster’s trademark look which as it seems won’t be changing any time soon. It is also what makes these barber hair cutters so recognizable and liked by barbers and by their customers or home users too.

The Oster Fast Feed weighs 1 pound which is standard for this range of hair clippers. It is also what makes it a professional hair cutter machine – you don’t want some light cheap plastic toy.

Oster Fast Feed: You have a lot of choices in the design department, you can get the classic burgundy Fast Feed or go for one of the Oster's special designsIf you choose to invest in the Fast feeds, you will receive a set of 4 blades (blending, 1/4, 3/8 and ½ inches), as well as blade oil, a brush for cleaning and a blade guard.

You can also opt for a kit which includes the Oster clipper with a set of all 8 guards too.

The ergonomic and textured shape and design of the hard plastic body of the Oster clippers make it easy to grip and maneuver. This is essential, especially if you are planning on DIY session at home.

Plus, it doesn’t weigh as much as the heavy-duty Classic 76, so you will have a much easier time when using it.

Also, due to their Whisper Quiet pivotal motor, the Fast feeds will hum instead of a loud roar during use, which makes it easier on your ears. It doesn’t heat up as much as the bigger, heavy duty or metal haircutting machines either. This makes it require less maintenance or the need of applying coolant during from time to time.

Overall, this is a comfortable, quiet and cool running hair cutter which is of professional range and yet makes an amazing clipper for beginners and home users as well.
It provides a great value for its price too, so you will not be breaking the bank as well.

Close up of the motor inside

What makes the Oster Fast Feed clipper stand out from the others in its range is no doubt its Whisper-Quiet pivot motor. It is in fact twice as powerful as the regular magnetic motors. At the same time, it is not only prolific, but it runs relatively quietly as well which is why many barbers use it in their shops for the non-heavy bulk cutting jobs.

The motor of the Fast Feed clippers allows for smooth and precise work on both wet and dry jobs.

It is a powerful motor, and still is one of the quietest ones available. It doesn’t heat up the body and the blades of the hair cutter to uncomfortable levels either.

Oster Fast Feed blades & what it is best suited towards

Oster Fast Feed blades are straight and plow through various hair types pretty smoothly

This is an adjustable blade clipper which essentially means that you can control the cutting length as you are working via a side lever.

The Fast Feed blades can be adjusted from a blade size #0000 for a close cut to a blade size #1 for a medium cut.

The Oster cutter’s blades are made of very strong and sharp cryogenically tested stainless steel. This will allow you to cut through wet or dry hair easily and means that you will have a durable set of clippers handy for a long time.

Fast feeds are one of the best fading clippers around, but keep in mind that the Fast Feed clippers are not the best balding clippers neither are they suitable for cutting large volumes every day. For these jobs, you should probably opt for one of the heavy-duty clippers such as the Oster 76, the Andis Master or one of the Wahl Seniors which have ultra-powerful motors which can handle all kinds of hair types and lengths. If you really need a balding clipper, this one is not for you.

Still, they are standard adjustable hair clippers which will manage multiple cutting tasks and will do it with ease and precision. See for yourself:

Oster Fast Feed guards rundown

Oster Fast Feed guards barely cut close enoughWhen it comes to the guards which come with this clipper, the news isn’t so great.

Yes, you will receive a set of 4 guards – a blending one and 3 different sized ones (1/4, 3/8 and ½ inches) when you purchase a Fast feed. But, they are plastic and quite flimsy, which can be a huge disappointment.

Instead, you can add a few bucks to your purchase and order a top quality set of guards, such as the double Andis Nano magnetic hair clipper guards which are fully compatible. They will improve the ease of use and the overall performance of your clipping machine immensely.

Body & Available Designs

Apart from the traditional burgundy colored body of the Oster, you can get one with a special limited and even customized design. This will make you stand out from the rest and will be a pure joy to the eye.

Here are some of the unique Oster Fast Feed designs which you will most probably love to have:

The Driftwood limited, the limited Carbon fiber clipper or the Oster Skull clipper.

Pain points of the Fast Feed clipper

As mentioned previously, the Fast feeds are not made for bulk cutting, neither are they suitable if you are looking for a balding clipper.

Also, the comb guards which come with the clippers are made of flimsy plastic, so they are not as efficient as some of the other higher quality and steadier blade guards on the market.

Another minus is that the side lever for adjusting the blades is not as easy to switch as some of the other models available.

Last but not least, they are sold with a 1-year warranty which can be a disappointment for some, given that they are not the cheapest purchase.


Overall, the Oster Fast Feeds are probably one of the best clippers in the medium price range of professional tools.

  • The Oster hair cutter is perfect for newbies and casual users but are often used by professionals for fading and other finishing jobs too.
  • They sport a great vintage look and have one of the most powerful motors in their range.
  • The blades are cryogenically tested, strong and sharp and can handle wet and dry hair easily.
  • Still, this is not a balding clipper nor is it made for bulk cutting jobs like the heavier duty, more powerful ones available.
  • On the other hand, the hair cutter comfortable to hold, easy to use, and are quiet and does not heat up excessively.

In other words, the Fast feeds are great machines, but only if you know their limits and need them for the tasks which they are good at achieving.


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