Oster Fast Feed vs Andis Master - both are reliable and frequently used in salons, so which are the better hair clippers?The Andis Master and Oster Fast Feed clippers are without doubt two of the most popular cutters on the market.  Barbers and home users alike love the performance of these hair clippers. There are so many reasons for this.

If you are facing a dilemma about which model to opt for, here is a detailed Oster Fast Feed vs Andis Master comparison, which should make things easier for you.

Both have their pros and cons which will be discussed in this Andis vs Oster comparison review.

Style and body

When it comes to design, the Andis Master hair clipper is a definite winner. It has a shining aluminum casing and an incredibly attractive shining design which will become the centerpiece of any reputable barber shop.

The aluminum casing of the Master barber clipper is shatterproof and virtually unbreakable.  It is a beautifully designed and incredibly sturdy professional clipper which is probably the best in this regard among all other professional clippers.

Being made of durable metal, the Master barber clipper is on the heavy side. It weighs 1.25 lbs. and it’s elegant ergonomically shaped body is 6 inches long.

Oster Fast Feed’s hard plastic body is also sturdy, and the design is vintage style. But nevertheless, it is not as attractive or as unbreakable as the Andis barber clipper.

The Oster clippers though weigh only 1 lb. and are easier on the hands, especially during prolonged use.

So when it comes to the body and design features in this Oster Fast Feed vs Andis Master comparison, there are some goods and some not-so goods in both.

Overall, it is a matter of personal taste whether you prefer the vintage look of the Oster fast Feed clipper or the shiny elegance of the Andis barber clipper.

Power within: Blades & Motor

Without doubt, the blades and the motor are the most important features to discuss in this Oster Fast Feed vs Master comparison.

Look at the adjustable & sharp Andis Master bladeThe Master is an adjustable clipper, which means that a side lever is used for switching from#0000 to a #1 cutting length. Its blades are made of extremely strong carbon-coated steel.

The side lever is very easy to reach and use during a hair cutting job, which makes this a perfect fading clipper.

It is powered by the most powerful electromagnetic motor from Andis, which operates at up to 14,000 cutting SPM. This is sufficient for heavy duty use and prolonged bulk cutting. The Andis professional cutter is powerful enough to deal with all kinds of hair types including very thick, curly or ethnic.

On the other hand, the Oster Fast Feed blade is made of cryogenically tested stainless steel which makes them amazingly durable. It too is an adjustable blade clipper which can shift from a size #0000 to a size #1 via the slightly more rigid side lever on the unit.

The Oster Fast Feed is powered by a powerful Fast Feed pivot motor. It is more powerful than others in this range, but still cannot match the power of the electromagnetic motor of the Andis professional cutter.

This means that the Fast Feed clipper will still perform very well when balding or fading, but it is not powerful enough to deal with prolonged bulk cutting, especially when it comes to dealing with very curly and thick hair, despite the strong and durable Fast Feed blades.

Noise & Heating

When it comes to the noise and heating in this Andis Master vs Oster Fast Feed competition, the Fast Feed is a definite winner.

Due to the fact that the Andis Master is made entirely out of metal, it comes to no surprise that its immensely powerful motor will cause the clipper to heat up considerably during use. These incredible 14,000 SPM generated by its motor also cause quite a bit of noise too. On the other hand, many barbers love their professional buzzing sound.

The Oster Fast Feed is made of plastic and has a less powerful Whisper Quiet motor, which means that you will not need to deal with too much noise or heating up and the need of coolants if you choose to use this one.

Of course it is not perfectly silent, but compared to the Andis, the Oster Fast Feed will purr like a kitten.

So, if noise and heating is a big deal for you, you should opt for the Fast feed clipper. If you don’t mind that, and enjoy a powerful buzz, you can get the Andis Master.

What’s in the box

When it comes to the price and the accessories included in the package, once again the Oster Fast Feed is the clear winner in this competition with the Andis Master.

Now focus on the sharp Oster Fast Feed bladesThe Fast Feed are affordable clippers which are great for people with medium range budgets.

The Master is quite a bit more expensive, but is much more powerful and durable.

As for the accessories, you will receive 3 Fast Feed guards with your purchase of the Oster clippers. The Oster fast Feed guards are sized ¼, 3/8 and ½ inches. You will also get a handy blending comb.

Even though the Fast Feed guards are not as sturdy as we would like, being made of plastic, they are still included in the price of the clipper.

While as, the Andis Master comes with no Andis guards at all, and all you will receive is a bottle or tube of blade oil with these clippers.

Of course, is you want, you can purchase the top quality Andis Nano double magnetic guards separately, but this no doubt will affect the overall price of your purchase.

So, pricewise, the Oster is a much cheaper clipper, and it also includes 3 blade guards and a blending comb.

The Master comes with blade oil only, but the durability and the power of the clipping tool is unmatched in quality.


As you can see, there is quite a bit of difference between these two magnificent barber range cutters. Both the Fast Feed and the Master have their pros and cons when it comes to the different features.

  • If you want a less expensive, quiet and easy to maintain hair clipper you should go for the Oster Fast Feed. It is a more reasonable choice for casual home use where there is no need for bulk hair cutting.
  • The Master is a full-blown professional barber tool, which is more expensive, but it is extremely powerful, potent and is virtually unbreakable. The Master is perfect for both for bulk cutting of very thick and curly hair, and for precise and crisp fades and finishing jobs.  It is suited for prolonged use in a barber shop where one customer after the other sits on the chair all day long. It does heat up and makes a much louder noise than the Fast Feed, but if you have a good coolant and enjoy the powerful buzz, you should go with the more expensive, elegant Master clipper.

Whichever one you choose, you will be making a wise decision and a good investment. They are both excellent hair clippers which you can rely on at all times to achieve the best results and many happy clients.