Oster Fast Feed vs Speedline - where's the difference?Wondering why Oster kind of disappeared from the radar in the last few years? Luckily for all fans of this classic American brand and to devoted barbers, recently they came back with a roar with its Oster Speedline.

If you are still not sure what to make of the Oster Speed line, welcome to the club. The hair clipper manufacture has been quite reserved about the details of this model.

Enthusiasts and barbers alike have been asking themselves – is there a difference between the Oster Fast Feed and the Speedline clipper?

This brief review will try to answer these questions, as well as help you decide whether you should invest in a new Oster Speedline, or not.

Busting the myths: Review of the Oster Speedline

Here are some common myths which have been surfacing among its users and in numerous online discussions of the Oster Speed line:

  • The blades can be adjusted from #00000 to #1 which is 1/100 to 3/32 inches

If this is true, then the Speed line cuts closer as compared to the Fast Feed. The latter can be adjusted from #000 to #1 (1/50 to 3/25 inches).

The truth is that barbers have debunked this myth by claiming that both models have exactly the same hair cutting length adjustments.

  • The Motor of the Oster Speed line is less powerful

Although reviewers and retailers are describing the motor of the Oster Fast Feed as 12 watts, and that of the Speed Line clippers as 9 watts, manufacturer itself claims both have “whisper quiet pivot motors.”

According to pros, after extensive testing, it turns out that both models are powered by 9-watt motors. Also, both provide the same number of strokes per minute.

So, it turns out in a head-to-head Oster Speedline vs Fast Feed comparison, that both have the same motor power and adjustable blade cutting lengths.

The only obvious difference is the black and golden color of the Oster Speed lines compared with its the burgundy colored counterpart with stainless steel blades.

How to decide which one is for you?

Should your get the one or the other? Check our detailed rundown of Oster Fast Feed and the Speedline so you can decideAnd the questions don’t end there. If there is a difference between the Oster Speedline and the classic Fast Feeds, what is it exactly?

So, after it has been determined that both Oster clippers have the same motor power and adjustable blades, it all comes up to your personal preferences to choose the one you like more.

The new Oster Speed line has a sleek black and golden design which is more eye-catching than the classic burgundy color of the Fast Feed clipper.

If you want a shinier barber tool which will make an impression on your customers, you should opt for the more extravagant Speed Line Cutter.

Otherwise, to find what the characteristics, pros, and cons of the SpeedLine clippers are, just read a detailed review of the standard Fast Feeds.

In both cases, the included blending guard and 3 combs are made of not-so-sturdy plastic. You may want to invest in the double magnetic guards from Andis instead. For an even better performance, try out a sturdy Andis ceramic cutter with these clippers for the perfect sharp cut.

Otherwise, both hair clippers are great for cutting either wet or dry hair. They flaunt ergonomically designed bodies and provide a secure grip.

They are both suitable for professional as well as for home use.


Even though these two brilliant hair clippers bare different names, it turns out that the Fast Feed and the Speedline clipper are actually the same. The only difference being the body color as well as the gold vs stainless steel color of the blades.

So, actually, it is a matter of personal preference which one you choose.

  • Sure, the Speedline looks more elegant, and will definitely attract attention.
  • The classic burgundy colored Fast Feeds are also perfect barber clippers which can perform just a well.

Both clippers are among the most powerful ones in this medium price range.

They have sturdy and sharp cryogenically tested adjustable blades. The length of the haircut can easily be adjusted via the convenient side lever.

The blades can be used for close cuts (#0000) and for medium ones (#1).

Both models come with a blending comb and 3 blade guards. They are ergonomic and can handle different types of haircuts.

So, whichever you choose – you will be on the right path. These two barber cutters are durable, efficient and powerful enough to endure heavy use in a barbershop or intensive DIY hair cutting.