Oster 76 Outlaw outgrows the brands traditional design	Andis and Wahl are not the only players in town when it comes to professional hair clippers.

In fact, you could say that Oster is in a league of its own, which is very much reflected by the hefty price of their hair cutters, going up several times above the even most rated barber clippers from other companies.

Therefore, it is more important to properly judge if Oster lives up to its premium brand, specifically for the Oster Outlaw and the professional Classic 76.

On another note, the sheer power offered by Oster clippers often confuses people as their usage is frequently found in pet grooming saloons. Nonetheless, you will find that both hair clippers are equally suitable and efficient, no matter on what kind of hairy mammal you employ them.

Overview of the Oster Outlaw clippers

Oster Outlaw Body and Design

Product design has its own ebbs and flows, so it is not surprising that the latest generation of Oster clippers departs from their previous design philosophy of bulky functionality.

This time around, you get quite elegant and stylish barber clippers, actually quite reminiscent of some high-end microphones for professional recording studios. Additionally, they have shed a lot of weight and are now sleek enough to be deemed portable.

Outlaw 76 in particular, is very easy to use thanks to its ergonomic design as it provides you with a tight, firm grip.

On the other hand, Oster Outlaw clippers are even sleeker, making them even better at maneuvering for those tight corners and line cuts. The rubberized casing at both horizontal ends makes them as anti-slip as you can get.

Both professional hair clippers have an upscale burgundy accent. The Oster Outlaw clippers are colored just on the sides, while the slightly bulkier Oster 76 Outlaw are fully coated in this regal color.

Although this might be perceived as a subjective judgment, it would be safe to say that Oster Outlaw clippers are more appealing to the eye, in addition to being highly functional thanks to its sleek body and rubberized sides.

The Outlaw 2 speed clipper has an impressive 10-feet robust cord, while the Oster 76 Outlaw has a slightly shorter cord at 9 feet, which is still quite a bit longer than hair clipper models from other companies.

Power Under the Hood – Oster 76 Outlaw Performance

As always, we determine the performance in this Oster Outlaw review based on two factors working in unison:

  • Motor
  • Blades

Close up of the sharp detachable Oster Outlaw blades

Given the fact that Oster Outlaw clippers have two speeds, of which one is called ‘turbo’, it is no wonder that Oster Outlaw clippers outperform the other model, which means it is probably right at the very top when you view all the other hair clippers from other companies as a whole.

Both models use the same type of blade, both in shape and material, so they are entirely interchangeable. But what drives Oster clipper above the professional 76 classic clipper is precisely that extra turbo speed that puts it into performance overdrive for some heavy-duty cutting.

If you encounter a particularly dense and long hair, the turbo boost is a godsend. The default speed is at 2900SPM, while the turbo gets the motor running at an impressive 3300SPM (strokes per minutes).

Do we need to even state how amazingly sharp the blade is? After all, there is a reason why these models are often seen to be used in pet and animal grooming saloons, thanks to cryogenically verified, super strong stainless steel.

Needless to say, you only get one detachable blade per model, so you will have to spend extra for backup blades. However, you will get an exceedingly long run from the one included.

Oster Outlaw vs Oster Classic 76 Comparison

Comparison Oster Outlaw vs Classic 76 - each has pros and cons. Which is for you?

Without a doubt, the Classic 76 still offers the superior power, but this power comes at a cost that you may not be willing to pony up – they are much noisier, heavier, more expensive and less ergonomic.

One could say that the Oster 76 is the option for an experienced barber who has a heavy daily workload, especially if you are grooming animals.  Opposite to that, the Outlaw 2 speed clipper would be a better suited pick as an all-around barber clipper, ideal for people who are just starting their barber career.

The Oster Outlaw Clippers Have Some Downsides

Unfortunately, Oster implemented a vent-free feature in their Outlaw 2 speed clippers. This is good for not blowing hair all over the place, but is quite bad when it comes to a long-standing issue with all hair clippers – overheating.

Not only does the body of the barber clipper heat up, but also the blades themselves!

Was it really worth it just to avoid some extra hair mess?

You be the judge of that, but you can definitely expect to have some overheating issues after the 20-minute mark, depending on the hair density and length. You can remedy this issue with a hair clipper coolant, along with avoiding to opt for the turbo speed too often.

Additionally, the length of the cord at 10 feet is admirable, but you will notice that it is less robust than the one attached to the Oster Classic 76.

As for the design, this is entirely subjective. The Outlaw 2 speed clipper has an entirely new modern look, more in line with other models from other brands, while the Classic 76 offers that, you guessed it – classic, vintage look. It depends entirely on your nostalgia level.


If you want to spend a lot of time around customers, it would be hard to argue in favor of buying professional hair clippers that produce a lot of noise. Just based on that factor alone, the Outlaw 2 speed clipper would be a superior choice thanks to its moderate hum while in operation.

Not to mention that both models have the same outstanding blades, offering effectively the same performance, one that can be even further augmented with the turbo option. And even the vent-free design would come in handy if you were to buy a hair clipper coolant, and use the machine itself more effectively.

On the other hand, if you are dying for that classic vintage look, there is hardly a better choice anywhere than the Outlaw 76.