Oster T Finisher is all its silent barber trimmers glorySo, you have probably heard of the famous Oster barber clippers? But did you know that Oster is also known to be the maker of one of the great hair trimmer for professionals. This is the Oster T Finisher. It is a top class grooming tool which is of the same top professional range as some of the other classic Oster products.

The Oster T trimmer is a tool designed and made for high precision professional trimming work. It is cool and quiet, and is more affordable than some of the other popular barber grade hair trimmers.

If you are interested in the features of this hair trimming tool, as well as how it compares to other alternative products such as the Wahl Detailer and the Andis T Outline, please go ahead and read my in-depth Oster T Finisher review.

Overview of the Oster T Finisher

Body: Oster’s concept of the T Finisher design

At 0.85 lbs., the Oster T trimmer is on the hefty side when compared to similar products. On the other hand, it is narrower than most other pro trimmers, so it is easy to hold and maneuver.

You can choose the exterior design of the T-Finisher depending on your taste from the wide range of options available, such as the Oster Driftwood limited edition or the Oster Club Tattoo T Finisher. This is pretty cool given the fact that other trimmers in this range come in one universal design only – such as the Wahl Detailer. Otherwise, you can opt for the classic burgundy colored Oster design, which is a classic look.

Plus, the housing is made of tough plastic which is practically unbreakabale.

Overall this tool is perfect for trimming and detailing of beards, mustaches, sideburns, necklines and around the ears.

The power inside of the Oster T Finisher trimmer

Perfect the details without the overheating with the Oster's T trimmerThe T-Finisher is fitted with a 1.5 inch cryogenically tested blade, which allows for extremely precise detailing, cleanups and grooming.

The wide T Finisher blade does cut close but not as close as the Wahl Detailer. This makes it a much more suitable option for those of you with sensitive skin.

A good idea, is to add a replacement Oster T-Shaving blade to your grooming kit. This will vastly improve the performance of your T Finisher trimmer. The T-Shaving blade can achieve even finer, closer and more detailed cuts and trims, so it is definitely worth investing in, especially if you are planning on using it in your barber shop.

Of course, with some practice, you can achieve a zero gap with the T Finisher trimmer blade as well. You just need to make sure that the bottom of the blade stays parallel to the skin, in order to prevent nicks and cuts.

One of the other main advantages of this oster t trimmer is that it will never get too hot or too noisy when you use it thanks to its Whisper Quiet pivot motor. Needless to say, this is a great plus, especially if you cut hair for a living.

Battle of the blades: Oster T Finisher vs Andis T Outliner vs Wahl Detailer

If you are one of the many enthusiasts who are trying to choose between the Andis T Outliner , Oster’s T-trimmer, the Wahl’s Detailer and the GTX T-outliner, here is a brief comparison.

Fist of all, all of them are excellent barber trimmers, and this makes them pretty similar to one another.

The question you need to ask yourself is – what are you planning to use the trimmers for?

The Detailer is a smaller sized, stylish and much easier to zero gap as compared to the others. But then again, it is not recommended for sensitive skin.

Zooming in on the T-Finisher blade reveals that the barber trimmer leaves a bit to be desired

The T Outliner trimmer is the most powerful of all, with its electromagnetic motor providing 7200 strokes per minute. In contrast with the T Outliner, the T Finisher is lighter and easier to grip.

The Oster T Finisher blade is narrower than that of the Oster T trimmer, which makes it more suitable for use on smaller surfaces, and for tasks where greater accuracy is required.

The T Finisher is quieter and stays cooler than the T-Outliner which is known for its problems with overheating and with its rather high noise levels.

The T Finisher is a superb choice if you want a quieter and calmer professional hair cutting tool for trimming your hair and beard.

Then again, keep in mind that the T Finisher trimmer is less powerful than the Andis trimmer.

The Oster T-finisher trimmer has couple of shortcomings, though

While it is true that you get a wide range of very cool designs when it comes to the T Finisher, there are some downsides of Oster’s trimmer to keep in mind.

First of all, you don’t get all the accessories which are included with the other popular professional groomers.  All you will get is the traditional balde oil and a cleaning brush.

With other alternative trimmers, you can get combs and a blade guard. With the T finisher trimmer it could be challenging to get a suitable blade guard due to the specific size and shape of th blade.

Also, the Oster trimmer is a tad more demanding, While the T-blade is pretty good, you may want to invest in a T-shaving blade for better results. This can cost you more, but is definitely worth the investment in the long run.

Last but not least, if you are not familiar with the traditional Oster vintage pro haircutting tools, you may be taken aback by the weight and bulkiness of this trimmer.


In conclusion, I must say that the T Finisher is comparable to all other leading pro range trimming tools.  It is the perfect pair to a classic 76 or Oster fast Feed clipper if you are looking for the ultimate barber experience from Oster.

It is quiet, doesn’t heat up and provides a very smooth and precise detailing experience, as compared to other heavy duty trimmers. Then again, it has a sturdy body and a powerful pivot motor and a cryogenically tested strong T-blade which will last through a lot of wear and tear.

It is reasonably priced, but then again, you will not get any added combs or a blade guard with it.

As for the different designs available, this trimming tool is probably the best option you can pick. You can choose among a very wide range of different stylish looks to customize your hair trimmer with this model.

Overall, if you want a great and gentle hair grooming tool, the T Finisher could be the perfect choice for you