The fascinating Fast feed designs don't cease to amaze meThe Oster 76 and the Oster Fast Feed are the two main hair clipper models offered in the limited line of products offered by Oster. The company likes to stick to its classic models, which are both actually masterpieces in the world of men’s hair cutting.

Although they are both well-known Oster clippers, comparing one to the other is almost like comparing apples and oranges.

They are completely different clippers, but both the Fast Feed and the Classic 76 hair clipper are worth the admiration they are getting and definitely worth using.

The basic difference is the fact that the Fast Feed clippers are more lightweight, cool running and suitable for fades and tapers, and thus is more of a home hair clipper. Plus it is much less expensive than the Oster 76 Classic model.

The 76 is a professional barber tool which is designed and made for bulk cutting of all kinds of hair, and for heavy-duty use including extremely precise tasks. As such, the Classic 76 is nearly twice as heavier than the Fast Feed clippers and requires more skills as well as maintenance. Thus it is recommended for use by professional barbers.

Nevertheless, here is my Fast Feeds review and Classic 76 review, as well as a comparison between both, to help you understand the differences and the pros and cons of owning and using each one.

Oster Fast Feed vs 76 – Modern looks vs heavy-duty performance

It's just vintage design - the classic 76

Both of them are corded models which sport a classic, almost extremely vintage look. This has become a trademark for Oster. The company wants to stick to its roots, and its hair clippers have been the number one choice for several generations of barbers, which is something Oster is proud of and wants to keep going.

Unlike the other well-known brands that have been modernizing their designs over the years to meet the latest tendencies and new developments, these Oster masterpieces have remained relatively untouched design-wise through the years.

Still, there are serious differences between the two. The Fast Feed clippers weigh only 1 lb. which is a norm for today’s standards, while as the Classic 76 weigh almost twice as much.

Both are quite bulky, but the 76 Classic is bulkier, longer and much heavier as compared with the Fast Feeds.

The dimensions of the Fast Feed are 1.6″ H x 2.1″ W x 6″ L, 1.16lbs.,  and those of the Classic 76 are 2 x 2 x 7.5 inches, 2 lbs.

This makes quite a bit of a difference if you are a non-professional and use the clippers for cutting the hair of your entire family. In such cases, the Oster 76 can become uncomfortable to use on oneself and can really tire your hands.

The rectangular ergonomic shape of the Fast Feeds makes it easier to work on the back of your head at home, as it is easier to sense the direction of the blade even without seeing it.

The Classic 76 is bulky and powerful and are better suited for use by experienced professional barbers who want to have a sturdy and precise instrument in their hands, made especially for heavy-duty use and for top precision cuts.

Which model looks better depends on your taste. The comfort of use and the grip and the weight of both is also a matter of experience and personal preference.

Under the cover: Operating difference

Comparing the Oster Fast Feed vs Classic 76 the second thing you'll notice is the difference in performance

The fact is, these two corded hair clippers maybe from one manufacturer, but they operate in completely different ways.

The Fast Feed is an adjustable blade clipper. This means that you can use the side lever to control the cutting length. The blade cutting length can be set from a size #0000 to a size #1.

This makes it much easier to use if you are a beginner, and have little or no experience cutting hair, as you only need to open or close the blade, and then clip-on the guard which you need.

This model is sold with blade guards sized ¼, 1/8 and ½ inches. It also comes with a blending comb. Of course, if you prefer you can buy a full kit of 8 Oster guards to complement your hair clipper as well.

On the other hand, the Oster Classic 76 is a detachable blade clipper. Basically, this means that if you want to switch cutting lengths, you need to replace one blade with another. Oster’s detachable clipper is sold with a size #0000 and a size # 1 76 blades. This has its pros and cons.

The main advantage is that a pure blade is always better and provides a cleaner cut than a blade with a guard. This though requires more skills and much more practice. Yet, the detachable blades can achieve much better and more fulfilling results.

Each on their own: Classic 76 and Fast Feed are made for different tasks

The two barber clippers are made for different tasks. This is mainly due to the difference in their motors.

The Fast Feed has a Whisper-Quiet pivot motor, which is 2 times more powerful than a magnetic motor clipper and is pretty good for a hair clipper this size. It is powerful enough for bold shaves, tapering or fades.

However, the 76 clippers’ universal speed motor is 2 to 3 times more powerful than that, which makes these clippers better suited for bulk hair cutting, dealing with curly and thick hair and for long-lasting hairstyles.

In other words, the Fast Feeds are not suitable for bulk cutting, and for tackling thick, coarse hair, as the motor will choke and stop after prolonged use like this.

This is why, experienced barbers use the Classic 76 for the bulk cutting and then switch to the smaller Fast Feed for the rest of the styling job, as they are lighter, more ergonomic and quieter.

Overall, the 76 clippers are the more precise, crisp and professional hair cutters of them both, especially if you have thick and curly hair.

Comfort, heating, and noise

If comfort is what you are looking for, then Fast Feeds are the better option for you. It may have a weaker motor, but it is ergonomic, lighter and doesn’t heat up so much or make such a noise.

The Oster detachable blades clipper is much louder, heavier and will generate more heat due to its extremely powerful universal motor

Let’s get this straight: if you’re looking for comfort, the Fast Feed is your guy. The weaker motor won’t generate either that much heat nor lead to noise issues.

This means that the latter will need to be cooled with coolant spray more often during use, which is not so problematic, given the immediate effect of good quality coolants.


In regard to the quality blade – there is no doubt that both models are one of the finest on the market. This is the reason why they are among the top preferred ones by barbers and home users.

The choice between these two great hair clippers depends on your personal preferences and needs.

  • Barbers should opt for the bigger and more powerful Oster 76 as their main clipper.
  • Home users can easily manage to cut their hair with the easy to maintain and use the Fast Feeds

Also, you should consider the money you are ready to spend on hair clipping tools, as the Fast Feed is much cheaper than the professional range, powerful 76 Classic.

Whichever you choose, you will definitely be satisfied with the quality and the results!